Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Eat my Dust - 20 minutes or bust.

Well, as my husband would put it - It's a couch day.  Raining, yucky, cold, ick.  Probably most people despise these days or use it against NY in general to confirm we have crappy weather.  Well, first of all - not this year...or last.  The sunshine and pretty fall leaves have been awesome.  Secondly, am I the only one who enjoys a good rainy day every now and then?  Popcorn.  Hot cocoa.  Books.  A nice black and white movie.  Or even the challenge of how to figure out how to keep the toddler entertained, not killing his sister, and in a decent mood inside. Screen and sugar free.  (Answer - big cardboard box and markers.  Seriously, he got lost in that sucker for an hour.)  Such a good kid.  Then, because he is amazing, he passed out hardcore just for mom.  And the midget (that would be Biz) conked out at the same time.  So what did I do?  Duh, I ran :-)

I'm in the midst of a low key transition to training, with two bebes.  Part of it is happy go lucky running that I slip outside for whenever the weather is nice and my husband throws my shoes at me, (Sunday - 8 miles outside = heaven) and part of it is treadmill based.  Don't hate on it like I used to- it's actually a pretty nifty training tool.  That is, unless you decide your two year old can babysit the infant (ummmm).
So, again, I'm not an expert, but as I start to get back into the running game with at least one kidlet at home all the time and sometimes two....I've found a few running and other workouts that seem to work well for when you can't take a sole hour out of your day for "you".  (PS - Not working out is not an option.  I don't care if you're housing qunituplets, if there is a will,there is a way.)

Quickie Mom (parent) Workouts...

1.  The quickie run.  20 minute treadmill bust.  Warmup easy for 2 minutes, then repeat 5 times:  1 minute all out, 2 minutes easy jog.  Cool down 3 minutes easy.

2.  The tempo run.  Warm up 2 minutes, run your 10k pace for 15, cool down 3 minutes.

3.  Youtube blast.  Search "10 minute solutions" and do two segments.

4.  One minute blast - I've written down a list of 10 weight training exercises I can do with just body weight (dips, donkey kicks, squats, pushups, etc.) and do each for one minute, interspersed with a minute of jogging in place or fast feet or jump rope.

5.  Jillian Michaels.  Oh man, she is still my goddess, even though I've been romanced by p90x and Insanity.  She has an awesome workout "banish fat, boost metabolism" (youtube it) that is a 42 minute mix of cardio, weights, abs, and kickboxing broken into 7 segments.  I do one, or I do 7...or somewhere in between.

Mom life :-P
6.  HIIT it.  - Best done on treadmill, but also the bike or with high intensity cardio like burpees or high knees.  Warm up easy 2 minutes. then go all out like someone is chasing you for 30 seconds, recover for 90.  Repeat 7 times, cool down to get to 20 minutes.  Super fast and effective,

Truth?  Sometimes an hour happens, sometimes 5 minutes.  I find my best trick honestly is to get dressed in a shelf tank, shorts, a sports bra and sneaks at 8am.  and do anywhere from a minute to 20 at a time.  It all adds up.  Result?  Energy, heart health, and fitting jeans...coupled with some good race training :-P

Or.. you can just chase your toddler around in circles for 8 hours while carrying the baby in the bjorn.  Cause life happens.  Hey, it's a workout.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Well, it happened.  Snow found us.  Woke up Sunday morning to a nice layer on the deck - Rob was so freakin excited! It's funny how not having to drive in the stuff makes it magical.  So we crunched it under our feet, watched it fall, and then, like sane and sensible people, came inside to watch some football.

Seems as if a true late fall is upon us - 60s one day, snow the next,  No complaints here - I am loving the fall weather that allows me to open the windows one day, then don tights and go for a long run the next (long being operative here, people).  I signed up for the Mendon 20k on November 7th, and am looking forward to seeing how my trail running goes (Greg has kiddo duty - he hates Mendon, so mommy is flying solo for 4 FREAKING hours.  I love my kids, but I can't wait to listen to some bad music, drink coffee uninterrupted on the drive, and run through the woods for 2 hours!)  Yes, I'm twisted.  No time goals in mind, just fun.

So Sundays are now my long run days again (YAY!) and of course, you're gonna need some fuel to recover after that mess.  And as the name implies, I decided to go with STUFFED.  With nutrients.  And food in my face.  Peppers, that is.

Stuffed Peppers (makes 6 pepper halves - served 2 in our house!)

