Monday, January 31, 2011

Mirror of the Erised

Along with being a runner and a foodie, I am an avid reader.  Everything from James Patterson to John Grisham to Dan Brown to Danielle Steele....I pretty much haven't met a book I don't like.  Sometimes I venture into the teen section (because who doesn't remember the Babysitter's club and Sweet Valley High?) and I've read the whole twilight series (Team Edward, thank you very much) and all of the Harry Potter series.  My 12th grade english teacher got me hooked back in '99 (yes, she assigned Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone for AP English...go Ms. Hamm!) 
As I've grown up, I've maintained a love of reading I've had since I was a little kid (I was the dork that read under their desk instead of listening to the teacher, or brought a flashlight to bed to read under the covers.)  Yup, I was the bookworm.  And a fondness for snickers bars and reese's while reading also made me somewhat pudgy, even while ballet dancing and "running" cross country in high school (I use that term loosely-I joined the team because I was "in love" with one of the boys.  Silly Rae).
When I read the first HP book, I could completely relate to Harry's obsession with the mirror of the Erised.  When one would look into this magical mirror, you could see what you wanted to.  Harry saw himself with his mom and his dad, who were dead-but in the mirror, he could be with them.  I began to contemplate what I would want to see.  For me, the answer was easy.  I was a smart kid.  I had friends....but I was also pudgy and funny, and not by any of my own standards "pretty" or "athletic".  I've struggled with this since I was 12 years old...from the way I want to see myself, to comments from well-meaning relatives and short sighted ballet teachers who encouraged me to "drop a few pounds" so that I would be a better dancer.

Screw that.  Through all of my struggles with body image and wanting to be "skinny" or "athletic" I have learned a few things.  Skinny does not equal healthy.  Jeans size does not equate with self-esteem.  Muscle adds pounds-which means while I might never be skinny on the scale, I can look pretty damn good.
Its sad to say, but it's taken me even several years as a triathlete, runner, marathoner, IRONMAN to even be able to look into the mirror and see what I so desperately want to as a kid.....
I am an athlete.  I am strong.  I am determined.  I don't quit.  And I am an Ironman, baby!

I wish I could go back to my teenage self and tell her that.  But someday, I know I will pass it along to my children and maybe pass along the good word through my volunteering this spring with Girl's on the Run.

Todays kick butt workout:
Tempo Run: (8:10 pace...supposedly)
Warm up .5 miles at 8:30 pace
3.17 miles tempo: 24:07 (7:36 pace)  oops...but I killed it :-P
.5ish cd
=4.25 miles @33:07
Lower body strength (30 mins)

How could I even argue with that?  Clearly, that mirror shows a strong woman and an athlete :-)  Bring it, National Marathon!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sweet Seventeen

As I sat drinking my coffee this morning and dreading my workout, I read my daily does of blogs, including Ironmomma's.  As always, great posting, but something caught my eye-she started talking about failed workouts and the fear of the failure, basically saying that anyone that only posts good workouts is full of s$%t.  You know, she is so right.  I always hold myself extremely accountable and feel like thwe world's biggest failure if I don't finish the workout I am "supposed to".  The real pain is, I've posted my training schedule for the marathon, so I sort of feel married to it right now.  And today was a 17 miler that I ditched last weekend due to negative temps.
Then I started thinking.  Why am I listening to a plan over my body?  Since I am a type A person and a dedicated athlete, I know that I will get in 95% of my workouts without fail.  I shouldn't feel bad or fear cutting one short, or "missing" a goal pace.  And this morning, I just felt like crap.
Reading the post made me feel better about going out for this run and listening to my body....goal 1 being finishing it, but being ok with going a bit slower or cutting it short if I needed to.  And I felt ok about posting it and being more accountable to how i was feeling rather than justifying why I cut it short to the internet.
So.....after all of that soul searching, I went out for my 17 miler.
And I rocked it.
Funny what happens when you give yourself permission to be human :-P  The first 5 miles were painful, but I zoned out and just enjoyed the snow and let myself be.  While I won't deny there weren't some rough moments, I am super proud of it!
The Stats
Distance: 17.02 miles
Time: 2:35:27
Pace: 9:08
After a monumental success like that, the hubs and I decided to try to be a "normal" couple and not wear our jammies all day, s we went out to dinner and a movie.
Cracker Barrel, you are are amazing.  You entertain me (yes, apparently I am "just plain dumb"

