Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dirty 30 and the 2 week freakout

Hey hey there.  Hows your happy hump day going?  Not too bad here.  Started out my work day at 6am, so here I am, 12 hours later....and I have 10 whole minutes.  Whoop whoop.  Its a good and bad thing - I *should* be out on an 8 miler, but we changed that to an easy spin this morning...for no damn good reason. I have a niggle in my right foot, so I'm babying the hell out of it...with 2 weeks to go, I've done the work (repeat, repeat)...aka, the horse is in the barn, it's now my job to keep it there.

Wait, WHAT....2 weeks??  Double gulp.  nah, just kidding.  I have one more triple weekend (3 days of 2-2.5 hour runs) then it's taper nation.  I had my max week last week - 72 miles in 6 days, including a 30 mile run.  With a FT job, kiddo, and normal ole life, it's been hard to summarize my training for this sucker on the ole bloggie, and I apologize.  I shall try to give you the condensed version....this ultra is now 17 days away (no way, I'm not counting).  So far I've done 4-5 runs a week.  No tempo, no speed work, just time on my feet.  My runs are usually Wednesday, every other Thursday, and Sat-Mon longer runs.  I've gotten creative.  I downloaded a 50 mile training plan (my goal is 60 but it was the best I could do).  I consulted with friends that have done this madness, and they advised me to go with a string of semi long runs on tired legs rather than progressively longer runs, so my max runs have been 20, 22, 25 and 30, all spread out.  I've focused on 3 in a row 2 hour or 2.5 hour runs, which has been interesting.
 Other than this week, my body has adapted well.  I've eaten all the things (woohoo for mileage).  My pants size continues to go down, which isn't my goal, but it's inches and not pounds.  I feel strong.  Oddly enough, I've been able to balance this stuff with the more
husband and son.  Greg has been AMAZING. He spends time with Rob when I need to run long, and I've also been creative with 5am runs and 15 miles = 3 5 milers.

Do I know what I'm doing?  Nope.  But I figure that race day will tell me if I was right or not.  I've had some harder lessons....bonking (ultra fueling is w hole nother beast.  I'm good at eating that day, but you need to keep steady intake for 3 long days in a row!).  Asics 2000 do NOT = Asics 2170s.  Neither do Asics 1000.  Ugh.  Chafing can make your GP ask you is ok at home.  Oops.

Either way, May 10 looms like a party date, and I am AMPED.Scurred?  Nah, not yet.  Talk to me next week!

So....  I am starting to plan my strategy for the day for everything OTHER than running.  (I've got one of those, will share that soon).   Do I bring a tent?  Change of clothes?  What kinda first aid?  And most importantly.....who's doing a cheeseburger run for me?

Oh yeah...about that last part.....if anyone is free on May 10 for an hour of heckling, I would sure appreciate the support.  A BK run for a coke and fries (no, I'm not kidding).  Sitting for an hour at my aid station (yep, you got that right!) with a beer and yelling random things as I pass by 5 times?  You would be my savior.  Seriously.  I have some ultra friends (and hope to have many more after May 10!) but friendly faces would just make my day.  I'll be putting out an invite on facebook this week....but who can I bribe?  Pretty please? :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Well hello!  I hope you've been enjoying the 80-30 weather we've been having (no, not a typo).  I would complain, but whats the point- I'm trying to teach my little guy that every day is an adventure and that it's much better to be thankful for what you have rather than complain when your life ain't perfect.  Working on it..... :-)
With that said, I do looove spoiling my kiddo.  And with the little nomser that he is, cheerios and bananas and yogurt just werent cuttin' the breakfast mustard.  So, since we've been moving toward food and have a ridiculous cache of breast milk in the freezer, I decided to introduce him to Daddy's favorite breakfast....time for baby pancakes!!

Super Easy Baby Pancakes (makes 2 dozen quarter sized cakes)

1/2 cup ground old fashioned oats
1/2 cup AP flour
1/2 cup breast milk (or formula)
1 egg yolk
pinch of cinnamon
1/2 banana, mashed
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Add all ingredients together and mix in a food processor/blender.  Drop quarter sized drops (1 tsp. roughly) onto a well greased skillet (I used real butter, just a smidge and it made 6 p-cakes at a time).  Cook on medium for 2 minutes or until bubbles form.  Flip, brown side two.  Repeat until all your cakes are done an sere to smilin' baby!  (Made 3 meals for us).

Rob loved the hands on aspect of the meal, and it was fun to watch!
Mom, where's the syrup???

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ro-Bear Month 9 - The world is your oyster! (err....banana)

Well, now....3/4 of a year old.  My darn goodness.  Greg and I were looking at you the other day've now officially been around longer than you've were bakin', bebe!  Mommy got a little teary thinking about how you are almost a gosh darn TODDLER...wowee wowee.  One thing, dude....even if you get to be a zillion years old and run ultras like're always gonna be my bebe.  Deal?  Deal.  

Size - Thinking about 21 or 22 pounds....we go to the docs for our official check up next week, so we'll see where we stand.  Either way, you're galloping out of size 9 months and are into size 12 months for your day clothes....wowee!  Mommy is canvassing craigslist and facebook for deals- I am a possessed woman.   You'll appreciate this some day.
Hey ladies... :-P

Likes:  You are such a little charmer, dude.  You love ALL the ladies, and you love the heck out of your parents (for now, right?)  You and daddy play all the time, and you looove snuggles with mommy (the reverse is true for both of us, too!).  You squeal in delight when we show you new things, you get SO into playing with your cars, your animals, and your stackable cups.  You also ADORE your jumper more an more every day- you're getting so adventurous with it!  We keep waiting for you to launch yourself across the room....never a dull moment, buddy.  Never.

