Monday, June 13, 2011

A Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday, friends!  How is your day going?  I'm a hangin' in there...for a Monday.  Yup, it's that day.  Now usually I have no problem with the's grocery shopping day (which I weirdly enjoy), it's rest day (which I dislike immensely, but my body needs) looks like SOMEBODY (me)...

Yup.  Its was a TPS report kinda day at work, I got into a fight with the copier, and in general, tried to stay awake productive while ingesting huge amounts of caffeine.  Blarg. 

To add insult to injury, I feel like poo.  I think my pants shrank a few sizes in the dryer, my scale hates me, and I am super grumpy and tired after weekend training.  I just hope I can get my sh....tuff together before Placid training camp in 4 days!! (Ok, clearly, I just ate ridiculous amounts of popcorn last night and am blowing things out of control, but I'm allowed once in awhile, yes?)

Ok, rant over.  Did you enjoy my inner 6 year old? :-P

I think I just need some sleep, friends.  Miss cranky pants gets a bit over dramatic sometimes!!  A  few days of resting, laying off the salt, and good sleep should restore my faith in the world!!

BACK TO THE POSITIVE :-)  I touched on it briefly yesterday, but I really did have a pretty decent training weekend.  On Saturday, I did a long bike ride (trying to ramp up so I can do a century ride with the hubster this weekend, but my Ironman is a few months after his, so I haven't put in the bike miles he has!)-but I rocked that stuff out with a decent 4 and a half hour ride, plus a great T run off the bike (15 minutes, but that can tell ya a lot!) 
On Sunday, I set out for a long run-held a decent pace, but cut it a bit short because I wasn't feeling too hot and I am starting to relaize that "junk" miles don't help.  I have the running base from my spring marathon, so  am not stressing about the run as much right now, and I feel pretty good about where I am at with that discipline.  The swim?  meh.  Need to work on that one :-D

Please excuse this rambling post....tomorrow I'll be back with something more constructive bearable.  We all have those days, no?  At least no one took my stapler :-D

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