Your food is just plain amazing (ok, its not core friendly, but I swear I was in the workout window!)
And the company was just great!  (For the record, Greg left 4 pegs in the game board, so I am smarter than him.  Of course, since I chose to spend over two hours outside freezing my toosh off, the jusry is still out on that one).
It's also worth mentioning that he deserves the husband of the day award, because he let me choose the movie and tolerated really enjoyed watching psychotic ballerinas.  Of course, the girl on girl action probably helped.
All in all, I would say it was a pretty sweet day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

It's not rocket science

Most of the time, I'm feeling pretty creative and can bang out a mildly amusing post in about 10 minutes. not one of those days.  After one fire filled week and a 17 miler to tackle tomorrow...its time for rest.

Blogging is not rocket science.

But tonight, I am in the mood for science.  Fringe science.

 Oh Joshua Jackson, I love you and you just get better with age.  

 Of course, if Agent Broyles takes off his shirt again in an episode, I might be swayed.  8 pack abs?  Yes please!
Lace Riddick, you devil you.  Now take off your shirt :-D  (Yes, I talk to to the characters.  Just ask Greg.)

Time to go make a strawberry milkshake.  I've got the munchies am working on a very importance science experiment.  Great scott!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Green Eggs and Ham (or bacon...)

Ahh Thursday, how I love you.  Even though you aren't Friday, I can see dress down day at work looming on the horizon, which means its almost almost the weekend!!  Does that make sense?

No?  Ok, you win.  My brain is a bit scrambled today.  Much like the yummy breakfast for dinner I just inhaled:

Because you can always have breakfast anytime.
Part of me thinks that they should just do away with th other meals and we can eat breakfast 3 meals a day...yum!!

 Up close love:
Egg white scramble with veggies and formaldehyde ketchup, turkey bacon (it's not turbacon, but it'll do!)
and carrot oat bran with maple syrup drizzle.  Holy Yum.  Perfectly sating all of my senses!

Leading up to this deliciousness was another crazy day, happily ended a bit early due to an off site meeting and skipped lunch...yay for small favors!  I wanted to squeeze in a longer run today (yes, I know I shouldn't stress about my shorter run last weekend, but hello, my name is Rae and I am ridiculously type A, so I do!), but I'm an ass and forgot my tights, so I was regulated to the treadmill.  So the real question is, how many miles can I HTFU and stand to run on the boring hamster wheel?  Answer-10.  I'm a badass, yay!  in my defense, I probably would have made the full 13 if smelly cologne guy hadn't taken up residence right next to me on the machines and irked my sensitive nose from the lovely sweat stain odor I was wafting through the line of 'mills.  Ok, I lied.  I'm a pansy.  I got a chest pain and I would prefer to be alive over completing the last 3.  Next time, friends, I shall CONQUER!  (Though I really do hate the cologne guy.  Seriously, who takes a bath in Axe?  Oh wait....)

The stats

Distance: 10.02 miles
Time: 1:28:43
Pace: 8:51

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have a date with the doctor.  And Bruce.  I lead a charmed life-you KNOW you're jealous!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jack and Jill

Today was a day full of Jack...and Jill.

