Monday, January 20, 2014

Rose Colored Specs

Hey all.  Hope you are enjoying your life on this snowy Monday.  It's a beautiful day.  No, I'm not just saying that.  As always, I have things to update you on.  Training for the week (spectacular), a few money saving links (that deserve their own post and I promise with a cherry on top you will get them) and, of course, some cute baby pictures.
But it's a Monday.  And with the weekend I've had, I'm in a waxing poetic kind of mood this afternoon, so pull up a chair and let's share some coffee, shall we?
It's been a crazy past year in my world, and the world of my nearest and dearest.  There have been births, deaths, big life changes, and minor everyday things that keep us chugging along.  Life. It happens.  Sometimes....I sit back and go....did it used to be easier?  When I could sleep?  When I had 20 minutes of me time that wasn't my commute?  When I could read 3-4 books a week?  And then....
I look at my beautiful kiddo.  The now.  And realize that I am happy.  And the past has it's place.....a beautiful place where I remember holidays filled with people that will be there for this years holidays...and people that won't be, for whatever reason.  The weekends when I would sleep until 9am, have a leisurely breakfast with coffee, and then go out for a 50 mile ride without a thought.  The concept of getting 8 hours of sleep.  Going out on dates with my husband, and dancing until 1am at a bar with my friends and the love of my life.
Let's go back further.  When I didn't have a mortgage.  Or bills to pay.  And either a frat party to attend, or a weekend out with my guys from high school.  The innocence of a first love, when holding hands sent butterflies swirling in your tummy and a carnation on valentines day was oh so thrilling.
I think that as the days become more hectic and life changes, it's so easy to yearn for these things that with the benefit of a fuzzy look back....look amazing.  We always forget that even though 2009 looks amazing now.... butit brought it's share of issues, too.  It wasn't perfect ( we probably looked back at 2007 then, lol).  And even though I would literally give up chocolate for a month to get a full nights sleep (nope, I didn't stutter).  But would I give up Rob, or even one second of his 6th month to get that sleep?  Oh hell no.  Never ever ever.  I love my life way too much now.
Did any of that make any sense?  I don't know.  It seems in the last year, there have just been so many damn changes - sometimes it makes my head spin.  Some of them I accept with open arms and joy, some of them take a little more getting used to.  But I firmly believe that if you aren't busy living, well...the alternative is just not pleasant.  So we have to live in the present.  And remember what we used to have fondly, but keep it there.  And keep our head up and love our life.  Just the way it is.  With everyone in it, and those that can't be or aren't with us anymore.  Life is amazing, and we all have so much to be thankful for.  Give it your all!

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