Friday, November 25, 2016


It's the number of dollars I spent this morning at 2am online when Biz was up for the 5th time.  Or the number of times my bestest sister cousin offered me wine at dinner yesterday (love ya Lise).  It's the number of Christmas cookies I plan to make (what's that, 15 dozen?  Maybe more....).

175.  Not really anything above, I was just teasing.  It's my short term goal.  The average person gains 5 pounds in the 5 weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day.  That's roughly 35 slices of pie, 70 pieces of melt in your mouth fudge, or 150 Christmas cookies.  And while I intend to partake in all the holiday loveliness (95 cocktails, yes please!!), I have no designs of not fitting into my size 6's post 2016 (thank you Rob and Biz, for running us around ragged and helping me get in the best shape I've ever been in!)

So, 175...miles.  If the average 135 pound woman burns 100 calories per mile (yes and I'm 34,now you know all my secrets) then it will be roughly 175 miles to offset all that Christmas goodness.  Honestly?  It's more of a goal just to have one - I've been feeling super out of sorts post marathon, aimless.  This is a nice way to end the year on a high note, burn off some stress, some nestle, and to get through the holiday feelin' strong.

35(ish) miles per week.  37 days.  Day #1 - a nice 7 mile outdoor run on a Friday off, no stress, no Black Friday mess, no nothin but me and the mist and a lil Suicide Squad soundtrack in the background.

7 down.  168 to go.  Who's with me??

Thursday, November 24, 2016

All the Love in the world

Happy Thanksgiving!  We are up bright and early here, kids playing, mom sipping hazelnut java....the perfect holiday morning (for at least 5 seconds) so I thought I would pop in and say hello!!  It's a day to be amazed at how wonderful your life really is (yeah, I threw in some Capra) and to be so thankful for those things that you often overlook in the rush rush of everyday living.  It's easy to just make an assumption that people really know how you feel about them - today is the day to give extra hugs and love, to spend time with those we cherish, and sure, why not, to throw some pie in there too.

We are lucky enough to have my in-laws with us this week (outlaws?) so today will be filled with a little extra love, snuggles, laughs, and crazy.  Greg and I plan to run a 10k together this morning, then spend the afternoon at our aunt's house, with all of our family - plenty of food, WINE, love, jokes, and imperfect perfections.  God I love my family.

Today I am so incredibly thankful for....

My kids.  I adore you Rob and Biz - even though I never sleep, i appreciate the opportunity to be your mom 24/7 - really, you're just making sure I get the full experience :-)  I love your crazy, your wonder, your adventure, and most of all, when you snuggle up against me super tight and love me up like no one else can.

My husband.  Through this crazy stretch of life's road we are on....I would rather "run" it with no one else.  God bless the broken road....that lead me straight to you.  I adore you.  (for 46 more years).

My mom.  No one else could ever take your place.  You are amazing, loving, and such a wonderful gramma to both your grandkids.  I truly couldn't do it without you.

My wonderful family.  Gruncle, Dad, GG, Karen, Tom, Kathy, Lisa, Lisa (not a typo!), Amy, Michelle, Howie,  Sue, Margie, Noah, John, Megan, Aunt Diana, Royer, Abby and anyone else I neglected in my 5am haze...I love you.  Our holidays, our every days.....truly are so special to me.  So blessed to have such a crazy amazing family.

My friends.  All of the old and the have been there for me through thick and thin, through sleepless nights and mind hazy days....with wine, coffee, off color jokes and love.  I adore you!!!

My Mary Poppins.  I could not do it without you.  You are just simply supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  100% straight up amazed at how wonderful your presence and inclusion in our family has been.  You are stuck with us for life.

My insane co workers.  Through some pretty insane times in 2016....Jerry, Pam, Ryan and guys have been the best team I could ask for.  No other team I have been part of has cared so much not only about our work but about everyone as people.  You are the best "work family" I could ever ask for.  No poo about it.

It really is a wonderful life when you think about it.  I'm so thankful for my home.  Our neighborhood.  My ability to shuck all responsibility and go run for an hour...or 4.  My job.  Our
ability to pay the bills and put food on the table.

