Monday, March 14, 2016

College tomorrow? - Biz, 6 months old!

Biz.  Stop.  For real.  Where did my little infant go?  My goodness!!  Today is epic - you are now closer to toddler than baby!!  Yikes!!  And since your mommy forgot your 5 month post (yep, you are the forgotten child, so sorry, I'll pay for therapy :-( ) we have a heck of a lot to catch up on!  So what's up with my not so little biz a lator?  Here goes!

Size -We go back to the docs next week, but according to my scale, you weigh in at just over 17 pounds.  That's almost triple your birth weight - my big girl!  You are SO tall...clocking in at the 90th percentile and already in 9 month pants because the 6 month ones are too short!!  You just graduated to size 3 deeps (don't worry, I bought more - we were down to 1500 lol) and you have the most awesome little roly polies.  No creases, just super sturdy leggos!!  

Likes: Your brother.  Little one, you adore your big bro.  You get the biggest grin
on your face whenever he is around, and the feeling is entirely mutual.  Love this. You love the bath!  Now that you and bro take a bath together (I know, this is only for a little bit!!) you have so much fun splashing and kicking and eating all the bath toys.  You also love your 'hoverround' as we call your play bouncer.  You are getting into the Johnny jumper, too!  Anything to stay in motion.  Anything.
Dislikes: Not being able to walk. This mushy crap we call "food" that we feed you when you really just want a frickin slice of pizza.  I know, Biz, I know. Rob says..."You hafta WAIT!".  Your pizza and cake will come girly q.  I promise.

Sleep: Well, this sorta isn't fair.  Right now you're cutting a tooh, so talking about your sleep habits is just cruel.  Right now, you are up every hour.  But NORMALLY, you do 2-3 naps per day and sleep pretty well 8pm-6am, maybe one or two wake ups, with a dream feed around 11.  Not too bad.  And yep, we co-
sleep.  You sleep better, we sleep better, and my stress over "all babies need to sleep in their crib all of the times" game I played with your brother was super fun  We are working well.  And that's all that matters!

Eating: You eat ALL OF THE things.  Except bottles.  Yep.  You hate anything that is not boob authentic (probably our fault, as you have had so few bottles!!).  You love sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, pears.  You are not a fan of baby cereal or peas but we keep trying!  You are also still a superstar at BF'ing...but we gotta work on those bottles, kiddo.  mommy does like to go out
every once in awhile :-P

First solids!  Carrots.  You think they are pretty tasty.
First Highchair feed!  You are a pro.  You grab that spoon and noms like its your job.  You also like to smear it on your face, but hey, at least you eat with gusto!  You actually hate to be fed - you want to do everything yourself!  Wonder where you get it from....
First creep - not long till we crawl!
First sit up.  You would prefer to run but....I guess this will have to do :-D
First nanny time - You love your new bff, and the feeling is mutual!! (Unless it's eats time.  Then, Mommy.  Just. Mommy.)

Best Moment: Aside from the adorableness that is you ad bro, I love our Biz n mommy chats.  You are getting such a voice, little love.  You love singing and talking to mommy...and I love hanging out with you!! My little mini me.

Looking Forward to: Crawling, new teeth (any day!), and Easter! Also with the warmer weather, itll be time fir some mommy and biz biz runs, yay :-)

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