Thursday, June 30, 2011

The wheels on the bus (or car)

go round and round!! (insert the cheese)

Yup, it's go time.  The car is packed, the snacks in the cooler, the Ipod set with Road songs (dear god help us) and the hubster and I have crammed in our workouts for the day (though don't be surprised if I bust out a midnight run at some random rest stop to wake myself up.)  Yup, I'm a loser incredibly dedicated.

With 750 miles to travel and 13 hours in the car after a day of work...what does one do to entertain themselves and stay awake?  Pay attention, friends, I give you the official....


1.  Play cow bingo.  315 country game, my tush.   If you've never played, you are missing out. 

2.  Start a deep philosophical discussion with your car mate about how certain words sound weird if you say them over and over again.  Like flatulence.  Flatulence.  FLAT...wait, what?

3.  Try not to give sound effects or smell effects to the game above.  It kinda kills the mood.  And the person driving.

4.  Speaking of which, when packing your car snackies, make sure there isn't a ton of fibrous snacks involved.  Baby carrots, good.  BBQ potato chips, even better.  Prunes?  Nah.  I hear they make you go.

5.  Sing along to a mix of songs from Sir Mix A Lot to They Might be Giants.  Feel free to use the latter as a vehicle for discussion in tip number 2.

6.  Pull alongside tractor trailer trucks and make the horn motion.  Because if you think you're too old to do that, then you shouldn't be involved in a road trip.

Seriously, what were they thinking?
7.  Watch out for radar emitting school buses at school bus stops.  If you don't duck, the blast might kill ya. 

8.  Take the time to have one of those heart to heart chats about your relationship and "where it's going".  Feel free to bring up emotional baggage from the past and also your wants and desires.

9.  Realize that, if you do take part in number 8, "where you're going" might be literally on the side of the road dropped off with your physical baggage 5 minutes into the above mentioned conversation.  Yup, that's what she said. 

10.  Seriously, though, make the driver happy.  They get to pick the tunes.  You navigate.  Unwrap their sandwich, entertain them, and keep them in good munchies.  Cause really, if you don't, driving the Pennsylvania mountains might not be much fun.  As in, you might take a little "off road" action...and not in a good way!

Well, there ya go.  Hopefully the hubster doesn't read this post before we go.  Or I might be running to North Carolina.  I DID say that I wanted to start doing ultras...right?  Oh man. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

Do the humpty hump, c'mon and do the humpty hump!

Or something like that :-P  Happy happy Wednesday!  T minus 24 hours until North Carolina time, baby!!  Today's the day to pack it all up, pick up Mama TFB's car (who is amazingly awesomesauce and is letting us drive her new car down to NC!) and get ready for tomorrow!  That is, unless the cat unpacks all our stuff...or just climbs into the suitcase.  She is not a fan of her [people leaving.  Really, she runs the house, and we just do what she tells us to.  Obvi.
The Roo-anti packing cat.

So....The hubster and I are leaving after work tomorrow to make the 13 hour treck down to Charlotte, and will be driving through the night to get to NC on Friday morning.  Yowtch is right.  But we have some iron planning to do, a top secret mission (more on this next week!) and over 400 bad songs in our "Roadhouse" Ipod folder to sing along to.  Aren't you jealous.  We're a ROWDY crew in the car :-P  At least we sometimes drive with our hands. 

In other news....guess who ran today?  ME!!  Yup.  Just did a nice 30 minutes with some speed bursts, but it was pain free during the actual run!  Some lingering soreness afterwards, but I iced up good and am feeling pretty optimistic.  Only T minus 18 days till Musselman!  YAY!!!

Okey dokey, well I am just not very creative today, so I think I'll take that as a sign to stop wasting your time rambling.  One more pretty picture of dinner (minus the accompanying bowl of cereal):

Who says breakfast isn't for any time?  I might like my oatmeal lumpy for breakfast, but eggs are good any ole time of the day! 

Yeah, that's what she said.  Narf :-P

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Shopping we will go!

Non persishables and the produce

Freezer and Fridge stuffs-check out the clearance stuff!

