Saturday, June 4, 2011

Race Prep

Well, after A LOT of swearing and throwing things, she’s ready to go!
Not me.  My bike.  She had her yearly tantrum a day early this time (well, two!)  and decided she didn’t want to wear her race wheels.  Wheels changed out….no shifting.  To make a long long story short, and cut out hours of cursing, there was no shifting with this bike.  Ummm….check out this bike:

Keuka Lake Bike Course

Clearly, a fixed gear system won’t work.  The hubster, my bike mechanic, and I tinkered with it…..and lost the fight.  The night ended with my derailleur cable coming out of the bike and flying across the room.  $hit.
I went to bed with the hope that RVE bikes would save my life in the morning (of course it’s canal days in Fairport, cause I have EXCELLNT timing like that) or thinking that maybe I would just run the bike course, maybe even faster than I could bike it!   Who says your first ultra can’t be during a tri? Smile with tongue out
RVE, that’s who.  Called them at 8:45 this morning, bike in at 9:30, back home at 10:40 with a spanking new cable that shifts through all gears like it’s it’s job (which, um, I guess it is….but I appreciate it nonetheless).
Here she is, ready to go!

Watch out Keuka….Summeroo and I are READY TO RACE!  (It’s such a long story to explain the name, believe it or not Smile with tongue out)
It’s 3:30, my brick workout is done, I’m all packed, and I’m rockin’ out this fashion statement:

 I know you missed those....
or not.

Rock on, friends.  Gonna DO IT LIVE tomorrow!

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