Monday, April 4, 2016

Slacky McSlackerson

Yep, there ya go.  3 weeks since a post?  Yikes!  All I can say is...I've been insanely busy...snuggling babies.  Dancing with toddlers.  Running when I can - including Johnny's ROTG first race of the season, yay! (41:xx - no PR but not bad for LSD running for MTD.  Race report has been in progress for 3 weeks.  I'm not optimistic), spending time with friends and family, sleeping,  HAH - and basic adulting.  Whew.  It gets tiring.

With that said, I apologize.  No more laying out all of the excuses.  If I have a blog, I should blog, dammit.  So, what's new?  I would say happy spring but we all know how that's going - we had Easter Brunch with Greg's fam yesterday and Greg and I decided to be highly appropriate.....
Yep, that's a Christmas outfit.  What?  We had more snow now than we did at Christmas!  (Plus it fits now, lol).

In terms of training, that's well.... a train wreck.  I revised my friggin plan again, but due to Achilles issues and life, am having a hell of a time getting all of the runs in (TWSS).  So, because he is a shit and he loves me, Greg freed me from the constraints of my OCD type A training mentality and...ripped up my plan.  5 weeks till go time, and I now have a 24 miler, a 30 miler, and an 18 miler on my calendar and  then whatever the hell else I feel like.  It's liberating and terrifying.  I got in 44 miles last week without a plan and everyone survived, so that's good.  I also found a massage therapist that I might run away with and never come back can work through my mess of leg muscles, so I' cautiously optimistic that May 14th might not be a total failure.  If it is, I might just give in 2 hours into the race and go nap for 10 hours at the Holiday Inn.  Hey wait...that's a plan.....

Family is good.  Biz is going through a sleep regression and likes to talk about politics at 3am  I love her dearly but I told her debating the presidency is a waste of time since it's obvious who we need to vote for...

Rob is doing well. He went on a play date with the same little girl that he had dinner with last month and told us all about how he wanted to snuggle with her.  I thought it might be a problem with her Dad till they sent us a video of the two feeding each other chicken and slow dancing to "This is Love" from Cinderella.  I never thought my next big purchase would be a Mother of the Groom dress but I suppose life is unpredictable...LOL.

And thats about it.  Work is work.  (Ya know, aside from all the soap watching I do at home all day.  AHEM.) I've been on the back burner with new recipes due to winter blahs and no sleep ever, so I'll work on turning that around!  Greg and I are debating a clean eating month (Ok, he is.  I like my M&Ms too much, thank you).  But since I am an awesome passable wife, Ill cook clean and post some of the ones that turn out well!!  

Until next week...(I promise!)

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  1. Basic adulting is hard. I can't imagine trying to do it with little ones!