The full enchilada!
The savings.  Including snacks for this weekends trip!
Just sayin' :-D

Tops and I are BFF's-we play the coupon game well!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nerd Alert! Summer Reading List


Okay.  Not really.  Just thought I would throw that out there.  It's a rest week over here at TFB, which means that none of my workouts exceed 60 minutes and most are "no data" workouts, which means that I just go out there and do what I want, however fast I want, and for however long I want.
Exactly.  Not quite like that, though.  At least with a little less makeup and panache

So, whats on my agenda this week?  Well, the early part of the week is all about getting in my lil SBR's eating cleanly, trying to rest my body, and packing....

FOR NORTH CAROLINA, yay!!  My BFF, Rachael, is getting married on Saturday and I'm gonna be a pretty princess MOH!!  (No, she won't let me wear the mardi gras dress, but I still love her).  Anyways, more on THAT as it gets closer.....we leave on Thursday and I am SO EXCITED!!

Onto the topic at hand, though.  On rest weeks, I try to look at other areas of my life that need attention that I neglect during training (and no, not my hairstyle or makeup-less existence.  Those are just tragic and beyond my help, lol).  This week I thought I would do a little 411 on my life outside of tri's, because it might be ridiculously boring but it somewhat exists, I promise.

One thing I love love love (NERD ALERT!) is reading.  I was the kid that read under the covers with a flashlight and begged my mom for a library card when I was 5.  I read a ridiculous amount of books and was also the kid that finished the summer reading list by the 4th of July.  And I don't apologize for it-my SATs were evidence that my book wormed-ness served me well (my grammar, of course, is an entirely different matter).  So, even though I have graduated to the big, bad world, I still love to curl up on a hammock and catch up on my summer reading, thank you very much!  So what's on my summer list so far?

So far in 2011, I've read some excellent books:

along with the usual assortment of fun to reads, like the latest John Grisham, James Patterson, Sophie Kinsella, and Danielle Steel (I've almost hit her whole list in 6 months.  Ridiculous.  I know!)


1. Ahabs Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund
2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
3. The House at Riverton by Kate Morton
4. The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer
5. Sarah’s Key  by Tatiana de Rosnay
6. Resistance  by Anita Shreve
7. Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum
8. The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards
9.  Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult

Still looking for some more thoughts....anyone read anything amazing lately?  Please share!

Either way, my plan for the week (aside from wedding prep!)  includes an abundance of rest, yoga, reading, and plenty of fresh produce.  Perhaps multiples of those at one time.  Ahh Summer, I love you!

Ok, friends, time for dinner deliciousness (as seen to the left).....fresh salad, with chopped peach, tomatoes, cucs, and almonds.  Along with apricots and yogurt, washed down with sun tea.  Mmmmmmm.....azing!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ironbike Weekend!

Whew, what a weekend!

* 112 miles on the bike:  90 mile long ride on Saturday (aborted the T run) and 22 miles of speedwork on Sunday.  If I can hold onto my run strength, the rest of Tri season 2011 will be epic! :-D

* Awesomesauce Father's Day dinner for the Dads....complete with good food, 315 cake, and great company!
Shall we say it with pictures?

cows in a field = 315 cake.  Yup, I went there.

Why are you feeding me cows?  (I promise, he changed his tune once he realized it was carrot cake, his fave.)

Real Men drink coffee out of ballerina mugs.

To Dad Glaser and UncleAlan (my godfather)-two of the best dads anyone could ask for!  Love you guys!!!

Today on tap was some good ole GITR done 'round the house-did some shopping for the upcoming wedding in North Carolina (got some silver shoes!), hard core housework, couponing, and some speedwork (as above :-P)  whew, am I tired!

Tonight's Plans:  2 redbox movies, chillaxin on the couch, and general laziness.

Life is good.

Or should I say, ruff?

Yup, I'm tired :-P  I hope everyone had a good weekend!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Argh Matey!