The work part centered around in jack s**t.  Again.  I find it pretty funny how some situations play out...thats all I have to say.  Sometimes I just shake my head at the ridiculousness of my day to day, but really, if you just chuckle and move along, its not too bad.  With that said, I did sell a crackerjackful of cookies today :-)  48 ginormous chocolate chip cookies made, 48 sold for 48 bucks for GOTR!  YAY!  I even had some people ask me about another "bake sale" day....which means I may totally meet my goal for this marathon fundraising if I get lucky :-)
I split the workout in two today: swim during lunch and weights/abs after.  My swim was an exercise in total frustration-I swear our gym owner shakes a secret substance in the pool for every 3rd swim I do:
 Just admit it John,  I know you do it just to laugh at us.  Seeing as the pool was made of jello, my speed sets sucked, but eh, it happens.  2000 yards: 2x600, 8x50 drills and warm up/cooldown for a total of 40:12.

After work, I decided to switch over to Jill (ian) Michaels.  Time to get on my 6 week six pack!!

This workout is pretty good, but I think the name is a bit misleading, as its a decent overall body workout.  Since I am cheap, I did the free version on exerciseTV.  Hey, why not!

Now that my workouts are done, dinner was made (hummus and veggies over polenta...mmm!) its time to mix a little Jack n Jill....
My grandma's old snowmen from the 1950's...aptly named Jack and Jill :-)
and just snuggle up on the couch for the rest of the night.  Redbox says its time for Inception!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When the going gets tough....

The tough toughen up!!!

Oiy, what a day!!
Since I didn't do my long run yesterday, I needed to run today!  I decided it was a good day to do some speedwork.  On the schedule:  3x1 mile repeats at a 7:30 pace.  I eagerly packed my bag early this morning to git'r done during lunch....and walked into a crap storm at work.  Seriously,  all I can say is that in this day and age, having job security is a GOOD thing.  Why do I take days off???  I walk back into such a mess after even taking one day off that it takes most of the morning to just dig myself out!  I broke for lunch at 12:30 and made a beeline to the gym (yes, this is me...Ms. Anti speedwork, excited for the treadmill).  Upon arriving at the gym, I realized I forgot my headphones (ok, Rae, HTFU), and my underwear.  crap.  no built ins in my tights, either.  Well, I just went ahead and put on my (imaginary) big girl panties and did that speed workout anyways.  And ya know what?  I killed it!
Workout Stats
Time: 38:36
Distance: 4.5 miles, as warmup (8:30 pace), 3 x 1600 repeats at 7:30 pace, cooldown.

A workout like that deserves a nice, healthy treat for dinner, so I decided to whip up a greek inspired side dish!

Terribly Easy Tabbouli

 You need:

* 1/3 cup, uncooked bulgur
* Frozen (or fresh broccoli)
* fresh tomato
* lemon
* spices (I like parsley and basil)

 Step 1:

Cover bulgur with hot water.  Let soak for an hour or two (grain will soak up water without being cooked.

Bulgur after soaking for two hours --------->

Step 2:
Place bulgur into a container.  Squeeze fresh lemon into bulgur (I used about a half of a lemon), add spices.
 Step 3:
Chop up broccoli (defrost if frozen)-I used 1 cup, but you can use more!, chop up tomato, mix with bulgur.
 Step 4:
Place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes to "marinate" the flavors together.

Serve cold, or warm for 2-3 minutes in the microwave.

Yummy!!  I served alongside a turkey cutlet and some cranberry sauce.  The perfect dinner after a nice, hard workout :-)

Now its time to go take care of my post op root canal hubby and bake some cookies for my Girls on the Run fundraiser tomorrow!!

Night friends!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pain Cave

Hello Monday!! 
Due to my leftover personal days needing to be used by the end of the month, I took today (and next Monday) off!  Woohoo!!  The crappy cold over the weekend left me hoping to complete my 17 mile long run this morning.  I bounded out of bed with energy to burn (hubs slept through the night FINALLY!) and looked outside:

Score!!  I started up the computer to plan my route and made the mistake of reading the temperature app: -11.  DAMMIT!!!  I looked at the forecast and saw that the good ole cowtown I live in was going to get up to a balmy 10 today...and not until 4pm.  Crap.  Time to rethink.  I briefly considered going to the gym, but a 17 mile long run on the 'mill just sounds like the worst thing, ever.  I know, I know....HTFU.  But its my training, dammit, Ill make the rules.  And Alexa told me I shouldn't have to I didn't :-)  I moved the 17 miler to Saturday, where there is a heat wave of 30 predicted, shelved the 13 miler thats supposed to happen, and went with  what I really wanted to do-ride!

