Saturday, November 30, 2013

And All the Rest of the Days

And here we are, the end of November already!  I can't believe how fast the month has flown.  It's been so wonderful to just stop each day and remember why i am so lucky, one thing/person at a time.  Rounding it out....

Day 28- I am so thankful for my wonderful family.  My moms side, my extended family, my husbands family, my "like a family" family....I routinely am surrounded by such wonderful people that love me unconditionally.  How amazing is that?  I know we routinely take for granted our families...but I just think they are all so awesome, and I am blessed to have every single one of them in my life.  It was Rob's first Turkey day today, and even though we had a grumpy baby for the better part of the meal, everyone lent a hand to the frazzled new parents and supported us.  Next year will be easier...and I can remind the kid for the next 18 years how he was on his first Thanksgiving.  Mwahahahaha.

Day 29 - I'm super thankful that it's Black Friday...and I cyber shop.  Greg and I ventured out tonight (because Rob has an AWESOME godmom who babysat!) and we just laughed at the remains of the carnage that was target.  I picked up a few things at 5PM, not 5AM, and we had a nice relaxing thai dinner.  Perfect black Friday.  Oh yeah, and we got our tree with the little guy!  Pictures soon...right now we're rockin out the reindeer booties GG got him.  The holiday fashion show ensues.....

30 - Old friends!  I was able to attend the baby shower of my college roommate today, and got to see one of my old best friends from college (that I've known since I was 6!)  It was crazy to see how our lives have turned out and how much we've changed...and not changed.  New friends are awesome, but there's just something great about catching up with an old friend that's seen you grown your whole life.  And introducing your baby, too!!

And with that, November is over.  Let us bring the thankful attitude throughout the year....and get ready for the best season ever!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Days 26 and 27: Baby its cold outside!

Well, here we are, Thanksgiving week!  I used to actually hate this holiday - it always seemed more about the food and Christmas shopping than what it should be thanks for what we have.  Well, in the last few years, I've gotten engaged and found out I was having my kiddo on Thanksgiving i think that's probably some higher power nudging me toward the true meaning of the holiday.  I'll take it!  I've also had a great time with this blog's funny, we grumble everyday about silly things, but never take the time to really it back and say thanks for what we have.  And I really have so much to be thankful for.  In 27 days, it's never taken more more than 30 seconds to think of my "thankful for the day".  I actually feel like I forgot some important things....might be that I continue this one past November in my own private reflection :-)

Day 26 - I am thankful for snow!  Yep, I know.  Don't write me off, please.  As long as I'm not out on
treacherous roads, it is so beautiful.  We were supposed to get a "big storm" this week - we did get about a foot of snow, but the roads look clear ahead for the holiday, so it's all good.  Snow reminds me of when I was a kid and we had snowball fights, built snowmen, went sledding and just had fun!  It also sets the season up nicely post Thursday for my favoritedest holiday ever....but that's not till Friday :-)

Day 27 - With that said, I am also a fan of my winter and crappy weather amenities - my treadmill and trainer.  I had a speedwork session on tap for today (yep, we'll talk about my crazy race plans soon!), and rather than slog it out on our mile loop in the snow, the treadmill was my friend.  I realize that's a 180 from last year, but with a kiddo...I am so thankful to be able t hop on and off the 'mill and get a great workout in even if I can't make it outside!!

Almost Turkey time....I'm headed out to my aunt's house tomorrow for the big day....tonight I will be making roasted sweet taters and an apple cake.  What's on your menu for tomorrow?

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Day 25: Random Acts of Kindness

It may be wavering, but faith in (people)kind is still there.  Sometimes I wonder about the goodwill of people, but then they surprise me.  Today I am thankful for all of the random acts of kindness that I experience in my life.  Lately I've been lucky to be a part of a facebook community of Rochester Pass it On, where one can post "In search of" Items or Items "I have" to pass along.  In the past few weeks, I've been lucky enough to both give and receive a decent amount of baby items....passing
along formula checks and outgrown clothes, and receiving a shopping cart cover, snowsuit, and "learn to button/tie/snap etc" doll for Ro-Bear.  What's even better is that these members look out for each other, remembering community needs and tagging each other in posts or helping to transport items....if someone has something to give two of in Macedon but someone only needs one and works in the city, they pickup both and the second person that wants it can pick up in the city. 
I always like to believe the best of people...and this community reaffirms it.  Just a small example of the random kind acts...tis the season and it's so awesome to see it happening! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Days 22-24......Whatta weekend!