Happy Friday, friends! It's been a crazy day in the world of me, but c'est la vie, yes?  Still nursing the knee issue-I have instituted rigorous use of the stick , and took my run to the pool today.  Flexibility and tolerance, yes?
Today has been pretty interesting, to say the least!  Work has been crazy lately, we've had some crazy IT issues going on, so for part of today and yesterday we had no network and no phones.  Supah fun!
So this morning while I was working on my files, my left eye started to itch.  Bad.  I went out in search of contact solution to fix it, and found some....took out the offending 'tact and found....a big friggin hole in the middle.  $hit!  Obviously, I couldn't do too much with it, so I walked around the rest of the day with one eye in and one eye out....all I needed was a cool patch to complete the ensemble.  Argh!!
Aside from Captain Hooking, it was a pretty low key day.
Epic eat for refueling post swimmies:
Not sure how pretty it is, but simple and yummy.  Steamable green beans, eggplant tomato sauce, and turkey sausage shreds. 5 minutes from freezer to table, now thats my kinda meal! And unlike the hole in my contact, the hole in my belly was fixed:-D
It'll be a low key night in the Glaserino house...the hubster's on a recovery week, but I have a 90 mile bike to tackle tomorrow-saddle up!  Have a great Friday night!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I did it again.  :-(  No crappy '90s Britney music forthcoming, I promise.
 More like I went and done f'ed up my knee from running again.  Yowtch.  Must be my magic leg warmers suit is broken :-(
I started to have some pain a few weeks ago and backed off a bit....twinges outside my right knee that hurt to walk, but, oddly, not to run.  Weird.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Web MD says I'm probably dying.  I suppose I should write my compression socks into my will...I know y'all are dying to get your hands legs on those. 
Like any "dedicated"  athlete retarded person I tried to work around it, but still get in my key workouts, which has worked well for the past few weeks.  Then, in Lake Placid, I got a bit carried away and overdid it (to the tune of a 16 mile run, thankyouverymuch). 
I thought it was just fatigue, but I think I'm deluded :-( 
Thus comes in the tried and true run injury protocol!  (Thanks Mary).  So this week I am pool running and adding to bike volume.  Which wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't so friggin tired for some reason :-P
So what to do if what you love hands you lemons? Well, besides b*tching and throwing things, I'm trying to make the best of it.  Icing using frozen veggies on my knee. (Hey, the cool kids do it).  And time.  Which I suck at.
 Of course, there is an upside...since running is my strong suit, I'm taking the next week or so to focus more on the things that I need to work on.  Like swimming fast.  And biking with power.  And FOR SURE, more strength training (which I suck at in general).
Hopefully, giving my lil' knee a break with get me back in action soon, stronger and rested.  And then I can blast my half ironman outta the water!  (Keeping the chin up!!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Speed Shmeed

Happy Summer Solstice!  What are you planning on doing today, the "longest" day of the year? 

Mirror Lake....this beauty never gets old.
Me?  I think I'm gonna slow down.  If there's one thing that I learned over the weekend, its that sometimes, speed is overrated. 
Oh sure, in my sport, speed work has it's place.  But sometimes, chucking your mph out the window and going for a long, slow bike ride, or a long, slow run through the most gorgeous country in the world, is where it's at.
Swimming in a lake?  Sure, practice your sighting and speed at times.  Good ideas for race day.  But sometimes, feeling the sun on your face and the water reflecting calmly as you sluice through it, reminds you of the biggest "why" for what you do what you do. 
Because you love it.  Because it's fun.  Because, no matter how many times you might run until you puke, or do just ONE MORE interval at L5 pace in the pool, THIS is what it is all about.  Enjoying the journey.  Realizing just how damn lucky you are to be able to move your body, to be able to enjoy the sunrise over a calm lake, and to be able to smell the Adirondack air. 
To say-the heck with technology and my bike computer.  My "power" reading.  My mp3 player.  Instead, I'll focus on the sound of the wind (well, maybe curse it at times, but other times enjoying the cool breeze!).  Or the gorgeous brook aligning the road that I run in. 
Sometimes, it's all about the experience.  Thank you, Lake Placid, for reminding me that!

Of just a few short weeks, it's all about this:
SUPAH SPEED!!!!  Neeeeerrrrrrrrrrroooooowwwwwww!!!!  (Lame attempt at dirt bike starting engine onomatopeia).  Mussel...Mussel...Mussel....Mussel....MUSSEL UP!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Placid Camp Recap!

Welcome to Monday, friends!  I am tired, sore, and sunburned.  Musta been a good weekend :-)  Wel, let me tell you about camp.....
On Friday morning, the hubster and I drove up to Lake Placid, NY to take part in the annual train this camp with about 30 other triathletes.  We stayed in the luxurious Alpine Air motel, and put tons of miles in on the bike, water and on our leggies running.  It was amazing.  Just amazing.