3 bell peppers
1/2 cup brown rice
1 small onion, diced
1 cup crushed tomatoes
12 ounces extra lean ground beef (I used 95%)
1 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp garlic salt
1 tbsp olive oil
1/2 cup mozzarella cheese

Slice the peppers in half length wise and scoop out seeds and pith.  Rinse and set in a baking dish, side up.  Saute garlic and onion in olive oil for 5 minutes or until softened, add in ground beef and cook until brown.  Cook rice as directed, add in tomatoes, garlic salt, and ground beef mixture in last 5 minutes of cooking.  Bake peppers alone for 15 minutes at 350, then spoon stuffing mixture evenly over peppers, returning to oven to bake for 30 minutes at 400.  Add mozzarella cheese evenly over peppers, broil for 5 minutes or until browned.

Serve up with tomato sauce if desired.  

Freaking delicious.  And healthy enough to sneak a cookie or two post dinner as well :-P

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Takin' Care of "Biz"ness - One Month Old!

 Well, chalk it up to child #2 getting the leftovers (so sorry Biz) - I forgot the monthly updates until someone asked me if I was doing them yesterday!  OF COURSE - I can't resist the urge to talk about my little princess and also to document enough silly pics and updates so she has something to tell her therapist in 20 years -  I love ya kid, I really do.  So what's up with Biz?  Edition: 1 MONTH!

You adore being snuggly warm in mommy's carrier - you settle right in and look up at me with those big baby blues while I vacuum, type, make dinner, or stop your brother from pinging matchbox cars off your head.  Probably you feel protected....I'm so glad I can mask that illusion :-)  
You also love your froggy slippers and your bug toys on your car seat.  They both make you smile and you just stare up at those bugs in wonder - you are such an observer, kiddo!
You adore snuggle time.  Whether its nestling in daddy's arms or taking a snooze on Mom, snugs are where it's at.  And I don't blame you - snuggles are super important things!!  You also love dancing with Mommy - we put on super educational stuff like GDFR or Cheerleader (I'm going to hell, I know) and we twirl around the living room.  So much fun!!

Bath time.  Being naked.  Non boob time.  Being smacked or catapulted by Rob.  Poor Biz.  You really have a rough life :-(.  Oh yeah, and the crib.,  Guess it's a
baby thing.  Thankfully, you don't mind the pack n play, so one day at a time!!
and sleep.  Little things :-P

Not too bad kiddo!  Obviously, you want to be near or on someone, so we bought a co sleeper and you take some naps in the pack n play and some on us.  (I have yet to hear any mother of a teenager that thinks they wasted a few hours on a weekend afternoon snuggling with their kid).  You have slept for up to 6 hours at a time (ok, once) but we are encouraged!!  There are days where Dad and I are walking zombies, but most of the time we feel ok - maybe we have just learned to live without sleep!  You usually wake up 2-3 times a night to eat, more 3 than 2.  Then you stay awake one of those times (awesome at 5am, not so much at 12:30) but we work it out together.  Mommy sucks at lullabies so usually you get some Rascal Flatts or Echosmith songs sung to you.  Or the theme from New Girl.  I'm not proud.

Oh kiddo - you are a champ!!  I thought Rob was a good nomser, but you are epic.  From the first 5 minutes of your life on, you have known where the food is and gone after it!  We go for your one month check up on Monday and I am really curious to see what kind of growth you've had - all I know is you aren't a newborn for sure - we are solidly into 3 month clothes!!

Aside from the obvious (eating, sleeping, pooping) cause EVERYTHING is a first this month....let's talk about some of your favorites!)
Shopping Trip - September 15.  Yep, just 3 days old and we were couponing!  (To be fair, we were waiting for labs).  You were the perfect little angel and impressed the pants off the workers at weggies!
First Smile- October 3rd.  We are guessing this wasn't gas....we were snuggling and you just looked up at me with the brightest grin and a little coo...and then did the same for daddy!  Aww, as if you didn't have us already wrapped around your tiny finger....
Neighborhood Stroller Stroll - September 22.  What a perfect season to be born - you and Rob both out in the "scooters" on the town, taking in the fall foliage!
Non Sponge Bath - September 30.  Not a rousing success.  Like we told your brother...someday you will love the bath!!
Photo Shoot- September 26 - It was quite the adventure with a toddler, a baby, a pregnant photographer (no, there is no punch line there!) but we did it.  Thanks Ashley!!

Best Moment of the Month:
As always, your birthday.  You were in such a freaking hurry to get here, but when they placed you on me, you just looked up as if to say "K, mom, I'm here...what next??".  Priceless.  I can't wait for the adventure you will surely be!

Looking Forward to:
Learning your personality - till now it's been Eat, sleep, poop, but you are starting to show us who you really are.  We've been working on tummy time (you are excellent at lifting your head and even beginning to roll, wow!).  Another day, another adventure, my lil Biz - you keep mommy on her toes (and I am so glad!)

