Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adaptation Stage 1

When training for a long distance race, its highly advised to follow some sort of training plan....usually it's broken up into several parts-adaptation, aerobic, endurance, competitive, and RACE!!  There's obviously more to it, but you get the general idea.  Right now, I'm in the adaptation phase...on day on of blogging, day two of 2011, and day two of training for my first race of 2011: The National Marathon in DC.  Honestly?  I really only have a vague idea of where I am going with one of these things (you guess) so we'll just see how the other two pan out. 

At least I'm excited havin no clue what I'm getting myself into.  You gotta love that.

So, the big question is, who am I?  And why should you waste your precious surfing time reading about me?

 Well, obviously I'm a triathlete.  I live in the fabulousness of upstate New York, where if you dont like the weather, wait 5 minutes.  I've been a multi sport athlete for the past 5 years-before that, a bonafide college student with a part time gym habit who needed to lose 30 pounds in the worst way!  Using healthy foods and good old fashioned calorie counting and excercise, I got to a healthy weight, plus or minus those last 5 pounds which come and go regularly :-)  My then boyfriend and now husband got involved in triathlons in 2005, and Ive done one Ironman, two half irons, and too many Olympic and sprint races to count, along with a marathon, three half marathons, and dozens of races from 5k to 10 milers.  I'm a social worker with a non profit organization, and determined NOT to fall into the trap of the "social worker 40" much like I did th "freshman 15...or 20...." but really, who is counting?  I've been married since August of 2009, and might just be ready for some lil triathletes in the next year or so....after I've hit my race goals, of course (If you're a racer, you'll understand :-)).

So why should you keep reading?  Well, because I'm not so different than you.  I'm just trying to figure out a piece of balance in this world between being healthy and indulging, between being responsible and having fun, between the world's expectations and being ME!  And along the way, I'll share my thoughts on striving for balance with eating (and some yummy recipes), training (between hard AND rest days) and living life!!  (While keeping myself accountable in the meantime!)  ....and pardon my sarcasm and dry sense of humor.  That's me :-D

Join me on my journey!!

 Oh, before I forget!  In keeping myself I got out for my first run in about a month.  I've done some speedwork on the 'mill this week, but it was my first outdoor run (this week ended my "prep" into training-next week starts the 12 week plan)

Run stats

Distance: 7.2 miles, moderate hills
Time: 1:02:16
Pace: 8:38

I'll take it!

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