Sunday, January 5, 2014

6 Months - A whole half year!

Another month, another update.  This month you are officially closer to being a toddler than a baby....holy smokes, little man!!  We are having so much fun- every month just gets better and better!

Size -We go back to the docs next week, but according to my scale, you weigh in at just over 17 pounds.  That's almost triple your birth weight - my little man isn't so little anymore!!  As I feed you or snuggle with you, I marvel at how tall and chubbers you have gotten.  You almost fully scale the boppy, and your swing days are numbered!  Your little baby legs are not so little andymore- you have such nice roly polys!!  Its amazing how much different a half year makes....I dont want to know about when you're a teenager, k?
Likes: You are such a happy little dude.  You love bouncing, "walking" in your jumper, playing in your car, free mat time (so much better than tummy time!) and EATING.  Mommy is going to need to take out a second mortgage on that one, dude.  More on that on firsts....
Dislikes: You are a baby on the move.  You still hate being still, but you are getting to be a really good sitter, and you dont mind that so much.  Still, you would rather be exploring!  Oh, and peas.  You dislike peas.  I can undersand that one, buddy.  One step at a time!
Sleep: Good days and bad days.  We can get you in your room for naps, but for the night, its either
the crib by our bed or snuggles with mommy and daddy.  While neither one of us mind it, we know it's a work in progress!  You seem to be back to a 4 or 5 hour stretch then a night feeding - going down at 8ish, dream feed about 1030, then feed again about 3, then up for the day at 7.  There's sometimes a fussy bit about 5 am, but that depends on the day.  Sleep-who needs it?  (This is our theme!)
Eating: My little hoover.  We've started solids wuth regulariety - peas, squash, sweet taters, carrots, apples, bananas, avacados and prunes.  You adore it all except the peas, and sometimes carrots need to be mixed with a fruit.  You also like brown rice cereal mixed in with anything and oats.  You are your mommy's son!  As long as we feed it to you quick enough.....or else....
First Christmas!  You were amazing, buddy.  And oh so spolied!!  You helped really well opening gifts, but you seemed to like the wrapping paper much better than the gifts.  Dunno why we even  You got lots of cool stuff from everyone - you seem to be winning hearts left and right!  You always had mine :-)
First Highchair feed!  You are a pro.  You grab that spoon and noms like its your job.  You also like to smear it on your face, but hey, I hear avacado masks are all the rage at the spa.  lol
First creeps!  You have learned how to pull yourself along on the floor - you roll onto your tummy and get your little tush up in the air and go go go.  Pretty soon you'll be a crawlin fool!
First unassisted sits.  You still topple sometimes, but are learning to right yourself.  Mys trong man!
First solid poops.  Sorry to the non parents - so weird seeing some little nuggets!  (I also apologize to the teen Ro-Bear who reads this in 2020).
First new Years!  You, of course, did not stay up for midnight, but we planted a kiss on your perfect little head and knew without a doubt that your first full year was going to be awesome. 

Best Moment: Christmas was magical, little buddy.  From making the pierogies with the cousins to Christmas eve with our Polish fam to Christmas morning with Santa and Christmas day with your mom, dad, and loved it all.  You were such a little charmer and in awe of everything around you - next year you might even understand some of it!!

Looking Forward to: Crawling, new teeth (any day!), and some swimming lessons coming up....oh we are going to have so much fun exploring!!!

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