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scarecrow 5k: Blurred Lines

Back to the roots of the blog.  Or, at least, 1/3 of it!  4 years ago, I started Triing for Balance to document long distance tri training in a way that gave perspective to fitting it into a sane life - , cooking, living emotionally, time wise, and dollar wise.  I tapped into the things I enjoy the most - running, biking, swimming, socializing, living somewhat healthfully, and saving a buck or two. In the last few years it's turned into somewhat of a mommy blog, which I don't regret - it's who I am, and I look forward to bringing the kids into the blog so they can hate me when they are teenagers from time to time!  But now, racing talk.

I blogged a bit about returning to training - right now its running biking and weight lifting whenever I have 5 minutes.  Aside from being tired, i feel pretty good - its obvious I'm not hill or speed trained, but my body is handling working out really really well for one month PP.  So, like the moron I am, I signed up for a 5k.  Greg and I have done this race the past 2 years - it's a small (400 person) race in fairport that it super flat, fun, and reasonably priced - with excellent post race breakfast pizza :-)  The last two years we have raced with Rob, but he's getting to big to be patient in a stroller, so he tagged along and hung out with his great uncle while Mom and Dad raced (which he loved - only child for 3 hours!!)

I went into the race hoping to feel good doing it and not pee myself.  Yep, you read that right (did I really go there?)  Last year Greg and I clocked a 25:40, that was pushing a stroller, but also when I was running a bit more, so I optimistically was hoping to come in around the same time.  Pre race I ate an English muffin with pb and jam, Rob stole my piece of fruit, and I had some Gatorade.  Greg and I lined up apart, as we decided to just enjoy the race solo (hello introverts!)

Mile 1: 7:31 - As the gun went off, I charged ahead.  I lined up a bit faster than I expected because for once, I had no jogging stroller and I didn't feel like fending off the people that thought they could run 6 minute miles and really run 12 m FANTASTIC.  So I went with it.  The first mile has a slight downhill, so I wasn't too concerned about the fast time.  Figured I would settle in at mile 2,

Mile 2: 7:50.  I kept it up, and saw Greg about 20 seconds out from the turnaround, looking strong.  I gave him a thumbs up, and hit mile 2 before I knew it - 15:21.  Holy cow....can I PR this course?

Mile 3 - 7:42.  I started doing what every runner does in the last mile...math.  Could I PR?  nah.  my 5k pr in a 22:42, and that wasn't possible.  OK, I thought, under 24 - you can do that!  I was getting tired, but there's nothing like the fresh memory of labor to remind you that you're a tough b*tch, so I pushed through it - with the help of X Ambassadors on my IPod.  I gunned it, passed a few people, hit mile 3 in 23:12, and finished strong in 23:55.

Then I immediately sought out a garbage and heaved for a few minutes, lol.  Nothing like saying I didn't give it my all!!  I went and found Rob and my uncle, had some coffee and pizza, and wore a ridiculous grin on my face - I couldn't believe that I averaged a 7:37 mile - what??  Never expected it. After checking the results, I found out I cam in 3rd in my age group (out of 15) and missed 1 and 2 by less than a minute.  (Which I never would have found, I couldn't have run any faster!)  I got my award (ribbon and water bottle) and enjoyed the festival with my favorite boys.  Quite honestly, the perfect day.

What's next?  Well, I'm jazzed by that race, so I of course went and signed up for another - Ill be doing the Mendon 20k trail run on November 7th.  Flying solo - Greg hates trail running - but that's ok :-)  I can't wait and it gives me something to do for me while taking care of peanut.  Plus, I adore fall running - it's the prettiest season, best weather, and just happy to be alive activity - a win win win

Friday, October 9, 2015

He ain't Heavy....

He's my brother!!
Welcome to Friday, rainy Rochester style.  I won't pretend to do a TGIF post because...well....I would forget it's Friday if someone didn't remind me.  But, to be fair, if it wasn't light out, I would have no clue what time of day it was either!  Ahh, maternity leave.  It'll be 4 weeks tomorrow that I'm a mom of two and a 12 week SAHM, and it's been amazing, fun, interesting, and challenging as all get out.  All at once.  I'm really grateful for the time at home with my two amazing kiddos (save for the 3 days Rob goes to daycare), and it makes me sad that it has to end, so I am enjoying it while I can!  (Not everyone shares my sentiment....good to know I am missed at work by more than just one person :-D).