I am such a lucky woman.  I hope everyone else is truly as blessed as I am today.  I wish everyone the happiest and most wonderful day ever.  I am so thankful for you, my readers!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Now What?

Well, hi there.  I'm aware that its the norm that I am blogging once or twice a month.  Perhaps as the winter sets in, Ill start to write more....lately I just haven't had much to say.  Well, correction.  I've had a lot to say, but either 1) It comes to me during a run and I forgot by the time i have 10 minutes to write, or, 2) It has to do with politics, and, sadly, I've learned that hard way that if my opinion didn't match some of the people I was discussing the issues with, they got personally nasty.  Which is a shame.

Of course, the title of this post might imply I'm getting into some long winded discussion about "now what" for our country, now that Trump is president elect, but I'll save everyone some time.  My thoughts are this, in a nutshell:  1.  If you voted, good for you.  It was a hot button election with strong sides, and if you too a stand, I'm personally proud to call you friend, no matter what your stand was.  2.  It completely blows my mind how wrong the "experts" were in this election - while we were so busy looking at a few select groups, we forgot about the blue collar union worker in middle America, which, no matter how you slice it, had an opinion that was obviously heard.  3.  Again, I'm not dumb enough to try to legitimize my thoughts, cause, we all know that's not gonna fly in 2016 (Wait, what?) but even though I seriously question some of Trump's stances, I'm willing to give him a fair shot.  He is the president elect, and I'm of the mind that it's time to stand by it and give it our best go.  Until December 19th, of course :)

A new goal...naps.  I don't think my boss would approve :-)
But.  Enough soapboxing.  My really about my life right now.  I ended 2016 season on a super high note (One more "fun" 15 mile trail race on the books but for all intents and purposes, the season is done) and now....I feel sort of out of my element.  I mean, I chased that goal for 5 freaking years...what now?  And all of these thoughts I have....BQ?  Sub 1:45 half?  5:30 Half Ironman?  Ironman 2017?  are sort of....fuzzy.  And while I feel in super great shape, I'm not terribly motivated to chase any of them right now.  Which is good, because neither is my body!  But....I've been training for so long this season (basically since December 2015) that I don't quite know what to do.  I took today off, to get some things done.  It was such a gorgeous day, that I HAD to run.  I thought about running to Webster.  I thought about doing a trail run (which I have to drive to get to the trail,  But...I did a nice easy 8 miler, mowed the lawn, cleaned the garage, deep cleaned downstairs, did laundry, and grocery shopped.  A productive day off but....I'm used to taking a day off to go run 20 miles.  Weird.

I know.  Set another goal.  I'm working on it.  While it's all good to about a work goal, or a home goal, or a life goal....I can do that.  But I love having a physical challenge that takes my mind off of life.  That's the point.  Right now, I don't have to run to lose x amount of pounds (I actually am about 10 pounds under goal weight - yes - stop throwing cabbages).  So I do it for sanity.  For work stress relief.  To have some me time where I'm just Rae, not Mom, not Program Manager (Mister Manager?) or any other label in my life.  So what's next?  When I figure it out, I will surely let you know.

But right now, I'm sort of stumbling around in the fog (actually, in more than just running, but that's another story).  And it's a pretty sort of fog, where you admire the mystery and just go where it takes you, but it's still an aimless trip.  And that's about all I've got.  Stay tuned?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Empire Marathon 2016 : Third Times The Charm!!!

Perhaps it only takes three months of race prep and a big ole PR or me to post.  And to pot a race report....gasp....three days post race!  Well, whatever.  I'll take it.  The last month has been sort of a mess - a fall down the stairs resulting in a concussion, massive amounts of work stress, sleep regressions and night terrors (and not just for Greg and I) etc etc.  Last week I turned the big 34 and so far it seems that perhaps this might be the turning point, as October has been snap happy so far.  but that's a post for another today.  Today, all me and my completely trashed legs want to talk about is my race report for the Empire Marathon - marathon #7 overall for me, #5 standalone, and the 3rd time since 2011 I have tried to break 4 hours (2011 DC hiatus....2014 OBX hiatus....and now!)  As the post indicates in a wonderful spoiler fashion, I frickin' did it!  But tough nuts, I'm still gonna wax poetic about it.  So, pick up your mug of coffee and settle in for my long winded verbal vomit.  Thanks, guys.  Love ya too.