Ahh, this weekend can be summer up with my thankfulness "statuses"...

Day 22:  I am thankful for tough workouts.  They tear me down and build me back up again.  Recently, Greg bought an X Box ( I dont know which kind...the cool new one I guess), and it has acces to a zillion cool workout videos, including the 10 minute solutions, Jillian Michaels and P90X series.  Well, if you didn't know, I am a total workout junkie, so instead of starting out with something lame, like Shred 1, I decided to test out Insanity, from the beach body workouts.  OMFG.  Aside from some weird yoga session for 5 minutes mid workout, it kicked my tail with plyos for 35 minutes.  Hurts so good.  I already feel my runs getting faster.  Love gasping for breath stupid hard workouts.  They make me appreciate my body and everything it can do!

Day 23:  I am thankful for unexpected pleasures.  We were expecting a visit today from Grandpa and GG....we were not expecting to get kicked out of the house for a few hours to have a Rae and Greg dinner.  Awesome.  While we love our Ro-Bear to pieces, sometimes Mommy Daddy time is super important.  Double bonus when we didn't see it coming - so appreciated!!

Day 24:  I am thankful for snow!  Even though it's not Christmas in my mind until Friday's kick off, we got some pretty Christmas snow today in Gananda.  What to do?  Take the kiddo out for his first experience with the stuff!  We made now angels, "walked" in the snow, tasted it, and just played for a little bit.  It is so awesome to experience the world through my little man's eyes...everything is so new and fresh. 

Basically a great weekend - and a wonderful holiday filled week ahead! 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 21: Life's Tough - Get Fit

Short N Sweet......
Day 21 -  3 days a week, I escape during my lunch break to blow off steam.  I am so lucky not only to have a gym a mere 5 minute walk from my work, but one of the coolest gyms ever.  It has everything I need - great classes, a weight room, high quality treadmills, a lap pool, and fun noon classes.  The people are great, I have some awesome triathlete and noon class friends, and the owners are just awesome.  It sounds "Cheers" ish, but everyone really does know your name.  And what you are training for.  And about your family.  C'mon, how awesome is that?  And when the owners not only care enough to keep up with your goals and kiddo, but send along a little baby jammy set to congratulate you...thats another family.  Affordable, close proximity, and a getting in a good sweat sesh (or pool sesh!) on my crazy schedule?  Winning.  And I am so grateful to have it right there!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Days 18-20 - A Look at my life

Yikes, 3 days backed up?  So sorry.  I guess I'm on the policy of gratitude in lumps....nevertheless, this is a really important week for me.  So I need to stop, take a minute, and thank my lucky stars for my life. Again.  Funny how the world seems to be a much better place when you take that 60 seconds to realize how good you really have it, isn't it?

Day 18 - I am thankful for the beautiful place I live.  I know people love to hate on New York, but it really has everything you need for scenery - the finger lakes, Niagara Falls, the city, the Adirondacks.  How could you ask for more?  I had to go to Binghamton for work today, and the Southern Tier was just gorgeous...sunshiney, some color on the trees, and some beautiful little lakes for scenery.  Just gorgeous.   How often do we really stop to appreciate our surroundings?  Not often enough!

Day 19 - I am thankful for unexpected miracles.  One year ago today, I found out I was having my perfect little man (well, baby...we didn't know it was a boy till d-day!).  After trying for a kiddo for about 10 months (which I know is NOTHING, but it seemed like it at the time!)  seeing those double stripes just made my world.  And now into being a mom for 4 months....I know without a doubt that miracles exist, because being a mom is the best thing I could have asked for.  I love my little man to bits, and am so lucky to have such a wonderful little family on Sunrise Dr :-)

Day 20 - I am thankful for new opportunities.  My program at work is currently working with a publicity firm, and as a result, Ive done tapings for WXXI and Channel 10 (Sunday morning at 7am!!), and an interview with the D and C (coming out next week).  Ill be interviewing with channel 13 next week (think they can get Rachel Glaser to do it?).  Its really cool and terrifying to be the face of our program, but I am so lucky to be able to have the opportunity to new and exciting things in my job.  C'mon, same ole same ole?  Boring.  Life is too exciting to not try new things!!

