Tuesday, June 14, 2011


(Note to all:  The title has absolutely nothing to do with this post.  I asked the hubster for his input, he gave it.  I did not specify Smile with tongue out)
Yay for Tuesday!  Lovin’ life today Smile  The eye doctor was on time, I got in a 40 mile ride, and I don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for contacts!  The world is good!  And only 3 MORE SLEEPS till Lake Placid!!!  Woohooo!!
Since I am in such a lovey mood, it’s time for another top ten things rockin my world lately Open-mouthed smile

1.  It bears repeating….only thee days left until Placid Training Camp at the Lovely Alpine Air motel!  Shag carpets! Rotary phones!  Long miles and good friends!  GET EXCITED!
The view from the lovely Alpine Air

2.  Favorite new author:  Diane Chamberlain.  A friend suggested I check out her work…she is pretty similar to Jodi Picoult, but the endings are much nicer Smile
3.  Sun Tea.  The epitome of summer-yay!
4.  Summertime Trash TV.  So you Think you can Dance is to the final 20….stay tuned and I’ll predict the top 3 within a week.  And Robert is an all star!!! (Be still my heart)
5.  My evolving watch tan.  It means that summertime has really arrived in NY.  I think Open-mouthed smile
6.  Wearing skirts to work!  I get to show off my super cool sharpie tattoos from the weekend better that way….lol.
Epic 'fu
7.  Tofu.  Say what you will, I’ve figured out the perfect way to cook it-basting with teriyaki and baking for 40 minutes.  Serve alongside sweet tater fries.  Who needs junk food? (Ok, I do.  But this is still pretty f’ing epic!)
8.  fudgies.  yum.  (ok, I guess the correct term is Fudgesicles, but, really, I am 6.)
9.  Butch.  He hurts so good.  It’s not masochism, it’s triathlon. I swear.
10.  Pseudo geeky movies like Harry Potter 7 and Lord of the Ring, which I have FINALLY watched now.  No judging.  Maybe I’ll get to Part 2 in 2015 Smile with tongue out

What are you loving lately?

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