Sunday, January 1, 2012

A fine Blend

Welcome 2012!!  I love the New Year.  Somehow, it seems that it's the perfect time to review the last year, take away the good, and start with a clean slate on the things you want to improve.  Also, it's the time of year when fitness and health related products/food are cheap as He** because everyone in the world wants to lose ten pounds.  Score.  Makes my grocery bill cheaper!  But then I end up buying new gym clothes, so I suppose it washes out in the end :-) 
Before we get on with the new year, let's wrap up 2011, yes?  As I was saying yesterday, the hubster and I attended Tux and Pucks Sabres game last night.  They lost in a shoot out (Enroth deserves a medal, IMO, homeboy saved 46/48 sots on goal) but it was a pretty epic game nonetheless.  A recap of our night....
Who waits for midnight smooches?  Pregame....
 Only the finest for dinner in B-Lo....
 I married such a romantic.  Ehh, who am I kidding, that's the way I roll!
 It's not gourmet, but it'll do!  (Yeah, we got a few strange looks)
 All decked out at the game!

 Good thing you can't see your shoes in a long dress :-D

All in all, it was an awesome night.  We got back to Rochester just before the ball dropped and headed out to a party down the street to ring in the new year.  A win win!

And now for's a chill day.  I got in a long ride, but am back in my jammies and waiting for football to be over so that we can couch potato it with some old movies and popcorn.  January 1 is the day to relax after all the festivities....I like to start my new year on January 2, when there's less pressure :-) 


  1. Looked like you guys had a great time... Happy New Year!