I may have an unhealthy addiction to my computrainer, but I really love the fact that I can get in any kind of workout I want to-even on race terrain.  Some people call it "the dungeon" or "the pain cave"...I love it.  Today, I decided to do a long ride at HIM goal pace to see where I was at.  Greg burned Sex in the City 2 for me (read-I told him if he DIDNT I would redbox it and make him watch he did.  What a good hubby :-)) so I filled up my water bottles, slathered some apple slices with pb ( I like real food on the bike!) , and got ready to rock-goal: 2 hours at HIM pace.
Here's my setup:
 Note the excellent system with entertainment, nutrition, towels, and random bike gadgets on the top shelf.  The TV is 10 years old and we got it for 20 bucks, and the DVD player is 20 as well.  I think I spent half my life here last winter training for IMLP!

 I got a little fiesty with the self timer after my ride...recreation :-)  That would be why I look like crap! (You get pretty puffy during a ride)

 ...view from the saddle.  Yup, this is how I like to spend my time!

I had planned on doing 2 hours, but when I got to mile 40 at 2:04xxx, I knew I wanted to push for 50.  My nutrition was great, my legs a little sore but not too bad-and...I was hungry.  hungry for 50, baby!!

The last 10 miles are another reason we call this the pain cave.  Your legs hurt, you feel your speed slipping a bit, the cat just crapped in the litter box and it smells (I can't make this sh*t up) and you dig deep.  How bad do you want it?
Workout Stats
Distance: 50 miles
Time: 2:36:21
Avg speed: 19.3

Bring it, Jeff Henderson.

I know it's not everyone's idea of a perfect day off, but it's mine.  Just me, the bike, my stats, and Mr. Big.  And Aidan.  *LOVE*

...and  I have 2 and a half hours before I lose the workout window...and some Lorna Doones calling my name! :-D

Whats your idea of a perfect day off?

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yup, thats the motto of my day.  Lemons.

After a crazy night of tooth pain that involved hydrocodone, amoxocillin, salt water, foam rollers, dental floss and pink blood (yup, all those were part of the game).....we woke up rather sluggish this morning.  In the spirit of full disclosure, the pain was my hubby's, but by extension of yelling, screaming writhing on the floor proximity (him, not me), I was included in on the party.  He contends that people on the internet verify that this pre-root canal pain is worse than natural childbirth.  While I feel extreme sympathy for my other half,  I somehow doubt this factoid and between bouts I did assure him if he pulled this one out of his you know where when I was 10 centimeters dialated in the delivery room, I would give him a solid neutering pre-baby.  Seriously.

Anyways....a good solid cup o joe  (or 2) woke me up, and I set about prepping my pre-long run brekkie-17 miles on the agenda today= time for some banana oats!!  I know they might be a bit fibrous for some, but Ive found that a nice bowl of oat bran with chopped naners, cinnamon, almonds and a bit of maple syrup sit really well for long, slow runs.
Here's what you need for success:

 Serves one: Oat Bran (1/2 c.), cinnamon (healthy shake!), banana (slightly overripe for sweetness), almond (6-7, crushed...I have a nut grinder, but you can always resort to the baggie/rolling pin method), swirl of maple syrup.

First, you want to scoop out your oats
and cinnamon, shake them into a pot,
and fill with 2 cups water (or so...less if you like thicker oats).
Set the stove to medium high.
Chop up your naner and throw it in the pot.    

Let the oats simmer for a good 5-7 minutes,
stirring every once in awhile.

