Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 12: Flex-itude

Day 12 – Flexibility
Oldie but goody....ELASTIGIRL!!
On day 12, I give thanks for flexibility in my life. Without it, life with a 4 month old just doesn’t happen. At all. I used to have a pretty decent schedule – work at the same time, workouts the same time, dinner the same time, sleep the same time. Laundry on Sundays. House cleaning on Saturdays. Speed work on Tuesdays, long ride on Saturdays, long run on Sundays. Grocery Shopping Mondays. HAH. While life with a kiddo is sweet, it certainly is a wild ride! I wake up on a Monday with a lit of things to accomplish, and am super happy if 75% gets done by Friday. But my sanity is saved by my team….my husband, my boss, my daycare, my co-workers, and my family and friends. Who understand my less than “on top of it” (did you KNOW the post office returns envelopes when you just put someones name and not their address on the mailing? LOL), and helps me out in general. You guys rock. And for everyone that turns a blind eye when I come flying in five minutes late with a frantic new mommy look or I forgot the damn dish detergent AGAIN and my husband goes out to buy it and then gives me a nice foot rub while I hold the baby…thank you. I really appreciate it.   

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