Thursday, June 9, 2011

Body Movin'

Happy hot Thursday, friends!  It's still an oven here in New York-perfect for swimming, not so much for biking and running, but hey, it's character building!  Workout #1 was an easy 2 mile swim in the pool-iyo, workout #2 is either a track workout (if I decide to be crazy) or strength (if I decide the AC is better!).

Best part of today, however, is the trash on tonight!  I've briefly spoken about my love for slightly garbage shows (I am so over the Bachelor, but hold an undying love for Young and the Restless)-and during the summer, I tap into my past dancer roots and watch "So you think you can Dance".

While you get the  crazy judging a la American Idol on the show and voting people off, etc etc, this show rocks moreso for the incredibly entertaining talent and different genres of dance, along with non Simon Cowell type judgement (the judges actually rock - they don't hesitate to make fun of themselves and give out praise when it is legit.) (Evidence to the awesomeness-Ellen DeGeneres even did a rip off of the dance to the left-Hip Hop "Get outta your mind!")

Obviously, the contemporary dancers are my favorite (as I used to be a modern, ballet and lyrical dancer, which is a close mimic to this style) but I am wowed alike by the hip hop, b boys, salsa, Latin style, and yes-even Tahitian style dancing!) 

Amaze.  Just amaze.  And while I focus largely on swimming, biking and running as forms of movement on this blog, the level of fitness among these dancers just blows my mind.  I think triathletes are pretty crazy and love the sport to pieces, but even at our best of swimming sets, biking tempo and running intervals, at least it remains relatively constant-our goal is to get from A to B as fast as possible! The level of skill that it takes to twist your body in so many ways and learn numerous new routines in so many styles is super impressive.  Not to mention the fact that I am semi in love with one of the season 7 dancers (yeah, the hubster deals with my annoying endearing quirky trait of announcing my love for so many different men).

Check out my favorite dance from season 7:

Chills.  Just chills.

8pm.  Fox.  You will get addicted. Trust me!

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