Saturday, November 30, 2013

And All the Rest of the Days

And here we are, the end of November already!  I can't believe how fast the month has flown.  It's been so wonderful to just stop each day and remember why i am so lucky, one thing/person at a time.  Rounding it out....

Day 28- I am so thankful for my wonderful family.  My moms side, my extended family, my husbands family, my "like a family" family....I routinely am surrounded by such wonderful people that love me unconditionally.  How amazing is that?  I know we routinely take for granted our families...but I just think they are all so awesome, and I am blessed to have every single one of them in my life.  It was Rob's first Turkey day today, and even though we had a grumpy baby for the better part of the meal, everyone lent a hand to the frazzled new parents and supported us.  Next year will be easier...and I can remind the kid for the next 18 years how he was on his first Thanksgiving.  Mwahahahaha.

Day 29 - I'm super thankful that it's Black Friday...and I cyber shop.  Greg and I ventured out tonight (because Rob has an AWESOME godmom who babysat!) and we just laughed at the remains of the carnage that was target.  I picked up a few things at 5PM, not 5AM, and we had a nice relaxing thai dinner.  Perfect black Friday.  Oh yeah, and we got our tree with the little guy!  Pictures soon...right now we're rockin out the reindeer booties GG got him.  The holiday fashion show ensues.....

30 - Old friends!  I was able to attend the baby shower of my college roommate today, and got to see one of my old best friends from college (that I've known since I was 6!)  It was crazy to see how our lives have turned out and how much we've changed...and not changed.  New friends are awesome, but there's just something great about catching up with an old friend that's seen you grown your whole life.  And introducing your baby, too!!

And with that, November is over.  Let us bring the thankful attitude throughout the year....and get ready for the best season ever!


  1. Your skin looks amazing in these pictures!! What's your secret?

    1. You're a sweetie to a new mom :-) Just old fashioned olay wash and mousturizer...and only concealer for the baggies under my eyes, otherwise natural!