Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lucky number 7!!

Yay, Biz is a big seven months old!  Sitting, eating, walking, talking, dating....ok, well maybe not the last few.  But she does bounce it out like a champ, babbles about god knows what wit her bro (oiy, we are in trouble!!) and hits on the boy baby down the street like there's no tomorrow.  Biz, those eyes!  Yikes.  Mommy needs to have a chat with you, girlfriend....

So whats up in the world of Biz a biz?  Here goes!....

Size - Went in for a flu shot yesterday kiddo and just under 18 pounds.  You are a solid girl!  You still are super tall for your age and a perfectly healthy little girl.  You go, kiddo.  Don't let anyone bust on ya for those strong Pellegrino/Glaser leggos - they come in super handy for kicking boys....errr...running and playing. Yeah. thats what I  meant!

Likes: Your jumper.  Takin a bath.  Peaches.  Yogurt  Snuggling with Mom and Dad.  And scootching and sitting up with your toys!  You love being outside and swinging in the tree swing or just going for a walk or run in the jogger.  You are such a super happy kiddo, Dad and I are so blessed!!

Dislikes: Still would rather have real food over the baby puree.  We gave you some real food to gnaw on for baby loved tofu and carrots but aren't quite into gumming enough before swallowing so....out that went.  You also HATE being left out of anything Rob is doing or being left alone.  You tolerate nap time, but only if Rob is gonna nap too!!  Still aren't a fan of the crib at night, but hey.  We like co-sleeping too, kiddo.  We don't sleep, but we love you, so it's pretty much worth it!

Mom, I got work to do!!
Sleep: See above.  You are really getting a ton better at nap time, once you settle down, you can nap for a good hour or two.  Nighttime is still a bit rough....prob about 2-3 wake ups a night.  At least once a night you like to talk politics.  Biz, stop it.  There is no good choice for 2016.  Mommy keeps trying to figure these crazy candidates out, but if you really have advice, you better move it.  The primary is in three days!!

Eating: Doin better with botttles - you go girl!!  You also like multi grain cereal, peaches, yogurt, and cantaloupe.  Not so sure about sweet potatoes this month, but you still adore carrots and peas. Hey, its cool.  You loved tofu and also mangoes - my little hoover!!

Sitting up like a champ.  You rock out at this now - oh the things to see!!
First scootch.  We will be crawling soon....big bro is teaching you - what a good guy he is!!
First Easter - You loved your basket!  Not sure about that whole dress thing though....but the cantaloupe for brunch was good :-P
First consonant vowel string - You babble like a pro now, kiddo.

Best Moment: When we put up Robs old tree swing and plopped you in it - you LOVED it!  And when Rob pushes you in the jumper, the coos and laughter are so amazing, sweetie.  I just love seeing you so happy and seeing my kiddos play together.  Love.  This is what I always wanted.

Looking Forward to: Mother's Day with my full brood, watching you crawl and explore the world around you, and getting outside with the park, the zoo, the beach....its going to be a wonderful spring, kiddo!!!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Slacky McSlackerson

Yep, there ya go.  3 weeks since a post?  Yikes!  All I can say is...I've been insanely busy...snuggling babies.  Dancing with toddlers.  Running when I can - including Johnny's ROTG first race of the season, yay! (41:xx - no PR but not bad for LSD running for MTD.  Race report has been in progress for 3 weeks.  I'm not optimistic), spending time with friends and family, sleeping,  HAH - and basic adulting.  Whew.  It gets tiring.

With that said, I apologize.  No more laying out all of the excuses.  If I have a blog, I should blog, dammit.  So, what's new?  I would say happy spring but we all know how that's going - we had Easter Brunch with Greg's fam yesterday and Greg and I decided to be highly appropriate.....
Yep, that's a Christmas outfit.  What?  We had more snow now than we did at Christmas!  (Plus it fits now, lol).

In terms of training, that's well.... a train wreck.  I revised my friggin plan again, but due to Achilles issues and life, am having a hell of a time getting all of the runs in (TWSS).  So, because he is a shit and he loves me, Greg freed me from the constraints of my OCD type A training mentality and...ripped up my plan.  5 weeks till go time, and I now have a 24 miler, a 30 miler, and an 18 miler on my calendar and  then whatever the hell else I feel like.  It's liberating and terrifying.  I got in 44 miles last week without a plan and everyone survived, so that's good.  I also found a massage therapist that I might run away with and never come back can work through my mess of leg muscles, so I' cautiously optimistic that May 14th might not be a total failure.  If it is, I might just give in 2 hours into the race and go nap for 10 hours at the Holiday Inn.  Hey wait...that's a plan.....

Family is good.  Biz is going through a sleep regression and likes to talk about politics at 3am  I love her dearly but I told her debating the presidency is a waste of time since it's obvious who we need to vote for...

Rob is doing well. He went on a play date with the same little girl that he had dinner with last month and told us all about how he wanted to snuggle with her.  I thought it might be a problem with her Dad till they sent us a video of the two feeding each other chicken and slow dancing to "This is Love" from Cinderella.  I never thought my next big purchase would be a Mother of the Groom dress but I suppose life is unpredictable...LOL.

And thats about it.  Work is work.  (Ya know, aside from all the soap watching I do at home all day.  AHEM.) I've been on the back burner with new recipes due to winter blahs and no sleep ever, so I'll work on turning that around!  Greg and I are debating a clean eating month (Ok, he is.  I like my M&Ms too much, thank you).  But since I am an awesome passable wife, Ill cook clean and post some of the ones that turn out well!!  

Until next week...(I promise!)