Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Scarecrow 5k: Blurred Lines

Back to the roots of the blog.  Or, at least, 1/3 of it!  4 years ago, I started Triing for Balance to document long distance tri training in a way that gave perspective to fitting it into a sane life - , cooking, living emotionally, time wise, and dollar wise.  I tapped into the things I enjoy the most - running, biking, swimming, socializing, living somewhat healthfully, and saving a buck or two. In the last few years it's turned into somewhat of a mommy blog, which I don't regret - it's who I am, and I look forward to bringing the kids into the blog so they can hate me when they are teenagers from time to time!  But now, racing talk.

I blogged a bit about returning to training - right now its running biking and weight lifting whenever I have 5 minutes.  Aside from being tired, i feel pretty good - its obvious I'm not hill or speed trained, but my body is handling working out really really well for one month PP.  So, like the moron I am, I signed up for a 5k.  Greg and I have done this race the past 2 years - it's a small (400 person) race in fairport that it super flat, fun, and reasonably priced - with excellent post race breakfast pizza :-)  The last two years we have raced with Rob, but he's getting to big to be patient in a stroller, so he tagged along and hung out with his great uncle while Mom and Dad raced (which he loved - only child for 3 hours!!)

I went into the race hoping to feel good doing it and not pee myself.  Yep, you read that right (did I really go there?)  Last year Greg and I clocked a 25:40, that was pushing a stroller, but also when I was running a bit more, so I optimistically was hoping to come in around the same time.  Pre race I ate an English muffin with pb and jam, Rob stole my piece of fruit, and I had some Gatorade.  Greg and I lined up apart, as we decided to just enjoy the race solo (hello introverts!)

Mile 1: 7:31 - As the gun went off, I charged ahead.  I lined up a bit faster than I expected because for once, I had no jogging stroller and I didn't feel like fending off the people that thought they could run 6 minute miles and really run 12 m FANTASTIC.  So I went with it.  The first mile has a slight downhill, so I wasn't too concerned about the fast time.  Figured I would settle in at mile 2,

Mile 2: 7:50.  I kept it up, and saw Greg about 20 seconds out from the turnaround, looking strong.  I gave him a thumbs up, and hit mile 2 before I knew it - 15:21.  Holy cow....can I PR this course?

Mile 3 - 7:42.  I started doing what every runner does in the last mile...math.  Could I PR?  nah.  my 5k pr in a 22:42, and that wasn't possible.  OK, I thought, under 24 - you can do that!  I was getting tired, but there's nothing like the fresh memory of labor to remind you that you're a tough b*tch, so I pushed through it - with the help of X Ambassadors on my IPod.  I gunned it, passed a few people, hit mile 3 in 23:12, and finished strong in 23:55.

Then I immediately sought out a garbage and heaved for a few minutes, lol.  Nothing like saying I didn't give it my all!!  I went and found Rob and my uncle, had some coffee and pizza, and wore a ridiculous grin on my face - I couldn't believe that I averaged a 7:37 mile - what??  Never expected it. After checking the results, I found out I cam in 3rd in my age group (out of 15) and missed 1 and 2 by less than a minute.  (Which I never would have found, I couldn't have run any faster!)  I got my award (ribbon and water bottle) and enjoyed the festival with my favorite boys.  Quite honestly, the perfect day.

What's next?  Well, I'm jazzed by that race, so I of course went and signed up for another - Ill be doing the Mendon 20k trail run on November 7th.  Flying solo - Greg hates trail running - but that's ok :-)  I can't wait and it gives me something to do for me while taking care of peanut.  Plus, I adore fall running - it's the prettiest season, best weather, and just happy to be alive activity - a win win win

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