Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 21: Life's Tough - Get Fit

Short N Sweet......
Day 21 -  3 days a week, I escape during my lunch break to blow off steam.  I am so lucky not only to have a gym a mere 5 minute walk from my work, but one of the coolest gyms ever.  It has everything I need - great classes, a weight room, high quality treadmills, a lap pool, and fun noon classes.  The people are great, I have some awesome triathlete and noon class friends, and the owners are just awesome.  It sounds "Cheers" ish, but everyone really does know your name.  And what you are training for.  And about your family.  C'mon, how awesome is that?  And when the owners not only care enough to keep up with your goals and kiddo, but send along a little baby jammy set to congratulate you...thats another family.  Affordable, close proximity, and a getting in a good sweat sesh (or pool sesh!) on my crazy schedule?  Winning.  And I am so grateful to have it right there!

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