So tell me...whats on your gratitude list lately?  Spill!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Days 16-17- Weekend Love

In case you're stepping in (Looking at you, Uncle Alan!) mid way - Novembers blogs are dedicated to things I am thankful in my life :-)  On Days 16-17....

Day 16 - I am thankful for my friends in my life, old and new.  It sucks being a grown up - I miss seeing my friends as much as I did before my life got so crazy.  I'm lucky enough to have some really great friends - both the new ones and the ones that have been around since I was a teenager or a little kid.  I got to see one of my awesome friends yesterday...Jen, one of my bridesmaids, came by fir dinner and chats and to see the little guy.  Man, did I miss her!  So to the friends that I see once in a blue moon or every day...I love you guys.  I wouldn't be the same without you!  Whether its running races together, playing cards, gossiping, chatting on the phone, or catching up over ultimate vanilla cake and peanut butter mousse pie (bonus points to Jen...), I love you all!!

Day 17 - I am thankful for PJs on the weekends.  It's 6pm, and I'm still in my PJs.  Even though I was productive with chores today, it's been one of those days.  Everyone in my family feels a bit "off"....just a weird day.  So we called off the workouts (no long run here), made soup (recipe coming.....I played with Butternut squash!), and just kinda made it through the day (Yes, Tylenol was involved, and yes, I blame my insane amount of sugar consumed last night....which I wouldn't trade for the world :-P).  Hey, but even though it was a foggy day...I am so thankful to be able to have those.  Sometimes you just need jammies, a football game and homemade soup, ya know?

How was your weekend?  I'm not sure I feel ready to tackle the week ahead (I have trips to both Utica and Binghamton, AND an interview with channel 10, yikes!)  but I see a nice DD coffee (compliments of the birthday club!) in my future, so it's all good :-)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Days 13-15: TPS Reports

Whew-Friday already?? It's another week of go go go here- work has been a little nuts, and we are now on a new schedule, so it's a bit of adjustment.  I've gone back to my normal work hours, so I do drop off at day care for the bear, then rush rush Rush to work.  I now get home later, but it allows kiddo to sleep in a bit in the morning, which is great, because he naturally wakes up about 7ish, so I can get ready then start getting Ro-bear ready for the day!  But, of course, between kiddo and work and shopping and chores and silly little things like eating, sleeping (what?) and showering....we have been a little bit nuts.  My saving grace, however, is my Thankful 3 days 13-15.....

Day 13:  So thankful for my job.  I love where I work, I love what I do, and that gets me through the not so nice parts.  CFC has been an awesome employer, and they are super family friendly.  Regardless of the "new improved health plan" (crappy) they picked up most of the increase this year, which means I an afford to live.  They have plenty of PTO.  An EIB that allowed me to stay home with my kiddo for 12 weeks, paid.  I've been there for 7 years, and I don't plan on leaving.  Mostly because.....

Day 14:  My bosses.  I adore my bosses.  They say a good boss is worth a 100% increase in pay, and they are so right.  My bosses rock my face off.  My immediate boss is so flexible, accommodating, and promoting of me, I really couldn't ask for any better ANYWHERE else.  He helps me out, praises me, helps me grow, has gotten my foot in the door for so many leads, and cares about me and my family on a person level.  Even though he can get a little bit crazy, we've worked together so well in the last 7 years that we can finish each other's sentences.  Yikes!!  His boss, Sally, is my on site boss, and she is awesome.  She talks me off ledges, makes sure our staff is hanging in there, reigns in the crazy when I need it, and really listens to my ideas and thoughts.  I am such a lucky person to have two fabulous people to report to!  But on a daily basis....