Ad the chopped nuts to the top, and swirl on some syrup :-)


Mange!!  Oh holy yum, these oats were good.
Fortified and ready to run, I charged up my ipod and then had the nerve to check out the weather.  Um....9 degrees with a windchill of negative 10?  Thats not good!!  I decided on the spot to do the run (again) in loops, and to be content with either a 17 miler (on my plan), 13 miler (next weeks long run), 10 miler (Monday tempo) or the good ole run another day and spend some time on the saddle (biking!)
I stepped outside into the frozen world, and immediatly wanted to turn back...but I'm a tough cookie, so I kept on!  The run was a total lemon....but when life hands you lemons...make lemonade!!  After 5 miles, I know this would be a tempo run because...A) I was going way too fast to last for 17 miles (too friggin cold to stop!) B) My water bottle, 45 minutes earlier filled with boiling water, was now over half ice, and C) My bra froze.  Not cool!!   However, I finished the run strong, nailing my tempo pace, and ran inside for some hot herbal tea and a shower :-)

Lesson learned.  Follow your plan when possible, tweak it when you need to.
10 miles, tempo
Time: 1:27:44
Pace: 8:46

Or maybe I missed the ball entirely and should have had chinese for breakfast.

 Lemon chicken, perhaps? :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Its not about having what you want....

Wow, what a week.  Even though 2011 has come charging in full speed ahead, I am grateful for quieter nights like this one to reflect on truly how lucky I am.

I think that sometimes (ok, usually) its alot easier to gripe about all the crap in our lives..."oh man, it's Monday, I HAVE to work", "ANOTHER long run? WTF??", or "Traffic sucks...AGAIN!"....all things I am guilty of thinking once in awhile...ok...this week.  But after thinking about them for a few minutes...each one of those can be turned on it's head.

I dont HAVE to work...I get to work.  Go complain to the single mom thats been out of work for a year about HAVING to go to work.  In an office.  With coffee.  And friends.  And a nice, hour long lunch break.  Whine over.  (for the record, thats our holiday party, not a normal day at work :-P)
My long run....I am so blessed to have legs that allow me to run.  Many people can't even walk.  And while it remains to be seen whether or not I can pull off my 17 miler (in sub zero weather!) this weekend or do the 'mill (ok, I might complain a teensy bit about that one)...I am so very lucky to be able to load up my Ipod, slide into my brooks, and go for a head clearing run.  Sometimes, I even get flashes of genius on my runs....I swear I found a cure for cancer on my last long run, but I forgot it at mile 10.  bummer.

(Don't try this at home.  Or with an actual plane :-P)
And about that traffic jam?  Ok, ok...I live 20 miles from my job in the most ridiculous route ever (hello 441 and 490) that people can never seem to figure out how to drive in.  East siders suck at driving.  I can say that because I am one.  But since I can't do anything to change the incredibly frustrating commute, I created a CD full of relaxing songs (for PM commute) and a CD of fun songs to get me pepped up and happy (for AM commute).  It works!

These are just a few silly examples, but they really define how I try to live my life....It's not about having what you want, its about wanting what you've got.

And I am so lucky.  To have a wonderful family, friends, husband, cat :-), a passion for my hobbies, a wonderful a house, a job that lets me pay my bills, and a place to laugh, cry, live, and love. 

What are you grateful for in your life?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My top 10

Sometimes, its all about the simple things....

My top ten "loves" of the day :-)

1.  People who actually listen and take action with things instead of wallowing in self pity or expecting me to fix things for them.

2.  Chats with good friends, even if they only last a few minutes

3.  Greek yogurt for lunch.  YUM.

4.  Nailing my half mile repeats with dead legs....

5.  Friends on the treadmill that high 5 you (who were strangers last week, but not anymore!)

6.  Butternut squash fries with dinner.  I forgot to take a picture...but they rock!  If you've never tried them...stay tuned for another ridiculously easy and healthy recipe.

7.  My newly painted pink toes.  They make me smile!

8.  Mixed CD's for a traffic jammed ride home filled with relaxed songs.  Yay for getting zen in the car.

9.  Trashy romance novels guaranteed to rot my brain.  Hey, at least I'm not watching TV!

10.  Dr. Teal's Epsom salts.....wonderful treat for soaking in the tub post speedwork!

 The world is full of wonderful simple things, should we choose to look for them.