Luxurious accommodations

I had blogged on my feelings about camp last year, and went into it with a completely different feeling this year.  Since I'm not training for placid, I went to have fun, get in a long ride, run and some open water swimming, and get away from crazy life stuff for a few days.  And, as always, Placid delivered!

On Friday, we traveled up, got settled and reunited with some old friends while making some new, and the set out to ride the last 11 miles of the course.  Of course, my bike gave me hell right off the bat (at least she did it on Friday and laid off Saturday :-))  but the hubster and I got in a nice hour ride after that, came back, and changed to swim the course!  We went down to Mirror Lake and had every intention of doing two loops, but fell in love with the water and decided to swim to the end of the lake and back instead.  Silly kids :-D.
Train this dinner!
Post swim, the entire team gathered at an Italian restaurant for a team (plus us taglongs!) dinner.  We caught up, met new people, and chatted about everything from triathlon to graphic fonts to weddings :-).  Love this team!!

Saturday began the long training.  The hubster and I planned to do two loops of the course, cutting the out and backs the second time for 100 miles.  I woke up bright and early, ready to ride but super nervous (again) about the Keene descent.  One of the other athletes suggested riding the course in reverse, which I thought I might do for the second loop.  The hubster and I set out, and quickly began leapfrogging each other, me pulling ahead on the hills, and him catching up and passing me on the flats and descents.  Super fun!  I held my line (in the road!) for the Keene descent, which was awesome :-))  and then split off from the hubster about mile 45 to explore the old course.
Post run ice bath!
  As I was climbing up 86, Mary, the train this coach, came up behind me and told me I had good form , which was an excellent bonus, as I am trying super hard to work on my bike form and holding my line well-yay!!! I climbed up the last 11 and had hit mile 70 when I heard my cell ring....the hubster had broke a spoke at mile 62 and needed rescuez :-( We coordinated a rescue and I rode back to the hotel to make sure he was ok! (It was all good, but his ride was over. Bummer). I headed out for my T run and got a good solid 20 minutes in, felt amazing. As I pulled back into the motel, a few team members commented on my solid run stride, which was awesome :-)  God I love running!!  Headed down to the stream, took a nice natural freezing cold leg soak, then headed back to the room to shower and rest up a bit before.....
Workout 3 of the day:  swim time!!  The hubster and I headed down to Mirror Lake to get another loop in!

MIrror Lake swim time!

Even though I was a bit tired, it was still an amazing swim.  We did another loop, then packed it in to go get some grub :-)  This time, we skipped the team dinner and got some sandwiches and chips and had a nice little picnic down by the lake.  In 5 weeks, the lake will be teaming with 3000 athletes, but on Saturday, it's natural beauty and stillness was the perfect backdrop for a tired, yet fulfilled pair of athletes.  Two days down, one left to go.
Sunday = long run day!  Now, THIS is my forte.  I bounced out of bed early, ready to run!!  Joined the team again for a balcony breakfast and discussion of plans.  Focused.  Just one more "long" workout to go-13 miles, or, one loop of the course.  The hubster and I drove to the start of the run course by Mirror Lake, contemplated the sign above(were they talking about us?  lol) and I left out for a loop a few minutes ahead of Greg, planning on running the first hour at my pace, then hitting the end of river road and catching up with him for the second hour.  Perfection.  My mp3 player died in the first 5 minutes, which was annoying for a minute, until I released that Lake Placid is just not a place to run with music, but rather, to simply enjoy the beauty.  I ran the first 7 miles on my own, then connected with the hubster for an hour of nice running together!  At mile 14.5, I dropped him off, then did the last 2 miles back to the motel on my own.
Post workout carbing!
Friends, just amazing.  During this run, I had no less than 3 people comment on my form and stride and how great I looked.  I felt great, and could have run forever!  Now, my pace wasn't terribly fast overall for me, but it felt effortless and natural, which was awesome. 
What a way to leave Placid on a high note!! 
The hubster and I jumped in the car after packing up and saying goodbye, then hightailed it for home, stopping in Watertown for some much deserved eats!!  YUM-Chinese food! 
Hit home about dinnertime, unpacked and CRASHED.  And here I am today!!
So, with all that, what's the takeaway?  Not sure yet :-)  Usually, Lake Placid gives me the get up and go to keep on Ironman training, but not this time.  I enjoyed swimming and biking, of course, but felt the real takeaway came from the I really more of a runner than a triathlete?  Should I do this ironman in September, or should I hone in on my true love and go for that sub 4 marathon?  Hmmm.  Decisions, decisions.
Either way, I did not want to come back to reality!  Even though I am unsure about long course right now, Lake Placid gives me this "Happy to be alive and active feeling" that I don't get all the time in the real world.  I loved every minute of camp, and I can't wait to be back up there in 5 weeks to have some more awesome training and to cheer on the hubster as he takes on his first Ironman!  A BIG THUMBS UP!!!!

