Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013- How can I top this one???

Holy moly, where did the end of 2013 go? Well, regardless, we have less than 12 hours till we ring in the New Year.....and my heart is so full with the amazingness that 2013 brought to me.  I have no idea how I could even begin to top it in 2014, but if you aren't busy living, well....you know.  So we will.  But I would be remiss if I didn't recap the awesomeness of this year.  Tomorrow is all about new beginnings.  (And boy do I have some ambitious goals coming up!), but today is about remembering this past awesome year.

It goes without saying....the best part of 2013 was meeting my little man.  I can't even describe in words how I feel about him, so I won't try.  In late 2012 when we found out about him, to the journey of my pregnancy, to giving birth, to the last 6 months....holy cow.  Ill break it down.  Being pregnant, (I thought) was the most surreal time - I has so darn lucky to be able to do what I loved and have a pretty simple pregnancy, and I loved nearly every second of it (morning sickness and some race envy, won't lie).  Meeting little dude, albeit a few weeks early, was...once again....the most surreal, amazing time.  And I say that every day since.  I love being a mommy.  I don't care about sleeplessness, less leisure time, or even figuring out the budget for it.  It is hands down the best.  I keep saying I would have another right away....but I think we did it perfectly the first time, so we shall see.  Rob-ster...you were the best part of my year, little buddy.  I love you to bits and I always will!!

On the "me" side (yes, that still exists!), I had some pretty cool moments.  I managed to sneak in two

half marathons, 3 smaller races, a relay with my FIL at 7 months pregnant, and a sprint tri 5 months PP.  Little dude and I raced a 5k in October (so much fun!) and I was active throughout my pregnancy.  I managed to get in 3000 miles on the bike this year (didn't keep track of running and swimming, but I would give that another 1000 easily).  3000 miles...that's roughly the distance from Rochester NY to Brazil.  Ill take it!

2014 will bring some new adventures....more new holidays with our dude, walking, talking (yikes!) and so much more fun.  I have some new work adventures coming up, and a few new race goals.  While there won't be any Ironmand for the next few years....I have a few ideas up my sleeve.  Race Calendar is up, goals forthcoming.  Until then.....happy new year everyone!  Thank you so much for reading here in 2013, and I hope to bring you more in 2014- hopefully more consistently!! Some new training plans, easy working mom meals, and a fresh dose of sarcasm and reality.  Love you guys :-)

Now it's time to finish work up for the day and get ready for the New Year...we are hosting a small Greenwich NYE party (whats that??  Well, we will ring in the new year at 7pm, of course!)  Amazing what having a little guys does to warp your sense of fun.  Oh wait...I was always 80.  He just gives me an excuse! 

Have a great time tonight and happy new year!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

28 hours

It seems as if the days between blogging are getting farther and farther between.  No, it doesn't seem so.  It is so!  I used to think that 24 hours worked for a day - now I am staunchly advocating a 28 hour day.  The past two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind - I have cookie recipes saved up, Christmas tips, and some pretty cool get togethers to recap...and the first two are pretty moot now.  Yikes.  So much to do and all I want to to make like a Ro Bear.....
Exactly.  First things first.  Christmas was delectable in every way possible.  We had great fun with the prep - pierogie making, cookie making, present wrapping, Santa visiting....
Turtle cookies!
 And a few homemade touches from the bear as well (yep, those are real hand prints!)
Christmas eve was a big hit (my big boy even ate his prunes like a good Polish kid) and of course Santa was very generous to everyone.  Though I don't know why he wasted his time on presents...my kid just likes the paper!

And I think Dad was happy that this big guy doesn't require a walking!
All in all, a perfect Christmas filled with  the most important things in the world.  Now it's onto 2014....not sure it could top this year if it tried, but to new experiences and fun times...Ill toast that!!  I have a few goals in mind, both family and personal, but that's a whole nother post.  That hopefully won't take me 11 days!!  For the rest of 2013 it's all about enjoying our out of town family and friends, attacking those baby toys, getting in a few momma runs and rides (trying to hit a verrry close mileage goal on my bike!) and saying ta ta to the best year of my life!  Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tales from the Crypt...errr...north pole

I'm still here, I promise!!  I always knew that 24 hours a day was too short, but let me tell you, when you have a newbie kiddo....its about 5 hours too short.  4 for sleep and 1 for you.  I can't believe how wonderful my days are...wonderfully happy, wonderfully rushed, wonderfully FREAKING FULL.  I have no idea how I haven't posted in a week.  I woe you recipes. I owe you updates.  I owe you Christmas tips.  I owe you cute photos.  Oh wait, that's just my ego centric mommy pride on that last one :-)  Lets see what we can do here.

Recipes - I have an awesome butternut squash soup recipe to share....do you think I can find the friggin photo?  Nope.  So use your imagination.  Super Super Easy here  It's a crockpot recipe - I am adoring them nowadays!!  You need:

2 butternut Squash, medium sized
One onion, diced
2 tbsp garlic
2 cups chicken broth
2 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp rosemary
1 tbsp real maple syrup

Peel the squash (trick - microwave for 3 minutes to soften first then let cool - so much easier!), de see,  and dice into cubes.  Add everything but the cornstarch and syrup to the crockpot, cook on low for 8 hours.  Add cornstarch, cook on high for one hour.  Let cool.  Stick it all in a blender and whir on high till emulsified (about 2 minutes for my $20 BD blender.).  Drizzle with maple syrup and reheat.....serve with some baguette for a splendiferous warm meal!

Of course, we used 2 BNut squashes minus a few tablespoons cause the Rob-ster is now on

solids....go Rob! 