Today's workout:

7 x 800 repeats @ 7:15 pace
Total miles: 5
Time: 42:15 (with warm up, cooldown and recovery between sets)


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

When I was a little second grader back at good ole State Rd school, our teacher decided it was time for every 7 year old to have some baking and cooking skills.  With the 25 kids in my class, we were each asked to bring in a recipe on one Tuesday...a parent...the ingredients...and make a delectable snack for our classmates.
My mom, in her infinite wisdom, decided it should be a healthy snack, thus we made "Rachel's Fruit Salad" (just try to call me Rachel now and see what happens).  Sadly, this didn't make me the most popular kid in the class :-(  (Sorry, mom...I love fruit salad now, but getting a kid to like fruit as a treat is a skilled talent.  You had it....not everyone else did.)  Nope, the most popular kid, hands down, was Phillip A., who's "cool" mom helped us make mini pizzas.  After the year was over, we each got a paper bound cookbook entitled "Tasty Tuesdays" because we always made these treats on...gasp...Tuesdays!!  And since today is a Tuesday, and its 21 years later...we can all just admit that we want to be as cool as Phillip and his mom and make mini pizzas.

Pretend you're a 7 year old pizza snack (or dinner, if you eat enough)
(It also should be noted that this is my favorite pre-race dinner...what can I say, I'm a kid!)

You need:

one 6 pack of english muffins
jar of sauce (I heart Pellicano's eggplant sauce)
mozzarella cheese
garlic  (mmmm...yummy breath!)
toppings (I rocked out the broc, cause I'm trying to banish my bad inner child and eat my veggies!

Easy peasy, folks.  Defrost the broc.  Open up your muffies (I eat 3 all in one shot cause I'm a bada**.  And I biked 20 miles plus rowed for a half hour.  I earned those babies.).  Spread Sauce....layer cheese and garlic, and add your defrosted broc!

Pop em in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.  Then broil those babies for 2 minutes to get em nice and crispy!!

Eat.  All 6 of 'em.  Don't a pansy.

Phillip would be proud.  And so would his mom.  And doesn't everyone want to unleash their inner cool 2nd grader??

Cross training day: 30 minutes rowing, one hour technical bike.  Success :-)

Take that, Tasty Tuesday.  Now, I think I'll go find a nice piece of fruit for dessert.  My momma taught me right.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sub Zero 7

I had a really great title all made up as I set out on my 8 mile tempo today...lesson learned.  Dont make up titles until you've finished the workout, sista. The thermometer read 6 degrees.  With 15-20 mph winds.  Surely I can tackle this with an extra base layer, yes?
NO.  I tried my hardest, but this was truly a miserable run!  My fingers were icy (I have raynauds...its not fun), my legs were frozen, and I couldn't terribly feel my face.  My 4 mile two looped course was a great idea at the time, but I wisely turned the second loop into 3 miles and called it a day.
Still...I'm pretty proud of myself for staying out there that long!  I give credit to my motivational tunes.  Here they are, in all their glory (don't judge, I know I have the taste of a 12 year old girl):
"Scars" (Basement Jaxx)
"XXXO" (M.I.A.)
"How Low" (Ludacris)
"Maniac" (Michael Sembello)
"Where's Your Head At" (Basement Jaxx)
"Engine Number 9" (Black Sheep)
"I gotta Feeling" (Black Eyed Peas)
"(Get) outta Your Mind" (Lil John)
"Toxic" (Britney Spears)
"Magic" (Cuomo)
"Sexy Bitch" (David Guetta)
"Good Girls Go Bad" (Cobra Starship)
"Clubbed 2 Death" (Rob D.)
"Shake It" (Metro Station)
"Chop Suey" (System of a Down)

Well, that got me through 7 miles :-)....looking like this:

Workout stats:
Distance: 7.04 miles (tempo)
Time: 59:42
Pace 8:30
Time to go regroup by the fire :-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bruce, the love of my life.

