Sunday, January 22, 2012!

Huzzah, what an awesome weekend!  I'm tired, sore, sunburned on my face, and have the perma smell of firewood on my parka.  I'd say that makes it a successful winter weekend :-)  Check out the highlights!
First up, Winter Snowshoe tourney.  Our friends Rich and Amy threw this to benefit Teens with Cancer, a local non-profit.  I've never thrown a horseshoe in my life, but figured $20 for a good cause with a yummy vegan lunch, hanging out with fun people, and making a fool of myself for a few hours was a decent way to spend a Saturday.....little did I know....
Teens with Cancer, our charity
The hubster, tearin it up!
We freakin won-how crazy is that???
Rich, the MC, handing us our trophy.  Go Team trigger!!
Delicious spread.

What was originally planned as, "hey, we'll stay for an hour, lose our game, hang out, then head out to our campground turned into 4 hours, delicious award winning vegan chili,frozen toes, fire pits, new friends, laughter, oh yeah, and the hubster and I beating the pants off 9 other teams to take home 1st place!  Boo.  ya.  Can't wait for the summer tourney....I bet I suck at horseshoes when I can feel my fingers and toes :-)

After that, the hubster and I headed out to Letchworth, a "gorges" NYS park.  heh.  My cousins had a cabin for the weekend, and while we missed Saturday sledding, we went up for dinner, games, catching up, and a wonderful trail hike this morning!
"Holding Court"  A way too true to life game :-)
Our room!


The cabins!

All said and done, an epic weekend.  Now I just need a few days to  Darn :-)  How was your weekend? 


  1. What a great weekend! Maybe I can make Rich's Summer TOurney and kick your butt!! :P

  2. Looks like fun!! I slept for most of the weekend- totally needed :)

  3. Wow - that's a great weekend in the snow!
    Mine was definitely a bit decadent and indulgent in almost every way but way fun!