So, in the last few weeks, I have certainly NOT become the expert at siblings, but I've figured a few things out.  Let me say first of all that there's NO DOUBT that Rob adores his sister - Biz a Biz, as everyone now!  calls her.  When he gets home, he goes and looks for her first.  He kisses her hello, goodbye, goodnight, and just cause.  He runs to her when she cries.  Ad he drives his cars on her head (hey, I heard that was a symbol of love in some country, lol).

As parents, we tried to prep Rob for the new bebe.  No, I didn't swallow a second child manual (seriously, who has time for that??) but just applied some common sense and a few pinterest tricks :-)

We talked about the baby.  We bought new baby books, set up the crib, brought out my cabbage patch doll circa 1985 (poor Katrina Marie) for rob to see what a baby was.  We practiced holding her (sometimes by the pacifier, oops).  I held her and encouraged Rob to sit next to me.  And we talked about the baby and Mommy's tummy and what it meant.  (He probably understood about 10% of that!)

We made him feel special.  We bought him a present from Biz.  And a present to her from him (A

Stache onesie, natch).  And the ever so important BIG BROTHER kit that was a homemade stash of about a dozen gifts designed to help with the baby....the tee, the camera, some candy, etc.  Rob opened a gift a day for the first two weeks and used it to help him be a big bro or help mom and dad or even just to have fun with.  We also signed him up for soccer - a fall mini mites league that was JUST his, not the baby's.  I think it helped - and he had a blast!

Of course, it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows.  One kids screams, the other screams louder. Poor Rob, the star of the show until now, feels left out, especially by Mom, who is permanently attached to the baby. Sometimes, Rob forgets that Biz might not want a matchbox run up and down her head while eating (that isn't entertainment?  cmon!).  Or that "gentle" in the baby bouncer might result in a angry birds slingshot baby.  And eve though Greg and I have 68 years on them collectively, they can reduce us to a white flagged red cat surrender.

But Overall?  Our family is awesome.  And I wouldn't trade it in for anything.  In 20 years, when Greg and I sleep through the night, go out for a drink and dancing, or actually sit through a movie (yeah right) will be weird.  And admittedly wonderful, but wonderful circa 2035.  We are so loving the here and now and know that the grass is always green....where you water it :-)

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sunny Side Up

I suppose if I thought I had life with two kiddos figured out, they are now laughing at me :-).  The last 4 nights have been pretty sleepless with a 3 week old fighting a cold and wishing to discuss politics at 3am (note, I do not have her vote unless it is for food.  Then I win).  When she passes out...Rob likes to discuss current events (people going poopy and news stations (aka what Mickey Mouse will be doing today in his clubhouse).  Needless to say, diet coke, coffee, and yes, wine, are all staples in my life (I just had my first bottle glass in months and it was DELISH! - what?  I meant coke.  errrm).  Life marches on.  I'm really enjoying every sleepless second and catching Biz up on the life of Genoa City during the day, amidst folding laundry load 47, working in free weights, and escaping for an hour most days to run or ride (bless you Daddy).  Of course, as I write this I have a sleeping bundle of perfection on my lap and....I wouldn't trade places for 8 hours of sleep, a massage, and a hot man servant at my disposal!  ...hmmmm....

Anyways, moving on.  This past weekend my in laws came to visit from Colorado - they had to meet Miss Biz and spent a few days with us.  We had a great time and even got some extended family and friends time - Greg and I hosted a brunch for 12 on Sunday.  It was awesome to see everyone, and with some good teamwork from my boys and some excellent guests, we managed to pull it off.  Everyone brought a dish to pass and I did bacon, coffee, and an egg bake.  Which turned out delish AND was pretty healthy to boot.  Oh you know I'm sharing....

Harvest Egg Bake (serves 8-10)

8 whole eggs
4 egg whites
1/2 cup skim milk
1 cup each, diced - red pepper, onion, broccoli
1 tbsp olive oil
4 medium potatoes
1 tbsp  each - garlic salt, black pepper, rosemary, and cumin
1/2 cup shredded fresh cheddar

Par boil potatoes for 10 minutes, let cool.  Slice into coin sized rounds.  Spray a 9x13 pan and line bottom with potatoes.  Saute diced veggies for 5 minutes or until softened.  Layer on top of potatoes.  Beat the eggs, whites, milk and spices until thoroughly mixed, pour over veggies.  Add cheese to top it all off.  Bake at 400 for 45 minutes, broil for 5.  Let set for 5 minutes before serving.

Company approved.  Ill take their word....I didn't even get a bite by the time I got to the table, which....empty dish = winning!!!

This one wasn't happy about it though.

Who am I kidding.  She just wanted a cow :-P