Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Dirty 30 and the 2 week freakout

Hey hey there.  Hows your happy hump day going?  Not too bad here.  Started out my work day at 6am, so here I am, 12 hours later....and I have 10 whole minutes.  Whoop whoop.  Its a good and bad thing - I *should* be out on an 8 miler, but we changed that to an easy spin this morning...for no damn good reason. I have a niggle in my right foot, so I'm babying the hell out of it...with 2 weeks to go, I've done the work (repeat, repeat)...aka, the horse is in the barn, it's now my job to keep it there.

Wait, WHAT....2 weeks??  Double gulp.  nah, just kidding.  I have one more triple weekend (3 days of 2-2.5 hour runs) then it's taper nation.  I had my max week last week - 72 miles in 6 days, including a 30 mile run.  With a FT job, kiddo, and normal ole life, it's been hard to summarize my training for this sucker on the ole bloggie, and I apologize.  I shall try to give you the condensed version....this ultra is now 17 days away (no way, I'm not counting).  So far I've done 4-5 runs a week.  No tempo, no speed work, just time on my feet.  My runs are usually Wednesday, every other Thursday, and Sat-Mon longer runs.  I've gotten creative.  I downloaded a 50 mile training plan (my goal is 60 but it was the best I could do).  I consulted with friends that have done this madness, and they advised me to go with a string of semi long runs on tired legs rather than progressively longer runs, so my max runs have been 20, 22, 25 and 30, all spread out.  I've focused on 3 in a row 2 hour or 2.5 hour runs, which has been interesting.
 Other than this week, my body has adapted well.  I've eaten all the things (woohoo for mileage).  My pants size continues to go down, which isn't my goal, but it's inches and not pounds.  I feel strong.  Oddly enough, I've been able to balance this stuff with the more
husband and son.  Greg has been AMAZING. He spends time with Rob when I need to run long, and I've also been creative with 5am runs and 15 miles = 3 5 milers.

Do I know what I'm doing?  Nope.  But I figure that race day will tell me if I was right or not.  I've had some harder lessons....bonking (ultra fueling is w hole nother beast.  I'm good at eating that day, but you need to keep steady intake for 3 long days in a row!).  Asics 2000 do NOT = Asics 2170s.  Neither do Asics 1000.  Ugh.  Chafing can make your GP ask you is ok at home.  Oops.

Either way, May 10 looms like a party date, and I am AMPED.Scurred?  Nah, not yet.  Talk to me next week!

So....  I am starting to plan my strategy for the day for everything OTHER than running.  (I've got one of those, will share that soon).   Do I bring a tent?  Change of clothes?  What kinda first aid?  And most importantly.....who's doing a cheeseburger run for me?

Oh yeah...about that last part.....if anyone is free on May 10 for an hour of heckling, I would sure appreciate the support.  A BK run for a coke and fries (no, I'm not kidding).  Sitting for an hour at my aid station (yep, you got that right!) with a beer and yelling random things as I pass by 5 times?  You would be my savior.  Seriously.  I have some ultra friends (and hope to have many more after May 10!) but friendly faces would just make my day.  I'll be putting out an invite on facebook this week....but who can I bribe?  Pretty please? :-)


  1. You are doing great!!! Its hard to manage the time but this is our antidepressants!! Keep moving!! So proud of you!

    1. YESSSS!!! Thank you :-) Saw you're killin it on your runs too! Musselman this year?

  2. You are amazing! I have no idea how you manage to somehow balance it all and keep some sanity. Love that you are honest about everything and have a great sense of humor about it. Saw you at Flower City today cheering on people. Keep up the hard work and I'd volunteer to help for a few hours but I'm kind of out of town for a vacation Cruise.

    1. Youre so sweet- thank you!! Just do me a favor - have a great drink for me on May 10th :-P Have fun!!