Day 15:  I thank my lucky stars for having such awesome employees.  We are friends without it being weird that they technically "report" to me.  We laugh.  We have inside jokes.  We have a GREAT time but get the work done.  And when one of us stumbles (me included), we have each others backs and support each other.  I wish I could pay them a million more dollars because they have such awesome work ethic, sense of accountability, and good will.  I hope they never, ever leave!!

Even though work is work, I have the best job I could ever ask for.  And for 40 hours a week, that is a TRUE blessing.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 12: Flex-itude

Day 12 – Flexibility
Oldie but goody....ELASTIGIRL!!
On day 12, I give thanks for flexibility in my life. Without it, life with a 4 month old just doesn’t happen. At all. I used to have a pretty decent schedule – work at the same time, workouts the same time, dinner the same time, sleep the same time. Laundry on Sundays. House cleaning on Saturdays. Speed work on Tuesdays, long ride on Saturdays, long run on Sundays. Grocery Shopping Mondays. HAH. While life with a kiddo is sweet, it certainly is a wild ride! I wake up on a Monday with a lit of things to accomplish, and am super happy if 75% gets done by Friday. But my sanity is saved by my team….my husband, my boss, my daycare, my co-workers, and my family and friends. Who understand my less than “on top of it” (did you KNOW the post office returns envelopes when you just put someones name and not their address on the mailing? LOL), and helps me out in general. You guys rock. And for everyone that turns a blind eye when I come flying in five minutes late with a frantic new mommy look or I forgot the damn dish detergent AGAIN and my husband goes out to buy it and then gives me a nice foot rub while I hold the baby…thank you. I really appreciate it.   

Monday, November 11, 2013

Days 10 and 11- To Vets and Pets

Day 10 - I am so grateful for my fur kiddo.  I've had her since I was 13 (wows) and I love her to bits.  She turns 17 in a few months, and while she is slowing down a bit-she gives the best purrs and snuggles a kitty ever could.  It's hard to believe that this cat has been with me through middle school, high school, college, my twenties, getting married, and having Rob.  Even though she can't speak human, she probably knows me better than most...and what I need.  She's taken care of me for so many years, and now it's time for me to return the favor.  So lucky to have her!!

Day 11 - Might be cliched, but I don't care.  I was going to wait until tomorrow to buck the trend of "Thank a Vet" but they deserve my thanks today...and every day.  To all of those that have fought for our country and represented us...I thank you.  We would not enjoy the freedoms we have today without you.  I thank every soldier, and in particular those I know cousin Lisa, my cousin Lisa (yep, there are two), and my cousin Howie.  I am so proud to know you!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day #8 and #9 - The Trouble with Relations

I didn't forget, don't worry.  Just lumping some gratitude - this one deserves two days, cause these people are too awesome to have only one day.  On days 8 and 9...I'm thankful for our first friends in life....our cousins.  I was lucky enough to get the first batch when I was a kiddo, and the second batch when I married a husband.

Lisa, Shel and I with Megan, Lisa's daughter!
Day #8 - My cousins are awesome.  Even though they are a few years older than I am, they helped me figure out mischief when I was a kid...score!  My cousin Michelle is awesome - she taught me how to put  a cat down the laundry chute (oh man), how to spot a redneck, and how to french braid my hair.  She is the lest listener ever, and has sympathy for any family dirt we share...because we share it!  My cousin Lisa was my idol when I was a kid...she was a total tomboy and trouble maker - she taught me how to drive (when I was Michelle's um...Miata....) and we have some of the craziest inside jokes.  Lamely, they both live in Missouri, which just means I either have to go visit or move their.  I'm still on the fence with that one.  Michelle also has the best husband ever, Brian (who's nickname just isn't even worth embarrassing him online for), who is sarcastic, funny, and a big kid himself.  I love them all to bits, and even though they;re all a bit am I.  And even though you can't pick your family...if I could...I would pick them!

