Thursday, June 16, 2011

One More Sleep!

Hello friends!  Sorry I missed you yesterday....I was all sorts of into trash TV after dinner and didn't think about posting until after 10, when my little old 90 year old self hit the hay! Such is life.  On that note, let me just say that the hubster and I did our picks of the season out of the top 20-two girls (Melanie and Jordan) and two boys (Alexander and Marko)  so lets see if we picked the winner!  Personally, right now, I am thoroughly enjoying Melanie, but we'll see (yeah, that sounded wrong, I know.)

HOWEVER, today is about more than just trash TV.  ONE MORE SLEEP, people!  That is, one more day until we are here............
Ahh, Alpine Air Motel.  You are such an 80s relic :-)  Yes, it's less than 24 hours till training camp time, baby!!  The hubster and I will be in Placid all weekend with about 30 Train This athletes soaking up all that is wonderful about Lake Placid and training our little tooshies off.  The head coach, Mary, is an uber wonderful person and let me tag along last year during Ironman training, and this year, the hubster gets to train while I annoy him by tagging along keep him company on the course.  Wahooo!!  C'mon, who wouldn't call this room a "romantic getaway?"?
Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Maybe the hundred sports bras and running/biking stylin' gear I've packed will do the trick.  What, spandex bike shorts and body glide aren't sexy?  I digress :-)
AHEM.  Okay.  So we depart bright and early in the morning for camp, and have about a million miles on tap of biking, swimming, biking, running, swimming, running, biking, and swimming on tap for the weekend.  In order.  No, I'm not kidding.  And I am super duper excited and only just the tiniest bit nervous.  (Who hasn't been hill training on the bike?  Ummm, me.  Oops).  Should be fun anyways :-D place in the world!
Now LAST year at this time (here goes the may-jor confession)....I was totally freaked out about this weekend.  I am a legit triathlete, but I was pretty confident I would get left behind and lost or freak out on the Keene descent on the bike ( screaming 10k descent where you can get up to about 50 mph) or somehow embarrass myself among the SUPAH triathletes I was with. Seriously, I almost phoned the whole thing in and played sick. Fear, totally unfounded!  Were there faster triathletes in the mix?  Oh most definitely.  Was I faster than some?  Yup.  But it didn't matter even a tiny bit-the whole weekend was a blast from the Lowville Diner to the motorcycle sidecar (ok, there was no cow.  But there was a sidecar).  Bottom line?  Placid is just about the best place on earth, and the train this athletes really know how to rock it with an awesome-sauce weekend!  AND I CAN"T WAIT!!  After all, who knows what one will encounter in Lake Placid?.....

Yup.  That's a GOB scooter.  I can't make this stuff up, people!  So....on tap tonight is packing and more packing (I have a list.  a zillion sports bras, gu and sneakers ought to do it, no?), some easy peasy core work and maybe a light run (I have hill workout on tap, but somehow I think I just MIGHT get enough of that this weekend!) and the SYTYCD results show!  Woohoo!  Should be a good night....but...tomorrow....mmmm. 
Smell that Adirondack air :-)  PLACID HERE WE COME!!

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  1. have a great time, tell Mary Donna said Hi. Go have fun, the lake is warm, the course is beautiful, just have fun. I'm just a little sad that I'm not doing it this year but I'm sure I'll go back someday when I finally get my run mojo right.