Thursday, June 23, 2011


I did it again.  :-(  No crappy '90s Britney music forthcoming, I promise.
 More like I went and done f'ed up my knee from running again.  Yowtch.  Must be my magic leg warmers suit is broken :-(
I started to have some pain a few weeks ago and backed off a bit....twinges outside my right knee that hurt to walk, but, oddly, not to run.  Weird.  Anyone have any thoughts?  Web MD says I'm probably dying.  I suppose I should write my compression socks into my will...I know y'all are dying to get your hands legs on those. 
Like any "dedicated"  athlete retarded person I tried to work around it, but still get in my key workouts, which has worked well for the past few weeks.  Then, in Lake Placid, I got a bit carried away and overdid it (to the tune of a 16 mile run, thankyouverymuch). 
I thought it was just fatigue, but I think I'm deluded :-( 
Thus comes in the tried and true run injury protocol!  (Thanks Mary).  So this week I am pool running and adding to bike volume.  Which wouldn't be an issue if I wasn't so friggin tired for some reason :-P
So what to do if what you love hands you lemons? Well, besides b*tching and throwing things, I'm trying to make the best of it.  Icing using frozen veggies on my knee. (Hey, the cool kids do it).  And time.  Which I suck at.
 Of course, there is an upside...since running is my strong suit, I'm taking the next week or so to focus more on the things that I need to work on.  Like swimming fast.  And biking with power.  And FOR SURE, more strength training (which I suck at in general).
Hopefully, giving my lil' knee a break with get me back in action soon, stronger and rested.  And then I can blast my half ironman outta the water!  (Keeping the chin up!!)

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