Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013- How can I top this one???

Holy moly, where did the end of 2013 go? Well, regardless, we have less than 12 hours till we ring in the New Year.....and my heart is so full with the amazingness that 2013 brought to me.  I have no idea how I could even begin to top it in 2014, but if you aren't busy living, well....you know.  So we will.  But I would be remiss if I didn't recap the awesomeness of this year.  Tomorrow is all about new beginnings.  (And boy do I have some ambitious goals coming up!), but today is about remembering this past awesome year.

It goes without saying....the best part of 2013 was meeting my little man.  I can't even describe in words how I feel about him, so I won't try.  In late 2012 when we found out about him, to the journey of my pregnancy, to giving birth, to the last 6 months....holy cow.  Ill break it down.  Being pregnant, (I thought) was the most surreal time - I has so darn lucky to be able to do what I loved and have a pretty simple pregnancy, and I loved nearly every second of it (morning sickness and some race envy, won't lie).  Meeting little dude, albeit a few weeks early, was...once again....the most surreal, amazing time.  And I say that every day since.  I love being a mommy.  I don't care about sleeplessness, less leisure time, or even figuring out the budget for it.  It is hands down the best.  I keep saying I would have another right away....but I think we did it perfectly the first time, so we shall see.  Rob-ster...you were the best part of my year, little buddy.  I love you to bits and I always will!!

On the "me" side (yes, that still exists!), I had some pretty cool moments.  I managed to sneak in two

half marathons, 3 smaller races, a relay with my FIL at 7 months pregnant, and a sprint tri 5 months PP.  Little dude and I raced a 5k in October (so much fun!) and I was active throughout my pregnancy.  I managed to get in 3000 miles on the bike this year (didn't keep track of running and swimming, but I would give that another 1000 easily).  3000 miles...that's roughly the distance from Rochester NY to Brazil.  Ill take it!

2014 will bring some new adventures....more new holidays with our dude, walking, talking (yikes!) and so much more fun.  I have some new work adventures coming up, and a few new race goals.  While there won't be any Ironmand for the next few years....I have a few ideas up my sleeve.  Race Calendar is up, goals forthcoming.  Until then.....happy new year everyone!  Thank you so much for reading here in 2013, and I hope to bring you more in 2014- hopefully more consistently!! Some new training plans, easy working mom meals, and a fresh dose of sarcasm and reality.  Love you guys :-)

Now it's time to finish work up for the day and get ready for the New Year...we are hosting a small Greenwich NYE party (whats that??  Well, we will ring in the new year at 7pm, of course!)  Amazing what having a little guys does to warp your sense of fun.  Oh wait...I was always 80.  He just gives me an excuse! 

Have a great time tonight and happy new year!!

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