Dislikes: Those darn teeth.  We've cut 5 so far, and they all suck.  You've never been a super sleep expert, and these things make nights even worse for you.  We feel for you, buddy.  We keep trying everything, but the best is anything frozen (celery works best) and lots of mommy and daddy hugs.  You also hate peas.  I've come to accept this, and since you eat carrots, beans, asparagus and broccoli like a champ, we won't force it.  Daddy hates peas too....he gets it.  

Sleep: Aside from teething, you're doing awesome.  We still have one wakeup (more if its a rough teeth night) but you're just fine, bud.  You also had a rough few nights when you got sick (poor guy) but you just wanted mom.  It happens.  I'll always be there with snugs and comfort when you get sick, buddy.  Double promise.  

Eating: You are such a champ.  You're not as into milk anymore, except before bed and first thing in the morning (only 6 oz a day instead of 18!), but you love your solids.  You're getting  way to big for that pureed crap, and have started eating meat (chicken, beef), tofu, beans, and cut up veggies and fruits...and...pancakes!!  Yum-o.  Feeding you is so much fun, buddy!

Finger foods (other than cereal)
Meat- you actually prefer beans and lentils.  Must be like your mom!
Cruising.  You can move from place to place, and can stand unassisted sometimes (for about 10 seconds).
Gettin dunked!  You thought it was hilarious :-P
Upper teeth cut, lower teeth showing
First "word" with meaning- not complete yet, but you know "Da" means Daddy.  You look right at him when you say it.  My smart man!!
Best Moment: It's always so hard to pic, bud.  I would have to say it's a toss up- between your cruising (so awesome) and oddly enough, when you were sick.  I felt so so bad for you, bud, but all you wanted was me.  And even though I couldn't do anything besides hold you, that was enough.  And I knew, for the zillionth time, how. darn. much. I. love. you.  Always, kiddo.  Always.  

Looking Forward to: Easter (we go see the bunny man this weekend!), spring walks, and getting outside to explore!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

A "Spring" in my step: SF 15k

Time for another race report!  Even though it was almost a week ago , I like recapping my races - I think it's helpful for people thinking of doing them, it helps me focus on my strengths and weaknesses, and it's kind of neat to compare performances from year to year (especially with tri's!)

With that said, last Saturday I did a 15k in hilly Mendon called the Spring Forward 15k.  It was mainly for Greg, as he is training for the Unity Half Marathon in April, but since I had a 12 miler on tap for the day, I decided to run the race and then tack on a 3 mile run to finish it up.  The race course went right by Greg's godmothers house, and since she is amazing beyond belief, she agreed to watch our little cutie pie.

Race morning - up at 5, quick shower, breakfast of oats, dried cranberries and almonds.  We dropped off kiddo and headed over to the race site- this race has gotten super popular, due to the distance being a great tune up for a spring half/full, and the cost - can't beat a tech tee, 15k and post race treats for $20.  When we got there, we did the potty stop, a quick warm up, said hello to some friends, and made our way to the start.

HBO catching my dorkface at mile 4.  
My last stint with this race was in 2009 when I squeaked in at 1:19:42, which was roughly an 8:30 mile.  This course is horrendously hilly, so that was a pretty decent time for me.  My goal was to try to get under 1:20 again - I knew my legs could handle it, but MTD training has not been about speed, so I was cautiously optimistic.  My real litmus was the fact that I ran 10 miles the day before and had 10 planned for the day after....time for ultra training to get real, yo!

The race had a new start- uphill.  Pretty sure Boots, our RD, just likes to see us hurt.  And we love him for it.  There were about 1000 people running, so I seeded myself appropriately and before I knew it, we took off.  The first mile was quite the roller coaster, I was trying to regulate my breathing and cursing my lack of hill work.  Mile 1 = 8:46.  OK, not bad.  We twisted around the park, and I found a friendly face to run with for a bit.  Mile 2 went by fast, and we turned onto the main road, which was a brief uphill, followed by a nice long downhill...and my little dude!!  Debbie, Greg's godmom, had Rob all bundled up and I Blew my little sweetie a kiss.  With a big smile on my face, I hit mile 3 in 25:34.  Mile 4 was pretty uneventful, then the fun started.  Two massive Placid style hills in a 10 minute span, and I started to wonder why I don't just cash it in and race in Florida.....but since I must be a masochist....this is fun, right?  RIGHT!  Mile 6 came in at 51:02, and I knew an 8:30 pace was mine if I could take the next 3 miles smartly.

The last 5k featured 2 steep hills, some nice neighborhoods, and a fabulous half mile of slight downhill at mile 8.  Score.  I found someone to "race" with with a half mile to go (I don't think he knew we were racing, but I beat his pants off!), and tucked in to the finish line at 1:19:50, 8 seconds slower than 2009 and in the top quarter of my AG, top third overall.  Sweet.  I'll take it :-)

No rest for the wicked....I grabbed a drink, found Greg and gave him a hug, then tackled 3 more miles in the hills of Mendon to get back to Debbies, where a fabulous brunch was ready.  Total mileage = 12.36 miles in 1:50.  Not bad before 10am, in my book.

Recommend this race with a big thumbs up.  It's not easy, but what's worth doing isn't always cake.  Next up = MIND THE DUCKS.  Holy crap.