Monday, January 24, 2011

The Pain Cave

Hello Monday!! 
Due to my leftover personal days needing to be used by the end of the month, I took today (and next Monday) off!  Woohoo!!  The crappy cold over the weekend left me hoping to complete my 17 mile long run this morning.  I bounded out of bed with energy to burn (hubs slept through the night FINALLY!) and looked outside:

Score!!  I started up the computer to plan my route and made the mistake of reading the temperature app: -11.  DAMMIT!!!  I looked at the forecast and saw that the good ole cowtown I live in was going to get up to a balmy 10 today...and not until 4pm.  Crap.  Time to rethink.  I briefly considered going to the gym, but a 17 mile long run on the 'mill just sounds like the worst thing, ever.  I know, I know....HTFU.  But its my training, dammit, Ill make the rules.  And Alexa told me I shouldn't have to I didn't :-)  I moved the 17 miler to Saturday, where there is a heat wave of 30 predicted, shelved the 13 miler thats supposed to happen, and went with  what I really wanted to do-ride!

I may have an unhealthy addiction to my computrainer, but I really love the fact that I can get in any kind of workout I want to-even on race terrain.  Some people call it "the dungeon" or "the pain cave"...I love it.  Today, I decided to do a long ride at HIM goal pace to see where I was at.  Greg burned Sex in the City 2 for me (read-I told him if he DIDNT I would redbox it and make him watch he did.  What a good hubby :-)) so I filled up my water bottles, slathered some apple slices with pb ( I like real food on the bike!) , and got ready to rock-goal: 2 hours at HIM pace.
Here's my setup:
 Note the excellent system with entertainment, nutrition, towels, and random bike gadgets on the top shelf.  The TV is 10 years old and we got it for 20 bucks, and the DVD player is 20 as well.  I think I spent half my life here last winter training for IMLP!

 I got a little fiesty with the self timer after my ride...recreation :-)  That would be why I look like crap! (You get pretty puffy during a ride)

 ...view from the saddle.  Yup, this is how I like to spend my time!

I had planned on doing 2 hours, but when I got to mile 40 at 2:04xxx, I knew I wanted to push for 50.  My nutrition was great, my legs a little sore but not too bad-and...I was hungry.  hungry for 50, baby!!

The last 10 miles are another reason we call this the pain cave.  Your legs hurt, you feel your speed slipping a bit, the cat just crapped in the litter box and it smells (I can't make this sh*t up) and you dig deep.  How bad do you want it?
Workout Stats
Distance: 50 miles
Time: 2:36:21
Avg speed: 19.3

Bring it, Jeff Henderson.

I know it's not everyone's idea of a perfect day off, but it's mine.  Just me, the bike, my stats, and Mr. Big.  And Aidan.  *LOVE*

...and  I have 2 and a half hours before I lose the workout window...and some Lorna Doones calling my name! :-D

Whats your idea of a perfect day off?


  1. Sex and the City 2 was AWFUL. I think it should be renamed to: Plastic Surgery and the City.

  2. So true! It kept me entertained enough for a long ride though....but I couldnt imagine watching it without multi tasking :-P

  3. I watched "The Runaways" on my long trainer ride on Saturday! really scraping the bottom of the barrel right now..