Thursday, June 2, 2011

Veggie Tastic

3 days till Tri Season 2011 starts!  Get Excited!!!

It's been a crazy, draining week in my world, but, starting today, I'm gettin' myself back in race mode!!  You know what that means?

 No, sillies, not that :-P  (Though I do think it would be kind of cool or maybe super scary) to see a big ole burger run past you in a race :-D.  Clearly, I need help.

Race mode does not equal burgers, unfortunately.  It equals hydration (got my water bottle with me at all times), quality sleep (gonna shoot for this tonight and tomorrow!), resting and scaling back workouts for the next two days (I'm pretty terrible at this but I'm gonna try!).
 I don't think it'll be too hard this time though....all this week I've been pretty strung out and useless when it comes to training.  I think that other distractions (work, personal life, the crazy heat) have gotten to me, along with a pretty terrific allergic reaction/rash from working out in the garden Tuesday night.  I think I should probably be a bit more careful with certain weeds delegate all weeding to the husband, no?  Aww c'mon :-D

Hmmm, so if I can't workout, and I need something low key but fun to occupy my time, what to do?  Get creative in the kitchen :-)  Even though I haven't posted on Taste the Rainbow lately, here's a glimpse of my latest yummy eats-Rainbow Tofu!!
It's pretty simple-Formaned Tofu with adobo seasoning, and chopped jicama, mango and sweet potato with a titch of olive oil and seasoning served over a bed of lettuce.
My taste buds and tummy both say yum :-)  I get more and more excited about produce as the temperatures get higher...there is nothing more satisfying than a fresh veggie and fruit themed dinner!  (Well, ok, other than peanut butter and chocolate, but hey, I'm trying to look at the bigger picture!!)

On tap for a low key night-an easy bike ride, some yoga, a new book I can't put down, and some high quality trash TV with the hubster.  You know you want my life :-P  No?  It's ok, I'll keep it!

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