Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time to get Social!

Welcome to Wednesday, friends-week is half over, yay!!  I celebrated this beautifully (hot) day with a nice 2 hour hilly ride.  Yup, I'm a masochist dedicated.

First and foremost on today's docket-check out Tri'ing for Balance on facebook!  I decided that I was tired of hiding the fact that I have no interesting status updates linking my posts to my FB status, so I gave the blog it's own page.  If it has more friends then I do, we might have to reconsider, but for now, it seemed like a good plan
...sooo...LIKE ME!  Please? :-P

Alrighty, PSA time done!!  Since we are on the topic of sociability, I took a look at my social calendar for the next few months....and got scurred!! Basically, the hubster and I have places to go, people to see, and THINGS TO DO!  Every weekend until August.  And that's on top of training for a half ironman and and ironman-yeesh!!  Like I've said before, I never have an issue with the training load, but sometimes the other "to do's" in my life really drain the heck out of this introvert.  Thankfully, 99% of them are fun!  We have on tap:

* 2 weddings (super honored to be the maid of honor at my BFF's wedding in July!)
* 4 road trips (one to North Carolina and 2 to the happiest place in the world, Lake Placid!)
* 1 major race for me, one major race for the hubster
* A super big family picnic/60th birthday party for Mama TFB and my Father in law at our house!
Plus a bunch of other rando plans for the weekends.  A bit stressful for an introvert like me, but exciting in a way, too!! 

Along with my super full social calendar, I have a few more things to accomplish this summer-mainly, kicking a little butt with my training and upcoming races!! 

* T minus 39 days till Musselman (stay tuned for some super scary race goals!)

*  T minus 16 weeks till Ironman 2!  -oops, I mean Ironman 2!

And for the best training weekend ever....T minus 8 DAYS till Placid training camp!! a nutshell....lots of fun stuff going on, need to keep my head in the game and have a blast :-D  I've decided to just roll with it and not get hung up on stuff that doesn't matter in the long run, especially in the next few months. 
It's hot-so what?  Better to enjoy the sun and some ice cream! 
Work sucked-so what?  At least you can relieve stress by working out, and you HAVE a job! 
I'm tired-Get it done and get some rest and remember how lucky you are to have such a geat life!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS SUMMER!!  Who's with me? 

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