Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day #8 and #9 - The Trouble with Relations

I didn't forget, don't worry.  Just lumping some gratitude - this one deserves two days, cause these people are too awesome to have only one day.  On days 8 and 9...I'm thankful for our first friends in life....our cousins.  I was lucky enough to get the first batch when I was a kiddo, and the second batch when I married a husband.

Lisa, Shel and I with Megan, Lisa's daughter!
Day #8 - My cousins are awesome.  Even though they are a few years older than I am, they helped me figure out mischief when I was a kid...score!  My cousin Michelle is awesome - she taught me how to put  a cat down the laundry chute (oh man), how to spot a redneck, and how to french braid my hair.  She is the lest listener ever, and has sympathy for any family dirt we share...because we share it!  My cousin Lisa was my idol when I was a kid...she was a total tomboy and trouble maker - she taught me how to drive (when I was Michelle's um...Miata....) and we have some of the craziest inside jokes.  Lamely, they both live in Missouri, which just means I either have to go visit or move their.  I'm still on the fence with that one.  Michelle also has the best husband ever, Brian (who's nickname just isn't even worth embarrassing him online for), who is sarcastic, funny, and a big kid himself.  I love them all to bits, and even though they;re all a bit am I.  And even though you can't pick your family...if I could...I would pick them!

Greg, Amy, Lisa and I with "the queen" (Grandma)
Day #9 - Cousins by marriage are AWESOME.  Greg has two cousins we hang out with the most - Lisa and Amy.  Lisa is hilarious.  And a great listener and friend.  And I pretty much know that even if we weren't thrown together by marriage (sorry, you're stuck!) that we would be great friends.  We have the same brand of humor and outlook in life, and she rocks my socks off.  Again, she is lame and lives in Kansas (I've told her this).  Why does the Midwest get the good ones????  Luckily, I have Amy, Lisa's sister, here!  She has one of the sunniest personalities that I know, and has been invaluable to a new mommy with her nursing experience.  She's always eager to help us out, and has the best laugh in the world.  I love hanging out with her and her kiddo, Abby, and can't wait for more camping next summer as a family!

Cousins - you might be stuck with 'em by marriage or blood, and boy is it a blessing.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!

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