Greg and I signed up for this race back in January - we figured Syracuse was reasonably close, course was pretty flat, and since I wasn't about to pay over $100 for Wineglass on my birthday, the discounted price of $65 for the full and $55 for the half sounded good.  Plus, it would serve to be a decent season wrap up and a good "A" race for both of us - Greg wanted to break 2 hours in the half, and I was itching for a sub 4.  
This season...I ran.  Alot.  I used the same FIRST training plan that I have for both prior attempts to break 4, but added in one easy run per week to add up to 35-40 mpw in 4 runs.  I did my ultra in May to get a good base, ran a few half marathons to train, and did Vegas Marathon because I am, in fact, a moron.  Post Vegas, I did this training plan for 14 weeks, missing only one week because I am an idiot and fell down the stairs (forced recovery??)  Other than that stupidity, I managed to remain uninjured, which, given my penchant for running when I am pissed off, is shocking.  However, that probably helped me with my speed - I felt strong and ready for this race!!  Oddly enough for me, I tapered well.  I cut down on runs, ate like it was my job, and gained 2 pounds pre race week, which is exactly what I wanted.  I got a pre race massage on Monday, which was a deep tissue massage hour of hell that left me in tears, but did the damn job.  All my shake out runs went well, which, of course, as a neurotic runner, left me worried.  The ole dress rehearsal mess syndrome.  

The night before the race, our awesome nanny came and spent the night.  I am debating stealing her from her husband (he is a runner and knows of my evil plans).  It made race morning super easy- even though Biz was up, oh, every hour (what in the hell would I do with a full ngihts sleep??) race morning, Greg and I got ourselves pulled together sans kiddo disruptions, smooched our lovies, and set out.  Race day temps were 45 at 6am, and 50-60 during the race, partly sunny.  In other words, perfect.  Pre race, I drank some strong coffee, ate peanut butter covered raisin toast and applesauce, downed two immodium (always good insurance) and chatted up a few Roc runner friends, two of which were trying to BQ (3:30 yikes!) and another friend running the half.
Race logistics were....interesting.  There were 1300 runners between the full and half, and they did a mass start, which, to be frank, was dumb.  But I'm not an RD, so I'll shush.  We did the anthem, lined up as best we could, and were off!!

Right away, the shit hit the fan.  I was running in a borrowed sparkle skirt (which my friend Amanda PRed in several times, hey, I'll give it a shot, and it was super comfy!).  I had stuffed all my crap in the pockets, and I forgot to grab gum.  Damn.  So I played around with the pockets and found it.  Good deal.  Then, my skirt started to slip.  WTF.  I looked like a total ass for 5 minutes, hitching it up every 30 seconds until it, like my legs, found its groove and settled in without a problem for 25.5 miles :-P, and felt fantastic.  Lookin good in 8:15 for mile 1....way too fast!!  I was aiming for a 9:05 for just under 4, and I can't negative split to save my soul, but was shooting for about 8:45.  Good deal.  About mile 1.5 I shucked my throw away top at the aid station...along with my headphones.  Shit.  I grabbed them super quick, adjusted, listened to Sophistifunk 3 times on repeat before fixing the damn settings, then settled in...again.  Bt wait, where was mile 2?  Looked down at my garmin and saw 1.75 22 minutes.  What???  I realized that perhaps I hit a button on the watch while disrobing and calmed somewhat.  Mile 3 in 24:50.  Garmin read - 2.32.  Shit.  This is gonna suck.  Here my garmin says mile 2 took 22 minutes (what was I napping??) and I am uber off the course.  Oh well.  I decided to go with it, and just said screw electronics, Ill use the watch time and look at mile splits.  Mental math keeps my brain busy and off my legs.
Which, by the way, they felt awesome.  Mile 4, 5, 6 and 7 ticked by (the last one at 58 minutes and change, still too fast) but I was super enjoying myself.  The full turned away from the half and we started to wind our way around the lake, which was frickin gorgeous.  I lost myself in the tunes and connected with a woman who was trying to BQ with a 3:45...way too fast, Rae!!  I slowed somewhat, and started wondering about mile 8.  And 9.  And 10????  Dammit.  This was OBX all over again, where I saw mile 24 3 times....except there were no mile markers!!!  This was why I bought the dam Garmin, who was happily humming away at 8.08 in 1:25 which was....not right.  At all.  Well, WTF.  I decided that I would rather the electronics failed me than my body, and sort of laughed.  Turned back to the half course to do our second lollipop and saw,,,,mile 11.  Thank you Jesus!  (1:36).  Mental math told me I was still a few minutes ahead of pace, which felt about right.  Keep on truckin.

