Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Confessions of a Triathlete...with a baby!

Well, Mind the Ducks Week 2 is in the books - 31 miles of running done - doesn't sound like alot, but for a multi sport aficionado like me, 5 days of running is a crap ton.  I assume I'll settle in on 3-4 days a week - I know bike time is good cardio, but I'm vested in a good base for this sucker.  No crazy repercussions yet - I have a small hot spot on my foot, but I'm working on breaking in a pair of shoes, so that's probably it.  My plan is to alternate two pairs of shoes for the whole training (not the same two pairs for 4 months, obviously!) and to have two good racing pairs ready to go on the day, with a backup pair.  My preliminary thoughts of "packing" for this beats are just ridiculous - what does one pack for a 12 hour race where you can have your own aid tent every mile?  But I'll talk about that in a few months as I experiment with this ludicrous race....that's to worry about after my 6 hour long run...lol.  Too funny.
Rest assured, as I go through this training, I am still very much into the whole biking, swimming and kickboxing/yoga/weight lifting - they are now just my respite from running (which actually makes them all the more sweeter!)  And as a mom with a baby in multi sport....even in the off season....I've found some hilarity in my training method.  Ergo, I give you once again....confessions....of a triathlete/marathoner with a baby!!
1.  My runs all happen....just sometimes in 3 parts.  I was home with kiddo on Monday with a 7 miler on
tap, which shouldn't be an issue, except sometimes we get an hour nap (perfect)...and sometimes we get 3 micro naps.  Not so perfect.  7 miles is 7 miles in 58 minutes....or 2 miles in 16 minutes.....2.5 miles in 21 minutes...and 2.5 miles in 21 minutes.....right?  Right.  I delude myself into thinking 3 bursts of cardio are better that one, right?  Errr.....ok, better than not doing it.  And that works.  (Except for that long run- which will NOT get broken up!).

2.  I've affectionately dubber my locker room at the gym as "T1".  I swim most days during lunch (when I can get to it!) so I race through a roughly 35 minute swim, then have exactly 12 minutes to shower and get back to my desk.  Clock starts post shower with a towel on and ends when I hit the door of the gym....including getting dried, dressed, hair brushed, jacket on and out my best is 3 minutes even.  Who says you can't tri train in January?

3.  On the days I have-when  kiddo duty and need to get in a workout...we get creative.  Plyos.  5 minute weight stints.  Drop and give me 50 push ups.  Who has time for 5 showers?  Baby Wipes.  Awesome.

4.  Our 2014 race calendar is picked with babysitters in mind.  Pittsford Tri?  Yep, we have family in Mendon.  Johnny's ROTG?  Check.  Pain in the Alleghanies?  Too far, no sitter.  Musselman?  Yep- Greg does mini, I do full.  Check.  That might change in a few years, but its the way of racing right now.  Lilac 5k and 10k double....oh yeah, Rob is so doing the 5k with mom :-)

5.  My friend Kelly posted about 3 things a parent needs to long distance tri train a few months ago....a treadmill, a trainer and flexibility.  Check check check.  Well, we added in another notch to flexibility by moving the bike trainer upstairs so we can spend family time while mommy gets in her ride.  Also good for working on those quick dismounts when baby cries :-)

Did I mention how much I love my life as a Mom?  It's the best!!

Week 2 recap:  5 runs

1.  6 miles recovery - 55:02
2/3.  Speed work/tempo 2 miles (14:36) and 3 miles (22:41)
4.  Long run 1:  8 miles (1:11)
5.  Long run 2:  12 miles (1:50)


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