Greg, Amy, Lisa and I with "the queen" (Grandma)
Day #9 - Cousins by marriage are AWESOME.  Greg has two cousins we hang out with the most - Lisa and Amy.  Lisa is hilarious.  And a great listener and friend.  And I pretty much know that even if we weren't thrown together by marriage (sorry, you're stuck!) that we would be great friends.  We have the same brand of humor and outlook in life, and she rocks my socks off.  Again, she is lame and lives in Kansas (I've told her this).  Why does the Midwest get the good ones????  Luckily, I have Amy, Lisa's sister, here!  She has one of the sunniest personalities that I know, and has been invaluable to a new mommy with her nursing experience.  She's always eager to help us out, and has the best laugh in the world.  I love hanging out with her and her kiddo, Abby, and can't wait for more camping next summer as a family!

Cousins - you might be stuck with 'em by marriage or blood, and boy is it a blessing.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

4 months old - Someone's gettin' BIG!!

Well, now, I don't care if I'm repeating.  Today, and EVERY DAY, I am so grateful for my kiddo.  I love him so much it is unbelievable.  Seriously, I think they up your capacity for love when you become a parent...I never was a Grinch, but my heart grew 3 sizes on July 5th, and it doesn't show signs of changing :-)  With that, since I am 2 days late on this, let's talk baby.....and how my little boy is a BIG 4 MONTHS OLD NOW!!

Rob:  Month 4

I just can't believe how big you are getting, little man!  I remember when your head fit in Daddy's palm (true story!) and now, when I feed you, you hang over the edge of the boppy like such a big boy.  Yikes.  Someday, way too soon, you'll be taller than me, and I'll look up to YOU.  Which will be fun, too :-)  But for now, I can't even tell you how much I love our snuggles...and giggle fests...and when you pass out on me.  Ahh, I love being your mommy!!

Going for runs, playing on your activity mat, hanging out with Mommy and Daddy!  Going for walks in your seeing us seat, your bouncer with the cow, being read to, giggle fests with Mommy, watching hockey with Daddy (it amazes you!!), your frog slippies, and snuggle time with Mommy and Daddy.  Daycare - you love the older babies and have such a crush on Miss Megan, your sitter.  You also love "talking" to us - we will have a 15 minute conversation easy peasy.  Now if only Mommy could figure out what you're saying....

Tummy time (learning to flip is hard work!), teething (yuck!!) and sleeping alone.  You like staying in our room (in your crib of course!)  You are lukewarm on baths and car depends on the mood!


Regressed a bit this month for feeding are a hungry dude!  I suppose that's what happens when you more than double your weight in 4 months!  Go Rob!  You sleep pretty well for day naps now, and get about a 4 hour chunk at night, then you want noms.  You do tend to go right back to sleep after that though, for another 3-4 hours.  We love it! 

You are such a chow hound, buddy!!  5 ounces every 2.5 hours during the day, and then at least once in the night.  Mommy gets up to pump when you sleep so I can keep up - we are on 4 months of EBF, and it is so so worth it....but who knows how long I can keep up with you....a preview of things to come, I think!!

First 5k with Mommy - We rocked this out!
First Solid food - You tried your hand at oatmeal and some pudding.  Just tastes.  You are a fan!!
First Ear infection- Boo to this.  We are working on getting you stronger!
First Day at Daycare - You are such a ladies man, and they love you.  Duh, we aren't surprised.
First Halloween -  Ninja Turtle Trick or Treating!!

Best Moment of the Month:Again, this is so hard.  I love every minute with you!  I love loved our punkin.  But....I still think I loved normal nights best, when we snuggle together as a family and just love each other.  Simple is best, little man.
first were such a good buddy, and it was awesome sharing with you something I love so much!  I also loved your first Halloween- we had fun trick or treating and carving our

Looking Forward to:
Thanksgiving.....Christmas Shopping....the first snowfall....oh little dude, I can't WAIT for Christmas this year!!!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Day 6: (God) Parents know best.

It's funny how much we, as a culture, rely on "things", isn't it?   What we need to buy.  What we want for christmas.  What new toy our kids need.  Stuff, stuff, stuff.  I'll admit I can fall into this trap, too...but it's certainly not important.  Strikes me even moreso now as I am in this month of gratitude...all the people I am grateful for.  Not so much the stuff.
Today, I'm thinking about parents again.  But not the bio ones.  We love those guys to death, of  course, but I'm thinking about a different kind of parent.  A god parent.