I have a pretty serious confession to make.

I have two boyfriends. And a fiance. And a lover.

Greg knows.

I suspect he understands the first 3...

Boyfriend #1:

Though I suspect, dear Mister Miller, that if you don't clean up your act and start stopping easy, gimmee goals...that I might break up with you. I also have heard rumors that you are cheating on me. What the heck?? :-D

Boyfriend #2 is local, thus shall remain nameless. Being seeing as he's a trainer at my gym and currently taken very much so...and doesn't really like women....I think our secret is safe :-D.

My an artist. He is famous...he is epic. He is also 19. crap.
I also suspect he doesn't really like women the way a good fiance should.  0 for 3 so far.

However, my lover, Bruce, never lets me down.  He is there for me whenever I need to feel good.  He is ready to go at a moments notice.  Sometimes he hurts me....but in the end, I always end up feeling satisfied.
He can also be bought for about 20 bucks....

Oh foam roller, how I love thee.  Thank you for allowing me to be able to walk today after 15 miles of harsh winter running :-)
A foam roller, for those who don't know, allows for myofascial release of muscles...which is basically a nice cheap form of self massage to work out all of the knots and kinks.  In case you're wondering, Bruce of course has a namesake...which means I probably am batting at an 0 and 4 for potential mates besides my husband.

I guess I'll keep the real thing :-)

Today's workout: 25 miles EZ spin recovery, 20 minutes of yoga, and lower body foam rolling :-)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The color red

Hello!! The theme of today is RED. Yep, its been pretty much a red letter day :-) I woke up this morning to a wonderful winter not conducive to the 15 miler on the books!! I lingered over breakfast and coffee (banana almond oat bran...mmmmm!) and played on facebook, willing the snow away. No such luck. Grumbling to the husband, I plotted out a 5 mile route with the lofty intention to run it 3 times, I prefaced my run with
"Its cold.
I dont wanna.
I'm probably just going to run two loops and call it a day.
If you see me in 20 minutes, dont be surprised."
Way to be awesome, Rae. I very grudgingly layered up with my tights, over shorts, 3 layers on top, ear covers, RED gloves, and off I went.
The first 5 miles rocked my face off. I give credit to my excellent playlist, great breakfast, and sure pace (trying so hard to keep it to 9:00 miles!! (overall goal of run 9:10-9:30 pace). I also credit this:
And all the lovely drivers that obeyed them. The roads were total crap, sidewalks buried in powder, so I ran on the side of the road as far over as possible. Success.
I began loop two with another beautiful RED treat:
I learned on my last long run that jelly beans dont work in the winter, and before I resorted to the dreaded goo, I decided to give these a shot. Success! They were cold, not frozen, sweet, tangy, and sugary. Perfect. I sailed through the first part of loop 2, lost in the wonderful thoughts that long runs can bring about life, until I hit Eddy road and a wind tunnel. Suddenly I couldnt run in a straight line...yech. The next 2 miles were a complete sufferfest-I had entered the PAIN CAVE. The pain cave, as any endurance athlete will tell you, is as much a test of your mental toughness as it is physical. Can I do this? Should I stop? ....who would know if I stopped??
The unfortunate answer? I WOULD. And that pushes me more than any coach ever could. I rounded out loop 2 with my arsenal of mental tricks that Ive learned during ironman training. Now, here was the big question: do we go for a hat trick or leave the two loops as it is? I took a deep breath.
I took a slug of water and trekked on. It was time to pull out another RED friend....metaphorically, I put on my rose colored glasses with memories of miles 1-8 and willed my last 3rd to be the same, sweet, somewhat effortless gait. And it (sort of) worked!! While the last loop wasn't nearly as fast or as easy, and I nearly fell over due to winds at times, i finished the run strong and triumphantly headed home.
Workout stats:
Distance: 15.06 miles
Time: 2:17:24
Pace: 9:08
Its a red letter day, folks. As Edison once said, "Success is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration". I disagree, Mr. Edison. I think we need to flip that one around! :-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby Moos

Evening, kids :-) This will be a quick post-its been a LONG day and I'm exhausted!!

