Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Runner's World

I saw this running Q & A on Carrots N Cake this morning and figured why not?? Feel free to add your two cents in the comment section!

Favorite treadmill? Any 'mill that makes me faster!  It's a means to an end (hamster wheel, cough cough).

Favorite shoes? Either Brooks Ghost 2 (for speed) or Asics 2150's (for long slow runs)

Favorite running song? Eminems "Till I collapse" or Basement Jaxx "Where's Your Head At"

Favorite running fuel? Either dried cranberries or Apple Cinnamon Gu (tastes just like Apple pie filling!)

Favorite running accessory? My Cw-x stabilyx tights (for compression) and Ironman visor (to feel like a bad a$$)

Favorite race distance? Purely for running races, the marathon (still on my sub 4 quest!)  Although I strongly suspect this might change when I get into ultra's (This is a 5 year goal-go ahead and call me crazy).

Favorite running memory? Ok, this one bleeds in to triathlon, but it counts, cause running takes you to the finish....2 fold :-)

Sodus Point Tri 2005-newbies!

1.  Finishing my first tri hand in hand with my future husband .  Never thought the chubby kid from Websta could do that-along with the beginning of a wonderful relationship :-)
2.  Finishing the Ironman.  The disbelief from #1 times a million!!

Fun little ditty for a Tuesday!  What are you running favorites?


  1. ok, so in that photo, there are 2 other people holding hands and I think they are both women.. and I saw them first and was like "uhhh.. is there something you have been neglecting to tell us Rae?"

  2. My favorite running shoes are aasics, hands down. I just wish they weren't so expensive!!!