My godmother, Margy
I'm lucky enough to have some pretty awesome godparents.  I already talked about my uncle, but who am I kidding- he's getting anothe mention.  He's always been there for me, without the "parent" stuff that befalls every teenager and their actual parents.  he's my buddy.  And he's without a doubt, my role model.   My godmother is a pretty neat lady - she's my mom's cousin, and really has some wacky ideas and ways about looking at the world.  She taught me about culture, cookies, and royalty and it's because of her that I found and fell in love with the name Robert.  Now that I have a kiddo, she adores him to bits, and takes the time to send him packages and to come visit with yummy food and always food for thought, too. 
Greg's godfather I don't know that well, bu his godmom rocks.  She was his mom's best friend, and I am lucky enough to have met and have her in my life, too.  She has a great sense of humor, makes the best blueberry pancakes, and always takes the time to see how our little family is doing....and is our post race pit stop after all the Mendon races.  Her husband makes me laugh my you know what off too....great people.
Greg;s godmom, debbie (photo courtesy of Lois Glaser!)
And now, even though we haven't officially baptised the little guy yet, we have his godparents.  The ones he can go to when we piss him off.  The ones that show him how to be a good person, and the ones that just in case....are there for him.  Greg's cousin Lisa is Rob's god mom, and I thank my stars every day that I was lucky enough to meet her and become friends with her.  She's funny, practical, sarcastic, hard working, and a genuine good person.  If sh lived closer, she would be perfect (damn you, Kansas).  Rob's god dad is my cousin, Noah.  He is one of the most adventurous people I know (he just hiked the PCT!), is intelligent, very laid back, and has always had a great sense of right and wrong. 
I have no doubt Rob is one of the luckiest kids ever to have such awesome are Greg and I that they wanted the job!
So many things to be thankful for!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Day 5 : The "Outlaws"

Doesn't in laws just sound so scary?  I think so.  So we'll just refer to them as outlaws and REALLY make the sound scary.  Come to think of it, most of them are pretty borderline.....just like me :-P

Gratitude of the Day: Four years ago, I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. As you married folk know, you don’t just marry the individual-you marry the family. And for as much as I kid and
give ‘em hell, I married into the best family I could have asked for. My father in law (out law?) is one of the funniest guys I know, and we kid around like a couple of…well, kids. I’m starting to speak the language he and Greg share, which simultaneously makes me ecstatic and…scared. My mother in law- I miss her to bits. She accepted me right away into the family – as soon as Greg and I started dating, she re-arranged her pictures in the house to banish any ex’s to the back room. How cool is that? My FIL’s new wife (I refuse step mother connotations, people) is incredibly awesome – she’s been there for me on a family, woman to woman, and any other level I need-I’m so glad to know her.

The extended family – well I can’t fit that into one post. Greg’s aunt and her husband welcomed me with open arms, and his cousins…well, they are my cousins. I love them all to buts – from family get togethers to holidays to random phone calls and texts….they are my friends, my confidantes, my family.
My sister and brother in law- they live too damn far away, but keep me in laughter and extreme sports (Jeff – Leadville 2015), and practical kiddo advice (Tanya). So lucky to have you both!
I love my own family to pieces, and will certainly reflect on that in the days to come – my extended family is awesome. And the fact that they seamlessly fit with my wonderful in- laws….well….who could ask for more??
In other news - my big man is 4 months today! Time for a new Baby Rob post...stat!

Monday, November 4, 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

Hi All!  How’s your Monday treating you?  We had a rough night at the Glaser casa – little man is still super stuffed up, super teething, and in general, just an unhappy guy…which means that Mom and Dad got almost no sleep.  Am I complaining?  Hell no.  I still won’t forget what an awesome life I have.  But I will ask in advance for your forgiveness for any dumb typos or idiot things I write/say/do.  Like when I came into work this morning and saw a returned contract on my desk I mailed out last week.  Turns out, you have to put more than the agency name and contact person for it to get to Middletown.  God, I’m a turd.