Coach Mary with some our "camp treat"!
And a super big thanks to Mary and Train This for allowing us to tag along-your rock!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tired Camper!!!

Back from Lake Placid-full camp recap tomorrow....I'M EXHAUSTED!!
Mirror Lake....the calm before next month!
The highlights:
95 miles of biking.
4.25 miles of swimming.
18.75 miles of running.
Clearly, I can drive more than a bike!!
Let’s hear it for the triathlete machines!

Train-This Mascot!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Taste the Magic

One hour bike, and 2 mile open water swim on Friday.....
Amazing long bike, transition run on Saturday.....
New and old friends gathered in the best place in the world to train...perfection!

God I love this place!
Mirror Lake....the best open water swim in the world!

Train This and friends :-)

Treat Sheet!  (This was a team effort after running on Saturday!)

Post long workout Ice Bath!

the gang pre-swim!
Theres just one more sleep left in this magical place....then the long run, a recovery bike, recovery swim....and it's back to the real world.....

....unless someone would like to pay me to train and live here.  Just sayin' :-)  Full recap coming soon!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

One More Sleep!

Hello friends!  Sorry I missed you yesterday....I was all sorts of into trash TV after dinner and didn't think about posting until after 10, when my little old 90 year old self hit the hay! Such is life.  On that note, let me just say that the hubster and I did our picks of the season out of the top 20-two girls (Melanie and Jordan) and two boys (Alexander and Marko)  so lets see if we picked the winner!  Personally, right now, I am thoroughly enjoying Melanie, but we'll see (yeah, that sounded wrong, I know.)

HOWEVER, today is about more than just trash TV.  ONE MORE SLEEP, people!  That is, one more day until we are here............
Ahh, Alpine Air Motel.  You are such an 80s relic :-)  Yes, it's less than 24 hours till training camp time, baby!!  The hubster and I will be in Placid all weekend with about 30 Train This athletes soaking up all that is wonderful about Lake Placid and training our little tooshies off.  The head coach, Mary, is an uber wonderful person and let me tag along last year during Ironman training, and this year, the hubster gets to train while I annoy him by tagging along keep him company on the course.  Wahooo!!  C'mon, who wouldn't call this room a "romantic getaway?"?
Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Maybe the hundred sports bras and running/biking stylin' gear I've packed will do the trick.  What, spandex bike shorts and body glide aren't sexy?  I digress :-)
AHEM.  Okay.  So we depart bright and early in the morning for camp, and have about a million miles on tap of biking, swimming, biking, running, swimming, running, biking, and swimming on tap for the weekend.  In order.  No, I'm not kidding.  And I am super duper excited and only just the tiniest bit nervous.  (Who hasn't been hill training on the bike?  Ummm, me.  Oops).  Should be fun anyways :-D place in the world!
Now LAST year at this time (here goes the may-jor confession)....I was totally freaked out about this weekend.  I am a legit triathlete, but I was pretty confident I would get left behind and lost or freak out on the Keene descent on the bike ( screaming 10k descent where you can get up to about 50 mph) or somehow embarrass myself among the SUPAH triathletes I was with. Seriously, I almost phoned the whole thing in and played sick. Fear, totally unfounded!  Were there faster triathletes in the mix?  Oh most definitely.  Was I faster than some?  Yup.  But it didn't matter even a tiny bit-the whole weekend was a blast from the Lowville Diner to the motorcycle sidecar (ok, there was no cow.  But there was a sidecar).  Bottom line?  Placid is just about the best place on earth, and the train this athletes really know how to rock it with an awesome-sauce weekend!  AND I CAN"T WAIT!!  After all, who knows what one will encounter in Lake Placid?.....

