Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tasty Tuesday!

When I was a little second grader back at good ole State Rd school, our teacher decided it was time for every 7 year old to have some baking and cooking skills.  With the 25 kids in my class, we were each asked to bring in a recipe on one Tuesday...a parent...the ingredients...and make a delectable snack for our classmates.
My mom, in her infinite wisdom, decided it should be a healthy snack, thus we made "Rachel's Fruit Salad" (just try to call me Rachel now and see what happens).  Sadly, this didn't make me the most popular kid in the class :-(  (Sorry, mom...I love fruit salad now, but getting a kid to like fruit as a treat is a skilled talent.  You had it....not everyone else did.)  Nope, the most popular kid, hands down, was Phillip A., who's "cool" mom helped us make mini pizzas.  After the year was over, we each got a paper bound cookbook entitled "Tasty Tuesdays" because we always made these treats on...gasp...Tuesdays!!  And since today is a Tuesday, and its 21 years later...we can all just admit that we want to be as cool as Phillip and his mom and make mini pizzas.

Pretend you're a 7 year old pizza snack (or dinner, if you eat enough)
(It also should be noted that this is my favorite pre-race dinner...what can I say, I'm a kid!)

You need:

one 6 pack of english muffins
jar of sauce (I heart Pellicano's eggplant sauce)
mozzarella cheese
garlic  (mmmm...yummy breath!)
toppings (I rocked out the broc, cause I'm trying to banish my bad inner child and eat my veggies!

Easy peasy, folks.  Defrost the broc.  Open up your muffies (I eat 3 all in one shot cause I'm a bada**.  And I biked 20 miles plus rowed for a half hour.  I earned those babies.).  Spread Sauce....layer cheese and garlic, and add your defrosted broc!

Pop em in the oven for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.  Then broil those babies for 2 minutes to get em nice and crispy!!

Eat.  All 6 of 'em.  Don't a pansy.

Phillip would be proud.  And so would his mom.  And doesn't everyone want to unleash their inner cool 2nd grader??

Cross training day: 30 minutes rowing, one hour technical bike.  Success :-)

Take that, Tasty Tuesday.  Now, I think I'll go find a nice piece of fruit for dessert.  My momma taught me right.