Thursday, October 15, 2015

Takin' Care of "Biz"ness - One Month Old!

 Well, chalk it up to child #2 getting the leftovers (so sorry Biz) - I forgot the monthly updates until someone asked me if I was doing them yesterday!  OF COURSE - I can't resist the urge to talk about my little princess and also to document enough silly pics and updates so she has something to tell her therapist in 20 years -  I love ya kid, I really do.  So what's up with Biz?  Edition: 1 MONTH!

You adore being snuggly warm in mommy's carrier - you settle right in and look up at me with those big baby blues while I vacuum, type, make dinner, or stop your brother from pinging matchbox cars off your head.  Probably you feel protected....I'm so glad I can mask that illusion :-)  
You also love your froggy slippers and your bug toys on your car seat.  They both make you smile and you just stare up at those bugs in wonder - you are such an observer, kiddo!
You adore snuggle time.  Whether its nestling in daddy's arms or taking a snooze on Mom, snugs are where it's at.  And I don't blame you - snuggles are super important things!!  You also love dancing with Mommy - we put on super educational stuff like GDFR or Cheerleader (I'm going to hell, I know) and we twirl around the living room.  So much fun!!

Bath time.  Being naked.  Non boob time.  Being smacked or catapulted by Rob.  Poor Biz.  You really have a rough life :-(.  Oh yeah, and the crib.,  Guess it's a
baby thing.  Thankfully, you don't mind the pack n play, so one day at a time!!
and sleep.  Little things :-P

Not too bad kiddo!  Obviously, you want to be near or on someone, so we bought a co sleeper and you take some naps in the pack n play and some on us.  (I have yet to hear any mother of a teenager that thinks they wasted a few hours on a weekend afternoon snuggling with their kid).  You have slept for up to 6 hours at a time (ok, once) but we are encouraged!!  There are days where Dad and I are walking zombies, but most of the time we feel ok - maybe we have just learned to live without sleep!  You usually wake up 2-3 times a night to eat, more 3 than 2.  Then you stay awake one of those times (awesome at 5am, not so much at 12:30) but we work it out together.  Mommy sucks at lullabies so usually you get some Rascal Flatts or Echosmith songs sung to you.  Or the theme from New Girl.  I'm not proud.

Oh kiddo - you are a champ!!  I thought Rob was a good nomser, but you are epic.  From the first 5 minutes of your life on, you have known where the food is and gone after it!  We go for your one month check up on Monday and I am really curious to see what kind of growth you've had - all I know is you aren't a newborn for sure - we are solidly into 3 month clothes!!

Aside from the obvious (eating, sleeping, pooping) cause EVERYTHING is a first this month....let's talk about some of your favorites!)
Shopping Trip - September 15.  Yep, just 3 days old and we were couponing!  (To be fair, we were waiting for labs).  You were the perfect little angel and impressed the pants off the workers at weggies!
First Smile- October 3rd.  We are guessing this wasn't gas....we were snuggling and you just looked up at me with the brightest grin and a little coo...and then did the same for daddy!  Aww, as if you didn't have us already wrapped around your tiny finger....
Neighborhood Stroller Stroll - September 22.  What a perfect season to be born - you and Rob both out in the "scooters" on the town, taking in the fall foliage!
Non Sponge Bath - September 30.  Not a rousing success.  Like we told your brother...someday you will love the bath!!
Photo Shoot- September 26 - It was quite the adventure with a toddler, a baby, a pregnant photographer (no, there is no punch line there!) but we did it.  Thanks Ashley!!

Best Moment of the Month:
As always, your birthday.  You were in such a freaking hurry to get here, but when they placed you on me, you just looked up as if to say "K, mom, I'm here...what next??".  Priceless.  I can't wait for the adventure you will surely be!

Looking Forward to:
Learning your personality - till now it's been Eat, sleep, poop, but you are starting to show us who you really are.  We've been working on tummy time (you are excellent at lifting your head and even beginning to roll, wow!).  Another day, another adventure, my lil Biz - you keep mommy on her toes (and I am so glad!)

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