Yup.  That's a GOB scooter.  I can't make this stuff up, people!  So....on tap tonight is packing and more packing (I have a list.  a zillion sports bras, gu and sneakers ought to do it, no?), some easy peasy core work and maybe a light run (I have hill workout on tap, but somehow I think I just MIGHT get enough of that this weekend!) and the SYTYCD results show!  Woohoo!  Should be a good night....but...tomorrow....mmmm. 
Smell that Adirondack air :-)  PLACID HERE WE COME!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


(Note to all:  The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I asked the hubster for his input, he gave it.  I did not specify Smile with tongue out)
Yay for Tuesday!  Lovin’ life today Smile  The eye doctor was on time, I got in a 40 mile ride, and I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for contacts!  The world is good!  And only 3 MORE SLEEPS till Lake Placid!!!  Woohooo!!
Since I am in such a lovey mood, it’s time for another top ten things rockin my world lately Open-mouthed smile

1.  It bears repeating….only thee days left until Placid Training Camp at the Lovely Alpine Air motel!  Shag carpets! Rotary phones!  Long miles and good friends!  GET EXCITED!
The view from the lovely Alpine Air

2.  Favorite new author:  Diane Chamberlain.  A friend suggested I check out her work…she is pretty similar to Jodi Picoult, but the endings are much nicer Smile
3.  Sun Tea.  The epitome of summer-yay!
4.  Summertime Trash TV.  So you Think you can Dance is to the final 20….stay tuned and I’ll predict the top 3 within a week.  And Robert is an all star!!! (Be still my heart)
5.  My evolving watch tan.  It means that summertime has really arrived in NY.  I think Open-mouthed smile
6.  Wearing skirts to work!  I get to show off my super cool sharpie tattoos from the weekend better that way….lol.
Epic 'fu
7.  Tofu.  Say what you will, I’ve figured out the perfect way to cook it-basting with teriyaki and baking for 40 minutes.  Serve alongside sweet tater fries.  Who needs junk food? (Ok, I do.  But this is still pretty f’ing epic!)
8.  fudgies.  yum.  (ok, I guess the correct term is Fudgesicles, but, really, I am 6.)
9.  Butch.  He hurts so good.  It’s not masochism, it’s triathlon. I swear.
10.  Pseudo geeky movies like Harry Potter 7 and Lord of the Ring, which I have FINALLY watched now.  No judging.  Maybe I’ll get to Part 2 in 2015 Smile with tongue out

What are you loving lately?

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday, friends!  How is your day going?  I'm a hangin' in there...for a Monday.  Yup, it's that day.  Now usually I have no problem with the's grocery shopping day (which I weirdly enjoy), it's rest day (which I dislike immensely, but my body needs) looks like SOMEBODY (me)...

Yup.  Its was a TPS report kinda day at work, I got into a fight with the copier, and in general, tried to stay awake productive while ingesting huge amounts of caffeine.  Blarg. 

To add insult to injury, I feel like poo.  I think my pants shrank a few sizes in the dryer, my scale hates me, and I am super grumpy and tired after weekend training.  I just hope I can get my sh....tuff together before Placid training camp in 4 days!! (Ok, clearly, I just ate ridiculous amounts of popcorn last night and am blowing things out of control, but I'm allowed once in awhile, yes?)

Ok, rant over.  Did you enjoy my inner 6 year old? :-P

I think I just need some sleep, friends.  Miss cranky pants gets a bit over dramatic sometimes!!  A  few days of resting, laying off the salt, and good sleep should restore my faith in the world!!

BACK TO THE POSITIVE :-)  I touched on it briefly yesterday, but I really did have a pretty decent training weekend.  On Saturday, I did a long bike ride (trying to ramp up so I can do a century ride with the hubster this weekend, but my Ironman is a few months after his, so I haven't put in the bike miles he has!)-but I rocked that stuff out with a decent 4 and a half hour ride, plus a great T run off the bike (15 minutes, but that can tell ya a lot!) 
On Sunday, I set out for a long run-held a decent pace, but cut it a bit short because I wasn't feeling too hot and I am starting to relaize that "junk" miles don't help.  I have the running base from my spring marathon, so  am not stressing about the run as much right now, and I feel pretty good about where I am at with that discipline.  The swim?  meh.  Need to work on that one :-D

Please excuse this rambling post....tomorrow I'll be back with something more constructive bearable.  We all have those days, no?  At least no one took my stapler :-D