Miles 13-15 were pretty uneventful except I still had no idea where I was on the course.  This was a half road half trail marathon so even if I wanted to drive it (I wouldn't have, admission) I couldn't.  I wasn't too concerned with life, though.  Mile 15, finally a mile marker, at 2:11.  I was starting to think big picture - If I could find mile 20 by 2:58, which seemed totally doable, I could rely on 10 minute miles to the finish.  Perfect.  I saw my speedy Boston chasers about 15.5, which put them at mile 18, and made me feel awesome.  What a great day for a run.  My legs had started to tighten up a bit, nothing crazy, so I stopped at the water stop at 16 for a quick walk break and real liquid.  I was downing gus about every half hour and they sat just fine, along with a quick swig of water or gatorade every water stop (15 mins).  At the 17 mile turnaround, I was at 2:32 - hmm.  A 10 minute mile already?  Weird.  I started checking my garmin every 2 minutes like an obsessive monkey and sure enough, I was at about a 9:45 pace.  Which felt weird.  My legs were in pain but nothing I haven't run through, I just seemed stuck at a pace.  Mile 18 - 2:42, Mile 19 - 2:53.  WTF.  At that point, I realized I went out too frickin fast and started to go, as Sabastian Kienle would say, into the shit.  My mind went to bad, bad places.  Could I really do this?  Perhaps not.  Mile 20 - 3:02.  Fuck.  I reminded myself that I could most certainly do a 57 minute 10k.  What the hell was wrong with me.  And I repeated the mantra that I woke up with "Today is the day I will break 4" over and over with each step.  It was GONNA happen.

With resolve, I chugged some gummy bears (keeping it classy) and took off at a slightly faster clip.   Mile 21, I grabbed some water, looked down, and saw 3:12.  WHAT THE FUCK.  I KNEW I couldn't run a 9 minute mile to the finish.  That was it.  I wasn't gonna do it.  I started to tear up, and slowed to a walk.  All this damn training.  Total crap.  As I saw my A goal evaporate, I remembered my second attempt to break 4 in OBX in 2014, when a misplaced mile 24 marker mentally screwed me up.  And I realized that perhaps this might be the same thing.  Why am I giving up with 5 miles left to go?  I thought.  This would really piss me off if I trained all damn year and because I threw a temper tantrum, I missed my goal.  Screw it.  I'll re assess at mile 23.  And I took off.  I don't remember mile 22, which was probably good.  There was a water stop where I accidentally dumped gatorade on my shoes, soaking them.  Since everything else hurt, who cared?

Mile 23:  3:29.  I so can do a 30 minute 5k.  Mile 21, you lied!!  I turned on some power tunes, and started to play some mental footstep games to ignore my legs.  Mile 24: 3:38.  I knew if I could get to mile 25 in 3:48, I had this.  So I put on some crazy trap music, and jammed out, determined to go.  I passed a guy and said, C'mon, let's do this!  He goes, "I can't do it.  You go.  This is not happening".  Eff that.  If I was going to end up unable to walk the next day, I better have a damn 3 in my race result in the first digit!!  Mile 25: 3:47.  YOU. GOT. THIS.  As I hammered out the final mile (in 8:40, thankyouverymuch!)I saw Greg by the turn toward the finish.  I got shivers. And a stupid goofy smile.  And knew, frickin finally, this was happening.  I crossed the finish in 3:58, with a giant smile on my face and on total dead legs.

Post race, I connected with my NYC bound new friend who leapfrogged with me, who said she ran a 26.6, which seemed about right with some of the wonky miles.  My ROC buddies BQed with 9 minutes to spare, Greg PRed in 1:58 (weird how that works!) and we all high fived each other on a great race day.