Anyways….it’s a good week.  My favorite little guy will be 4 months old tomorrow, it’s now light out when I drive to work, and my favorite greek yogurt is on sale at Target.  Yay!  Silly things?  Maybe.  But worth a smile in my book-sometimes it really is the small stuff that counts.  And moreso, taking 30 seconds to say thank you or be grateful for what we have in our lives. 
I might be late to the party, but I really like what I see on facebook in November (ahem-what we should do all year, but manage to forget).  Each day, pointing out something you are grateful to have, a person you are lucky to know, or an experience you are so happy to have gone through.  Cliché?  Maybe so.  But please, tell me, at what point does it get old to say “Thank you”?  And when does it get old to hear it?  Never.  Not in my book.
So, it might be November 4th, but I’m officially on the “Thank you” month – and making it my challenge to practice an attitude of gratitude.

For the first 4 days of November….I am grateful for the people that are my immediate “blood family”.  (My definition of family is more inclusive than most – more on subsequent days!). 

My son.  I have always wanted to be a mom.  And this little guy made me one.  You guys know from my ridiculous over abundance of posts how much I love my little Ro-Bear to pieces, but it never gets   I love the way he makes me laugh.  I love snuggling him. I love his chattering, squealing, giggles, smiles, and every inch of his 2000 parts.  I remember my life without him, but I would never want to go back to it – he is the best enrichment to my life I could have ever imagined!

 My husband.  My other half.  My best friend.  I might have only known him for 8 years, but I literally can’t imagine life without this man.  Is he perfect?  Nope.  But neither am I.  All I know is that he gets me…my quirks, my shortcomings, my strengths.  He makes me feel like the best version of myself.  We have the same beliefs, same ideals, and the same idea of a good time.  I’m not sure what I did to deserve having him in my life, but someone was smiling down on me.  And now, this year I can add…he is the perfect father to my son. I love our little family. 

My mom.  She is probably the most generous person I know, as well as the most outgoing and engaged.  She taught me how to be independent, and how to not take “no” for an answer.  She taught me that I could do anything, and always to reach for the best-that there's no such word as "can't" and to never settle for less than the best.  She also gave me a really strong moral compass, and a sense of needing to work hard to get what you want.  She's always thinking about me.  How could you ask for more than that?

My Uncle/Godfather.  God, I love this man.  He might not be my bio dad, but no girl could ask for more.  He is there for me through thick and thin.  He never judges me.  He listens to me kvetch, and will tell me what I want to hear and what the truth is, based on the situation as it merits.  He’s funny as all get out.  He’s my buddy, but also my role model.  I hope to be just like him some day.

I love you guys.  And I don’t know what I would do without you!  More to come...I doubt I could fit in all the people or the things I am grateful for in one month!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Turtle Power

I apologize for my blogging lame-ness.  From every day to every other day to...once a week?  Yikes.  One would think I have a life (they'd be wrong, unless you count 4 month old bundles of cute-ness)....but it's just been madness around here.

30 second catch up week cycle - cold, sniffles, sleeplessness, work deadline, sleeplessness, candy, cute trick or treater, sick - sposion from the cat, sniffles, coughs, running, brunch. 

There we go.  And now, I want to thank you all for your comments, FB suggestions and emails...I have some more "playing for less" posts to write!  You expressed interest in:

1.  Grocery Shopping/ HBA shopping
2.  Vacation Tips
3.   Holiday Shopping
4.  Staying in Shape

I'm on it, friends.  I will try to do a post a week...keep the ideas coming!

As for today, I'm pretty tapped out.  I have a recipe for pumpkin loaf coming (tested at a family brunch today and approved), a race calendar update, and tons of Rob cuteness (who turns 4 months this week!) but that will have to wait.  Oh, who am I kidding...I always have room for Rob cute-ness.  Check out our Halloween!!
Carving our turtle pumpkin!
Tiger- costume #1!
Ninja Turtle Family!
First Trick or Treat house!
Cousin Sue....our first house!
The loot!  (He must be cute :-))

How was your Halloween?  Eat a ton of candy?  The peanut butter cups got me, as they always do, but hey...once a year ain't bad :-)