Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Eat my Dust - 20 minutes or bust.

Well, as my husband would put it - It's a couch day.  Raining, yucky, cold, ick.  Probably most people despise these days or use it against NY in general to confirm we have crappy weather.  Well, first of all - not this year...or last.  The sunshine and pretty fall leaves have been awesome.  Secondly, am I the only one who enjoys a good rainy day every now and then?  Popcorn.  Hot cocoa.  Books.  A nice black and white movie.  Or even the challenge of how to figure out how to keep the toddler entertained, not killing his sister, and in a decent mood inside. Screen and sugar free.  (Answer - big cardboard box and markers.  Seriously, he got lost in that sucker for an hour.)  Such a good kid.  Then, because he is amazing, he passed out hardcore just for mom.  And the midget (that would be Biz) conked out at the same time.  So what did I do?  Duh, I ran :-)

I'm in the midst of a low key transition to training, with two bebes.  Part of it is happy go lucky running that I slip outside for whenever the weather is nice and my husband throws my shoes at me, (Sunday - 8 miles outside = heaven) and part of it is treadmill based.  Don't hate on it like I used to- it's actually a pretty nifty training tool.  That is, unless you decide your two year old can babysit the infant (ummmm).
So, again, I'm not an expert, but as I start to get back into the running game with at least one kidlet at home all the time and sometimes two....I've found a few running and other workouts that seem to work well for when you can't take a sole hour out of your day for "you".  (PS - Not working out is not an option.  I don't care if you're housing qunituplets, if there is a will,there is a way.)

Quickie Mom (parent) Workouts...

1.  The quickie run.  20 minute treadmill bust.  Warmup easy for 2 minutes, then repeat 5 times:  1 minute all out, 2 minutes easy jog.  Cool down 3 minutes easy.

2.  The tempo run.  Warm up 2 minutes, run your 10k pace for 15, cool down 3 minutes.

3.  Youtube blast.  Search "10 minute solutions" and do two segments.

4.  One minute blast - I've written down a list of 10 weight training exercises I can do with just body weight (dips, donkey kicks, squats, pushups, etc.) and do each for one minute, interspersed with a minute of jogging in place or fast feet or jump rope.

5.  Jillian Michaels.  Oh man, she is still my goddess, even though I've been romanced by p90x and Insanity.  She has an awesome workout "banish fat, boost metabolism" (youtube it) that is a 42 minute mix of cardio, weights, abs, and kickboxing broken into 7 segments.  I do one, or I do 7...or somewhere in between.

Mom life :-P
6.  HIIT it.  - Best done on treadmill, but also the bike or with high intensity cardio like burpees or high knees.  Warm up easy 2 minutes. then go all out like someone is chasing you for 30 seconds, recover for 90.  Repeat 7 times, cool down to get to 20 minutes.  Super fast and effective,

Truth?  Sometimes an hour happens, sometimes 5 minutes.  I find my best trick honestly is to get dressed in a shelf tank, shorts, a sports bra and sneaks at 8am.  and do anywhere from a minute to 20 at a time.  It all adds up.  Result?  Energy, heart health, and fitting jeans...coupled with some good race training :-P

Or.. you can just chase your toddler around in circles for 8 hours while carrying the baby in the bjorn.  Cause life happens.  Hey, it's a workout.

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