I still can't believe that this 5 year quest really happened.  Three days later, I still feel like crap, but have the biggest grin on my face.  2016 race year, perfect ending.  I am so flippin happy.  And stupidly proud for not letting technology, lack of mile markers, or worse - my own head- get in my way.  Take THAT, mental game!

What's next?  Who knows!  Right now I'm enjoying falls - a few bike rides to shake out the legs, a few house projects (kitchen reno) and playing with my kiddos.  Tomorrow we will go apple picking and enjoy a perfect fall weekend with a pumpkin walk, carnival, and football with our cousins.  And then, of course, the sickness will return with a few short runs and some solid GAME ON for 2017.

But right now I'm a happy girl.  And a sub 4 marathoner.  And that, my friends, is enough.  (Thanks for reading if you made it this far!!)

Monday, September 12, 2016

12 Months ....One Year Old! The Bizzle!!!

Today's the day, Biz!!  One year ago today, you graced us with your presence in a typical Glaser fashion - full out, in a hurry, in your face Biz-ness.  In the last year, this has not changed one iota.  And while I will miss my baby girl in a way that only a parent can, I cannot WAIT to see the little toddler that surely won't toddle for have so much to do!  So with that, let's look at our last monthly edition of "the biz" - thanks for reading along as I did these with both kiddos, they were alot of fun and a great way to make sure this busy mommy stopped for a second, took some pictures, and documented important milestones.

Size - 22 pounds, give or take (we shall see for sure this week at the docs!).  Biz, you are such a healthy, sturdy little girl.  Don't ever let anyone tell you that's a bad thing - those muscular and well built Glaser leggos will get you far - maybe even an Ironman someday???

Likes:  Playing catch, chasing cars, running (or bear crawling) around with Rob at the "Glaser Speedway".  Snuggling with Rinny (that cat loves you!!) Playing in the pool (no matter how big!), going down the slide, going for rides in the wagon, and exploring the great outdoors!!!

Dislikes: Morning naps.  Sleeping through the night (again).  The inability to go as fast as Rob.  Someday, kiddo - someday.

Sleep: Time for some ole fashioned love in the form of sleep training, Bizzle.  Right now you are awesome until about midnight, when no one can calm you down except Mom.  Which is so flattering, kiddo, but at the same time...Mommy's tired.  And even though I love snuggling with you, our 3am conversations would be alot cooler if we didn't have things to do in the a.m.  Capiesce?  Mkthanks.  Love you baby girl!

Eating:  You are such a champ.  Every parent's dream.  You are still a boob girl, but I have no problem with that for a few more months, kiddo.  You started whole milk this month and do a great job with the sippy.  You also still love all the foods - you love meat and eggs, cheese, and of course ice cream!  You also through your strawberry cake for your birthday was pretty delish, and decorated your party dress as it needed to be done - with frosting!!

Steps:  You've taken two- such a big girl!!
Descending steps - You do this as part of your dance repertoire - gives me a heart attack, but you are pretty good at it!!
Sliding down the slide - You squeal with glee!!
New Words: Ball and Dadden (Dad).  You're gonna be a motor mouth - I know it!!
Birthday cake:!  You loved your pink cake!

Best Moment: You had such an awesome first birthday - watching you during your party, hamming it up, loving your cake, twirling like the princess you are - made me smile with such happiness little one.  You are gonna be a handful when you grow up, and I wouldn't have it any other way!  You are such a little personality and bundle of joy.  

Looking Forward to:  YAll the fun stuff of toddler hood - the walking around, laughing, trying new sounds and words, and yes, even the crayoning of walls and screaming with glee to watch the Lion King for the zillionth time (yep- you heard it hear!)  I LOVE YOU BIZ A BIZ!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

To my not so much a baby anymore baby girl

Hey Biz biz.

Mommy might be slackin to the max when it comes to some forms of blogging (like your party or a new race development) but kiddo, this is too important to be late for.  It's about you.  My baby girl.  Or, as it seems, not so much a baby anymore baby girl.  See, kiddo, one year ago today, you were still in Mommy's tummy.  We didn't even know if you were an Elisabeth or an Andrew or a Sean then (yep, we had two boys names.  And yep, your real name is NOT biz).

