Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mommy Update - 6 months PP

It's been a few months since I checked in, so I figured it was time to share :-)  Granted, checking in with my physical or mental state might not be the best idea 10 days post holidays, but hey, we kep it real in these parts so here goes :-)

Physical Check in - I break this one into two parts - pre December 19th (first Christmas party) and as of this morning.  As of December 19th, I was 6 pounds lighter than my pre pregnancy weight and just 3 pounds from my happy weight.  2 and a half weeks of way too many cookies, rich foods and wine (aww yeah) I am now 5 pounds from my happy weight and 4 pounds lighter than pp.  Worth very cookie.  I'm focusing more on whole foods and quality protein in the New Year, and expect to lose those 5 in a few months.  Body wise, I am back in all my old shirts and the next size down in pants, and I think that's probably where I will stay.  My waist is still one inch bigger than pre baby, but lets be real here – I think I’ll take that one J  I have no doubt my happy weight will re-appear within the next month or two, and could’nt be happier about where I am body wise.  Plus, those Christmas cookies were delish!

Mental/Emotional Check in – I decided these go together.  As a mommy, I feel pretty darn good.  I’m not perfect, and I will, I am sure, stumble over decisions that I make until my child is grown and out of the house.  But overall, we are at a point now where we are sort of in a routine.  With that said, it’s a crazy routine.  Balancing a house, full time job, kiddo, and training is no joke.  And none of them are non-negotiable….have you seen me when I don’t get in a workout?  Not pretty.  Luckily, I have a partner who totally gets that and we do a hand off on after work workouts.  We both get a workout in, get to spend time with kiddo, then cram in the cooking, cleaning, bill paying, and random adult chores in the other slot of the evening.  Oh, plus another side business.  Yikes.  Whoever said that having a kid was a full time job wasn’t kidding!!  I have all the patience in the world with Rob, mostly with Greg, and less and less with the other BS.  I’m on social media less.  I blog less (sadly, but there are only so many hours!) and I spend way less time just mindlessly doing random things that accomplish nothing in the long run.  I’m getting better at saying no to things I really don’t have time for (probably pisses some people off, but oh well), and I’ve tried hard to shift my priorities as to whats important.  A perfectly clean living room?  No.  A 50 mile long slow ride?  Nope.  But I did vacuum and get in 10 tempo miles.  Good enough.  It’s an eye opening experience, and even though I’m dead on my feet, I love my life.
“Life” Check in – Last time I did one of these posts, I was just one week back to work, so I would say that commenting on real life with a baby is now acceptable.  This probably melds into what I’ve posted above, but life is really now a juggling and multi tasking effort.  We are a go go go from about 5:30 (or earlier) until about 10:30 or 11:00 at night, and I’ve found ways to combine things I never thought I would.  (Dinner and strength training.  Pumping and bill paying.  Vacuuming and lunch.  Wow.  It’s a struggle to get through everything, but I oddly feel so much more accomplished.  It seems like the days fly by, and Greg and I try to take time each night to have some solo baby snuggles, reading, bath time, and play.  And then mommy daddy time!  We aren’t perfect, but our little family is doing rather well.  I wouldn’t say another one is in our immediate plans, but being the parents is pretty cool so…..maybe in 2015 :-)  we'll see!

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