Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jack and Jill

Today was a day full of Jack...and Jill.

The work part centered around in jack s**t.  Again.  I find it pretty funny how some situations play out...thats all I have to say.  Sometimes I just shake my head at the ridiculousness of my day to day, but really, if you just chuckle and move along, its not too bad.  With that said, I did sell a crackerjackful of cookies today :-)  48 ginormous chocolate chip cookies made, 48 sold for 48 bucks for GOTR!  YAY!  I even had some people ask me about another "bake sale" day....which means I may totally meet my goal for this marathon fundraising if I get lucky :-)
I split the workout in two today: swim during lunch and weights/abs after.  My swim was an exercise in total frustration-I swear our gym owner shakes a secret substance in the pool for every 3rd swim I do:
 Just admit it John,  I know you do it just to laugh at us.  Seeing as the pool was made of jello, my speed sets sucked, but eh, it happens.  2000 yards: 2x600, 8x50 drills and warm up/cooldown for a total of 40:12.

After work, I decided to switch over to Jill (ian) Michaels.  Time to get on my 6 week six pack!!

This workout is pretty good, but I think the name is a bit misleading, as its a decent overall body workout.  Since I am cheap, I did the free version on exerciseTV.  Hey, why not!

Now that my workouts are done, dinner was made (hummus and veggies over polenta...mmm!) its time to mix a little Jack n Jill....
My grandma's old snowmen from the 1950's...aptly named Jack and Jill :-)
and just snuggle up on the couch for the rest of the night.  Redbox says its time for Inception!

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