Thursday, December 26, 2013

28 hours

It seems as if the days between blogging are getting farther and farther between.  No, it doesn't seem so.  It is so!  I used to think that 24 hours worked for a day - now I am staunchly advocating a 28 hour day.  The past two weeks have been an absolute whirlwind - I have cookie recipes saved up, Christmas tips, and some pretty cool get togethers to recap...and the first two are pretty moot now.  Yikes.  So much to do and all I want to to make like a Ro Bear.....
Exactly.  First things first.  Christmas was delectable in every way possible.  We had great fun with the prep - pierogie making, cookie making, present wrapping, Santa visiting....
Turtle cookies!
 And a few homemade touches from the bear as well (yep, those are real hand prints!)
Christmas eve was a big hit (my big boy even ate his prunes like a good Polish kid) and of course Santa was very generous to everyone.  Though I don't know why he wasted his time on kid just likes the paper!

And I think Dad was happy that this big guy doesn't require a walking!
All in all, a perfect Christmas filled with  the most important things in the world.  Now it's onto 2014....not sure it could top this year if it tried, but to new experiences and fun times...Ill toast that!!  I have a few goals in mind, both family and personal, but that's a whole nother post.  That hopefully won't take me 11 days!!  For the rest of 2013 it's all about enjoying our out of town family and friends, attacking those baby toys, getting in a few momma runs and rides (trying to hit a verrry close mileage goal on my bike!) and saying ta ta to the best year of my life!  Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

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