Saturday, January 15, 2011

The color red

Hello!! The theme of today is RED. Yep, its been pretty much a red letter day :-) I woke up this morning to a wonderful winter not conducive to the 15 miler on the books!! I lingered over breakfast and coffee (banana almond oat bran...mmmmm!) and played on facebook, willing the snow away. No such luck. Grumbling to the husband, I plotted out a 5 mile route with the lofty intention to run it 3 times, I prefaced my run with
"Its cold.
I dont wanna.
I'm probably just going to run two loops and call it a day.
If you see me in 20 minutes, dont be surprised."
Way to be awesome, Rae. I very grudgingly layered up with my tights, over shorts, 3 layers on top, ear covers, RED gloves, and off I went.
The first 5 miles rocked my face off. I give credit to my excellent playlist, great breakfast, and sure pace (trying so hard to keep it to 9:00 miles!! (overall goal of run 9:10-9:30 pace). I also credit this:
And all the lovely drivers that obeyed them. The roads were total crap, sidewalks buried in powder, so I ran on the side of the road as far over as possible. Success.
I began loop two with another beautiful RED treat:
I learned on my last long run that jelly beans dont work in the winter, and before I resorted to the dreaded goo, I decided to give these a shot. Success! They were cold, not frozen, sweet, tangy, and sugary. Perfect. I sailed through the first part of loop 2, lost in the wonderful thoughts that long runs can bring about life, until I hit Eddy road and a wind tunnel. Suddenly I couldnt run in a straight line...yech. The next 2 miles were a complete sufferfest-I had entered the PAIN CAVE. The pain cave, as any endurance athlete will tell you, is as much a test of your mental toughness as it is physical. Can I do this? Should I stop? ....who would know if I stopped??
The unfortunate answer? I WOULD. And that pushes me more than any coach ever could. I rounded out loop 2 with my arsenal of mental tricks that Ive learned during ironman training. Now, here was the big question: do we go for a hat trick or leave the two loops as it is? I took a deep breath.
I took a slug of water and trekked on. It was time to pull out another RED friend....metaphorically, I put on my rose colored glasses with memories of miles 1-8 and willed my last 3rd to be the same, sweet, somewhat effortless gait. And it (sort of) worked!! While the last loop wasn't nearly as fast or as easy, and I nearly fell over due to winds at times, i finished the run strong and triumphantly headed home.
Workout stats:
Distance: 15.06 miles
Time: 2:17:24
Pace: 9:08
Its a red letter day, folks. As Edison once said, "Success is 99% inspiration and 1% perspiration". I disagree, Mr. Edison. I think we need to flip that one around! :-)


  1. great job, way to go. What was your RPE, did you keep your run at a zone 1-2?

  2. I would say a zone 1 for the first half, zone 2 with some 3 (the windy hilly parts :-)) for the second half. Not bad!

  3. You leave others with much less enthusiasm... seeing RED!! Being in the South we don't get that kind of weather but GREAT JOB going for it! ( well I cannot say that lately with this crazy weather) I've checked in here a couple times... Fun Blog! Totally agree with the "I would know" mentality. Always feel that way myself.