Updates - Well, as I said...Rob is now on solids - yay!!  It's done nothing for our sleep deprivation (dude is HUUNNNGRRRRYYY), but so far we've done peas, squash and sweet potatoes.  We like both of the latter and peas can suck it (my sentiments, buddy). 

Mommy is starting her winter prep for her 2014 races (updates on the page soon, I promise!)  I've signed up for a winter marathon, a spring Ultra marathon and a summer half Ironman.  Clearly, I'm delusional.  Anyone have any good training plans for a 100k run?  I'll see myself out now.

In other don't hate me new - I officially hit racing weight this week, a weight I haven't seen since 2011.  I'm wearing Jeans from 2004...from Steve and Barry.  Seriously?  When I saw the label I laughed.  I may have zero fashion sense, but I'm wearing junior sized jeans after having a baby, so I could care less.  Still eating like a horse, but high intensity cardio and BF'ing will do that to ya.  That's breast feeding, not barfing.  Just clearin that up :-P

Rob met Santa yesterday!  Our local Lions Club threw a breakfast with Santa deal, so of course we went.  It was adorable and a ton of fun, and we ill be back next year!  I don't know what he asked the big guy for, but I suspect it was boobs.  And the ability to walk.  Yeesh.

Christmas...I'm a mess this year.  I think I got most of my shopping done, but its been online and helter skelter.  Usually I do a deal post for everyone, but of course, I am lame this year and since it's only 10 days away, if you haven;t done your shopping yet.....go to groupon and buy a massage or restaurant deal.  People love those and they don't clutter up the living room.  That's truly my nickels worth of advice....it's not rocket science, and I know it :-)

There!  Crammed into one post....phew.  Now I can enjoy my Sunday.  Brunch with my godmom, then it's time to do some stocking stuffer shopping with Rob...and working on his gifts to everyone! (yes, Ill share my lame kiddo crafts soon).  Time to race downstairs to get in some quick mile repeats before the kiddo wakes up....have a great day!!!!

Friday, December 6, 2013

5 months old - Holy Cow, how did he get so big???

Its that time of month again- wow, how the time flies!!  Yesterday, my big boy turned 5 months old.  Every single month I look back in awe and think....wow, just 5 months ago/already 5 months! depending on the month.   Its all going so fast and at the same time, I can't believe how big buddy's gotten!  Speaking of growing, let's do an update.....

Places to go, people!
Size - Buddy, you are getting to be such a big boy! You don't go back to the doctor's til next month, but according to Mommy's scale, you weigh 15 pounds, 5 oz and are 25" tall.  You are blowing right out of 6 month clothes and are in size 3 diapers already!  So down, kiddo!  (But no really.  Never want that).

Likes: You love your exersaucer car and playing at driving.  Forecast of things to come!!  You love love being in motion and learning new things...and everything goes in your mouth, of course :-P  You like playing in your baby jumper, interacting with Mommy and daddy at mealtimes (you just bust out laughing!) and playing games with everyone.  you are totally finding your voice - you chatter about everything in the world and carry on "conversations" with us all the time.  I wish I knew what you were saying...wait, maybe I don't!

Dislikes: As always, you hate sitting still.  You are napping a bit better now, but its a struggle to get you down- you don't want to miss anything!  You also hate your car seat - you don't like being strapped down!  Mommy's going to have her hands full in a few years...or months.....

Sleep: We seem to be at an impasse, little man.  You are getting to be such a good crib sleeper (in our room) but you are up at all hours and won't go back down easily at ll.  You love snuggling in the big bed before sleepies with mommy, but you just seem to feel that sleep is for babies.  Wait.....  we have a few tricks up our sleeve for the upcoming month, and I'm sure a more solid line up (har har) of actual food will help this.  Hey, who says mommy needs sleep, anyways?  (Seriously, dying here, buddy.)

Lovin' Uncle!
Eating: You are such a nomser.  We don't have a pattern for solids yet, but you've tried broccoli, sweet potato and oatmeal with success.  You are super interested in food and we will be starting that this weekend while mommy and daddy have 3 days in a row to try it out with you!

First Turkey Day.  You were super excited until we got where we were going, then you flipped out.  We are guessing the combo of people, noise and strange house got to you.  We'll probably remind you of it for the next 18 years, no worries.
First Snow Day!  We played in the snow in your snowsuit and made angels.  Such fun!
First Christmas Tree- You were a champ going to cut down the tree and you are amazed by it in general.  You are a baby after your momma's heart - Christmas is awesome!!
First time being held by Uncle Alan - who does not hold babies.  You loved it!
Flipping back to front and front to back - you are so strong!

Best Moment: Decorating the tree with you.  You had the biggest and best smile on your face, filled with wonder.  It was just as Christmas should be, and I can't wait to share all of the magic of the season with you!

Looking Forward to: Christmas cookies, breakfast with Santa, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and a Brand new year with new adventures!  I love you so much buddy!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ho ho ho

It's the most wonderful time of the year!  Yep, count me in for being sappy sappy for the month of December.  I love it all - the tree getting, the decorating, the baking, the songs, and the family time.  I just wish we all magically were off for the month of December...working 40 hours a week really puts a damper on the celebrating :-)  Expect a few new holiday recipes coming your way, along with some holiday shopping tips (yikes, I bet most of you are already done!) and some easy to make recipes to throw in the crockpot for those crazy days for when you have no time at all in between your merry making.  But until then, will you settle for some cutie pie holiday pictures?  Thanks :-)

Getting the tree.....
 Decoration time!

 The wonder of Christmas through the eyes of a 5 month old....
This Christmas will be the best ever!