Kiddo, you changed that all one year ago tomorrow.  You came out in a flurry of Miss Bizness, all ready and raring to go!  (even if the hospital staff didn't quite make it to get you!).  I gotta tell ya kiddo, before you came along, Mommy was nervous.  I already had one perfect child - how could I possibly make room in my heart for two?  And how could I be a mommy to a girl if that's what you were??  Here's where you make that famous giggle coo of yours that says....silly Mommy.  Because of course I loved you times a bazillion squizzilion from the moment I saw you.  You are a perfect bundle of sweetness and spitfire all wrapped into one.  And from the moment your brother walked in the room and dubbed you "Biz"...I knew I had my perfect family, with more than enough love for both my kiddos that my heart gets a little bigger and kathumps more and more with unending love for both of you every single minute.  I never pictured a girl....but my Biz are every mother's dream baby.

In the last 12 months, Biz, you and I have become tighter than tight.  We get to see each other every day, and since Mommy works from home, we get to snuggle, feed, and sometimes you even poose out on Mommy while I'm working!  Aww Biz.  We snug so well together.  There is nothing you love more than to be wrapped in the bjorn, right up against me, chattering, nomsing, giggling, or passed out on my chest, a perfect earprint a leftover reminder of our bond.

And we play.  We go for runs in the stroller (you JUST beat me every time!), we read, we blow raspberries, we feed each other yogurt (true story) and we play silly made up mommy n Biz games.

You are such a daredevil!  You love exploring in the fridge, racing alongside Bro, climbing up and down stairs, and practicing ballet on the third step up, grabbing the railing (your barre) and cracking me up.  You also love your kitties so much, and Rinny loves you to pieces - snugging up against you when you don't have a mommy nearby to nap on.

Biz, your brother adores you.  Watching the two of you play together as he teaches you and you strive to emulate him bursts my mommy heart into a zillion pieces.  If I thought life was amazing with one, it doesn't compare to the love I feel for each of you seperately, but also together.  I can't imagine a life filled with as much joy, love and laughter as we have now!

Tomorrow, you will be one.  It makes me a little bit sad, as I think of the nights that you spent snuggled on my chest, the days you spent wrapped tightly in my arms, needing and loving your mommy so much as she protected you from the big world out there.  Never again will you need me so much, baby girl.  As I packed up your baby clothes, I got a little bit (ok a lot a bit) emotional as I looked at the NB onesie you wore on the way home....your froggy slippers...and the most perfect little cap built for a tiny head.  As you are our youngest, there will be no more newborn outfits.  No more rocking and feeding 5 times a night.  No
more 14 diaper a day changes....(Ok, that I won't miss).  It's bittersweet.

But then I remember the sound of a Biz laugh.  And you petting Meb so gently, eyes full of wonder.  Or as you pull up to stand, let go of the couch, and stare at me in amazement as you conquer your first steps.  And then I remember....that each stage is only better and better.  And soon we will be giggling together as we read a book and then go splashing in the pool, or play candy land, or snuggle on the couch and watch Madagascar for the 400th time  (Oh wait, that's all your bro!) and I remember that each stage and phase is the most amazing ever.  And how very lucky I am to be your mommy.

Thank you, Biz a biz.  You showed your mommy how very much love a person could have for have been the best baby biz a mom could ask for, and I can't wait to spend the next rest of my life sharing mommy and biz and daddy and rob time together.....I am so very blessed that you came into my life.  And I love you so much, my princess.


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Black Diamond Express Half Marathon: Its gettin HOT in here!

You think I would have learned my lesson.  Run the damned race, decompress, eat Pizza, BLOG.  Makes it a bit easier to remember shit, right?  But, of course, here I sit, 2 weeks later, wanting to write this race report (and about 3 other posts!) and it's gettin a little fuzzy to remember the deets.  But, to be fair, the whole second half of this race was fuzzy, so it's a legit race report, right?  Right.

Greg and I signed up for the Black Diamond Half back in April for a few reasons - it was close (about a half hour away), 6 weeks out from our A Race (Empire) and it was cheap ($50).  Plus, it was on a rail trail, which was pretty darn flat (less than 200 ft gain for 13.1 miles).  he only downfalls were that it was a day after a wedding shoot and...August.  But hey, we figured we would roll the dice and see what happened - either way, it seemed like a great tune up!

