Friday, January 3, 2014

2014 - Ready or not, here we come!!

Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and have kicked off 2014 with a bang.  As I said last post, we did things a bit differently this time - we had a small get together but celebrated the New Year with those in Greenwich - at 7pm our time :-)  a little lame?  Maybe.  But our guests thought it was pretty fun, we had a great time, and we got kiddo down to bed by 9pm.  That works for me.
So far, 2014 has been pretty interesting.  We got hit with a winter storm and some frigid cold (hey, no problem, I'm a seasoned New Yorker), had a few monetary surprises (nothing we can't handle), and I kicked off the year with a bang by doing a great 10 mile run - not by far my longest run, but my first double digits in a few months and a start to prep for the 2014 season!  So what's up with those New Years resolutions?  Well, you all know I hate doing the January 1 thing - too much pressure on just a random date.  But with that said, I do love the mentality of January and a clean slate and lets be real - we can all find some fun way to improve on ourselves and our lives...why not in the New Year?  I like to make just a few resolutions in a few here goes.

1.  No more swearing.  yikes, this will be tough.  Greg and I realized that our wonderfully precocious son is picking up on things wayyyy too fast and while it would be humorous if his first word started with an F and rhymed with really wouldn't.  Uncle Alan got him a frog bank for Christmas to store his coin collection, and we've decided to start contributing a quarter every time certain words are chosen to ourselves.  I already owe that damn bank $2.  What?  I meant the Hoover Dam....n.....oh man.

2.  Do me.  Wait, that sounded bad.  I mean - take care of myself.  I think that it's wonderful that I now have a little guy that I am 100% vested in taking care of, but I've been finding myself falling into the mommy martyrdom trap lately, and it's nowhere I want to go.  You know the one.  I never sleep, I eat like crap, I do everything in the world for my kiddo and the house and everyone else....but me.  That's all well and good, but it makes for a miserable tired and grumpy mommy, and my hubs and kiddo deserve better than that.  So as selfish as it sounds, I resolve to take at least a half hour of me time a day.  A bath, paint my nails, stretching or even making come chai and just being....I'm there.  I've never thought of yoga or meditation, but they might be making an appearance in my repertoire.
3.  Broaden my racing horizons.  Marathon?  Check.  Ironman?  Check.  While I would love to do another Ironman, it's just not practical for my life in the next few years....I will be back, 140.6- but not just yet.  I want something to challenge me and not take 20 hours a week, so I've decided this is the year to focus on my running.  I'm signed up for an ultra marathon in May (more on that as I start training next week), and I would like to set some PR's in the 5k and half marathon.  Maybe a fall marathon- we'll see.  I'm excited to do a few new distances as well as working on a few I haven't in awhile.....without the weekly 7 hour bike rides and 3 hour runs Ironman demands.  Ok, maybe a few 3-4 hour runs.  But that's not every week :-)

4.  Hit a house milestone.  Without being the d-bag that talks too much about money, Greg and I have some pretty ambitious house goals.  Having a short person ain't cheap, but I'm determined to continue paying just a bit extra each month to hit our house goal for the year. 

I think we have a well rounded set of goals here....let's see how it goes!  How about you?  Do you make any new years resolutions?

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