Friday, January 21, 2011

Its not about having what you want....

Wow, what a week.  Even though 2011 has come charging in full speed ahead, I am grateful for quieter nights like this one to reflect on truly how lucky I am.

I think that sometimes (ok, usually) its alot easier to gripe about all the crap in our lives..."oh man, it's Monday, I HAVE to work", "ANOTHER long run? WTF??", or "Traffic sucks...AGAIN!"....all things I am guilty of thinking once in awhile...ok...this week.  But after thinking about them for a few minutes...each one of those can be turned on it's head.

I dont HAVE to work...I get to work.  Go complain to the single mom thats been out of work for a year about HAVING to go to work.  In an office.  With coffee.  And friends.  And a nice, hour long lunch break.  Whine over.  (for the record, thats our holiday party, not a normal day at work :-P)
My long run....I am so blessed to have legs that allow me to run.  Many people can't even walk.  And while it remains to be seen whether or not I can pull off my 17 miler (in sub zero weather!) this weekend or do the 'mill (ok, I might complain a teensy bit about that one)...I am so very lucky to be able to load up my Ipod, slide into my brooks, and go for a head clearing run.  Sometimes, I even get flashes of genius on my runs....I swear I found a cure for cancer on my last long run, but I forgot it at mile 10.  bummer.

(Don't try this at home.  Or with an actual plane :-P)
And about that traffic jam?  Ok, ok...I live 20 miles from my job in the most ridiculous route ever (hello 441 and 490) that people can never seem to figure out how to drive in.  East siders suck at driving.  I can say that because I am one.  But since I can't do anything to change the incredibly frustrating commute, I created a CD full of relaxing songs (for PM commute) and a CD of fun songs to get me pepped up and happy (for AM commute).  It works!

These are just a few silly examples, but they really define how I try to live my life....It's not about having what you want, its about wanting what you've got.

And I am so lucky.  To have a wonderful family, friends, husband, cat :-), a passion for my hobbies, a wonderful a house, a job that lets me pay my bills, and a place to laugh, cry, live, and love. 

What are you grateful for in your life?

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  1. From training details to healthy eating and from budget shopping to philosophy! Always a fun page to read. Guess I should answer your question while I am here huh? lol. I'd be remiss if I didn't after you put yourself out there for us... "the masses". I am grateful for every breath I am lucky enough to take and for the ability to make mistakes because with each comes a new and usually better understanding of ME. With that said, I am grateful for who I have become and my potential as days pass for more wonderful events in my life, be they great or small. Mostly I am grateful that there are those around me that have taken the time to really get to know me.theyare few but are my family and my dearest friends. I show them the same respect and level of interest in their lives as well. Nothing shows love more than that! HEY RAE thanks for getting all deep. Nice simple philosophy. Not bad for a Yankee!
    Stay warm. Spring will hit ya before you know it!