Friday, January 28, 2011

It's not rocket science

Most of the time, I'm feeling pretty creative and can bang out a mildly amusing post in about 10 minutes. not one of those days.  After one fire filled week and a 17 miler to tackle tomorrow...its time for rest.

Blogging is not rocket science.

But tonight, I am in the mood for science.  Fringe science.

 Oh Joshua Jackson, I love you and you just get better with age.  

 Of course, if Agent Broyles takes off his shirt again in an episode, I might be swayed.  8 pack abs?  Yes please!
Lace Riddick, you devil you.  Now take off your shirt :-D  (Yes, I talk to to the characters.  Just ask Greg.)

Time to go make a strawberry milkshake.  I've got the munchies am working on a very importance science experiment.  Great scott!!

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