No real words of wisdom here. Just looking forward to a nice, relaxing evening....I snuck in a workout during my lunch break today-from the trigeek Ironman plan for week 1: a 2400 yd swim with drills and repeats...and then I added on an extra 600 yards to the cool down, simply because it felt good :) At this stage in the game for this plan, the swim focuses on repeats and drills-I find the drills helpful to re-establish good habits for form, and did quite a bit of pull drills, kicking, and catch ups. The kicking I do with a board, and its a double benefit to work on my swim kick and to kick out any stress in my legs!!

During the first two weeks of training, Ive felt a bit of pain in my calves....some from treadmill running, some from getting back into a solid chunk of running.

Ive been stretching, icing, and using the stick, but my "baby moos" just need some TLC!
Hot cocoa, bad TV, and snuggly jammies call. Goodnight!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Season Goals

Ahh, the dreaded GOAL POST!! Ive been avoidin this post like pigpen avoids showers because it makes me feel accountable now....for my training, for my racing....AHHH!! I'm nervous!! Ok, ok, deep breaths. I can do this :-) We're all friends!!

very year I like to make some racing goals-a few sport specific, and a few goals for my "A" races. These are subject to change as I continue to train, of course, but right now I can see some realstic goals forming in my head. I've got my training plan somewhat solidified-Im loosely following the 37 week IM plan starting this week, minus the runs (not, not THOSE runs) and then I'll pick up some speedwork after the marathon to prep for my Musselman goals.

Without further ado....MY 2011 RACE GOALS!!

Tri Goals:

A sub 6 hour HIM ( I KNOW I have this in me!)
A sub 4 hour marathon (might be a bit trickier)
Beat my Sprint PR (1:22 in 2009)

Running Goal: sub 22:00 5k (PR is 22:32, but its the run leg of a tri)

Bike Goal: Oh I shudder to even type this. I need to actually learn how to ride in aero. I've done it a bit, NEVER in a race....and yes, I have done an Ironman. I think Ill go hang up my bike shoes in shame :-( ok, c'mon....isn't anyone else a bit afraid of it? HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO STOP IF YOU NEED TO???? WHAT IF I FALL OVER????

Ok, deep breaths, Rae.

Swim Goal: Sub 13 minute 1/2 mile. Yup, I'm a slow swimmer (see Anemenemone!)

Ok, now its time to get to work!

Todays workout:

5x1200 on the 'mill @ 7:30 pace

Stats: 5.25 miles, 44:45 overall 8:40 pace (keep in mind I walk/jog for a minute between intervals and do a .5 mile w/u and c/d.)

Usually with intervals the first two rock, the middle ones are painful and the last ones suck worse than Bob Saget on America's Funniest Home Video's.

This time, I wanted to hurl on the first interval. But I did it. I'm a bada**.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An anemenemenoe

Ahh, cross training, How I love thee!! After 2 weeks plus one day of training, I thoroughly enjoyed my favorite form of low key cardio-swimming!! My gym has had the pool closed since Christmas, so I havent been able to swim. Now, dont get me wrong-I'm no Michael Phelps or Dara Torres....but I swim like a fish! Like....

Hey, it works. I might not be the fastest swimmer in the world, but slipping into the water during lunch is my own personal zen. No one can get between me and the water-not work, not my sore legs, not any personal problems. I slip through my chlorinated anemone with the ease of a gimpy clownfish-its not perfect, but its my own. I emerge calmly, a new outlook on the day, fresh and amped, despite getting in a solid workout (except for 50 yard repeats-those don't leave me refreshed!)

Today, we did a nice easy 1.5 mile swim in 45:14. Not fast, not technical, just me and the water.

The rest of the day? Don't ask...just keep swimming :-)