Saturday, January 21, 2012

Week 3...Taking care of me!

Well, since I'm off horseshoein' and campin' and other such non January typical nonsense, let's do this wrap up guest post, like most excellent things, is simmering with brilliance but not yet ready to post, so watch out for some good intuitive eating tips coming your way early next week!  in the meantime...let's take a look at week 3:
Week #3
Pounds lost: 0.  Plateau's happen!
Days Active: 6 (short week).  2 strength (one kicked my toosh), 4 cardio.
Miles n Miles:  8 (running), 95 (biking),  2 (swimming), 2 strength sessions, 1 yoga session
Snack attacks:  One minor!  Squashed with some wasa crackers and ricotta cheese w/cinnamon
Close Calls:  Two.  Both averted (I consider minor a success)
So even though the scale says I plateaued, I feel pretty good about this week.  I tried something new workout wise, averted a few close calls, and overall did well.  And to be frank, the stress was pretty bad this week.  The difference?  I ditched my journal and listened to my body.  And reached for fruit or protein first, rather than empty carbs.  Sure, i still enjoyed some chocolate each day, which is key for me (no deprivation, folks!)  Let's see if I can keep the ball rollin'....
Meaningless statistics state that over 60% of Americans give up on their New Year's rezzies after 21 days...i will NOT BE A STATISTIC!

The only difference between those that succeed and those who do not is that, when confronted with barriers, those who succeed refuse to give up :-D

Now, it's time to go play in the snow.  Happy weekend!!

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