My training had been going pretty darn well until the week of the race, when I stupidly (out loud) made note of the fact that I had been feeling strong and had no injury since April.  Rae, you dummy.  I spent the latter part of the week feeling like crap - Achilles flair up and low grade sickness.  Lesson learned - my poker face is on with training now!!  The night before, Greg got home at 1am from the wedding, and the kids decided not t go to bed until 10:30 - and then Biz woke up every frickin hour from 12am on.  Sweet.  This was compounded by the fact that Friday night, I got about 4 hours of sleep because I wanted to let Greg sleep in.  Dammit.  I woke up race morning exhausted, sore and super queasy.  Looked at the forecast, which was calling for 80 a 8am start time.  On a course with little shade.  You'd think I would have gotten used to that from Running with the Devil, but it always sucks to see a hot day ahead.  Eh, it is what it is.  Packed up our crap, waited for Gramma and Liz (thank you so much for babysitting!!) and headed out to the race site.

Pre Race, we hung out, relaxed, and chatted up some fellow runners.  And I hit the potty.  Alot.  Five times, to be exact.  (Yes, I know its TMI....but this is a race report.  Deal).  I was seriously questioning a 3rd immodium and if I should stuff tissues in my bra (yeah, theres a runner problem!) when they started the anthem.  Shit.  Greg and I revised our race A goal was a sub 1:50 (PR) which I was sorta thinking would be doable....but with the weather (83 at 8am), humidity, and my tummy, I knew it was probably dumb.  So I decided to play it be ear (Famous last words).

And we were off!!  This race attracts some serious runners, because its low key, cheap, no frills, and situated perfectly for a fall marathon tune up.  All of my running skirt ladies were there (they are ALL faster than me, 3rd place OA coming in 1:30 something.  I asked her for a piggy back.  I think she thought I was kidding...I wasn't.)  I planted myself behind a few BQers and tried to settle in with my sloshing stomach.  Miles 1, 2 and 3 all clocked in around 8:15, which was what I needed for a PR....could i do it?  I hooked up with a fellow skirter at mile 4, and we decided to aim for 8:20s, which would set us up for a 1:49.  Cool.  My stomach started to settle, but I was hungry, so I ate my fuel (gummi bears, cause I'm cool like that) at mile 5.  Sweet.  The water stops were every 2 - 2.5 miles, which was fine on the way out....but you  know whats coming.  The temperature climbed...and it got grosser.  Hit the turnaround (mile 6.55) in 54:00 and I started to think a PR might be doable!  Then....we started running into the sun.  And I lost it.  I was thirsty, foggy, hungry, and yucky feeling.  I stopped for a quick walk break, and was done.

no joke.
The back part of this race report is lame and completely predictable.  Run five minutes, curse, walk, hitch up m soggy skirt, try not to flash people, look at my garmin, swear, repeat.  Add in a few extra colorful expressions, good to go.  Amuse myself with the people still running out with a "What the fuck" expression on their face.  Curse some more.  WHERE THE HELL IS THE WATER??  Miles 6.5 to 8/5 were an unhappy blur, as were miles 8.5 to 10.5 (we all told the RD afterward he needed water every mile).  At mile 11, I decided to suck it up and just run - which I did, still hitching up my skirt every 2-3 minutes (this is not the marathon skirt!) and I finally crossed the finish in 1:55 - not what I originally went into the day for, but it seemed everyone suffered by at least a few minutes or more....evidence that my out split was 6 minutes faster than my return!!

Post race I grabbed a bagel, pickle ade  (nectar from the gods) and hung out with my girls while I waited for Greg (who finished epically and strong).  I came in 16th OA woman (out of about 80) and 7th in my 30-39 AG (out of 23) so I was pretty pleased, even though I hadn't gotten the time I wanted.

I felt pretty good about a sub 4 in 6 weeks (now 4!) in Empire.  And that's what I came to do.  And thankfully, my tummy cooperated once we got started!  Now, onto the little things - like picking out a race outfit, a new bra to store gus (the struggle is real) and a few little 20 milers.  Such a charmed life, I know :-)).