Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Humpty Dumpty

Do the humpty hump, c'mon and do the humpty hump!

Or something like that :-P  Happy happy Wednesday!  T minus 24 hours until North Carolina time, baby!!  Today's the day to pack it all up, pick up Mama TFB's car (who is amazingly awesomesauce and is letting us drive her new car down to NC!) and get ready for tomorrow!  That is, unless the cat unpacks all our stuff...or just climbs into the suitcase.  She is not a fan of her [people leaving.  Really, she runs the house, and we just do what she tells us to.  Obvi.
The Roo-anti packing cat.

So....The hubster and I are leaving after work tomorrow to make the 13 hour treck down to Charlotte, and will be driving through the night to get to NC on Friday morning.  Yowtch is right.  But we have some iron planning to do, a top secret mission (more on this next week!) and over 400 bad songs in our "Roadhouse" Ipod folder to sing along to.  Aren't you jealous.  We're a ROWDY crew in the car :-P  At least we sometimes drive with our hands. 

In other news....guess who ran today?  ME!!  Yup.  Just did a nice 30 minutes with some speed bursts, but it was pain free during the actual run!  Some lingering soreness afterwards, but I iced up good and am feeling pretty optimistic.  Only T minus 18 days till Musselman!  YAY!!!

Okey dokey, well I am just not very creative today, so I think I'll take that as a sign to stop wasting your time rambling.  One more pretty picture of dinner (minus the accompanying bowl of cereal):

Who says breakfast isn't for any time?  I might like my oatmeal lumpy for breakfast, but eggs are good any ole time of the day! 

Yeah, that's what she said.  Narf :-P


  1. I had a cat that would barf on my suitcase anytime I was packing. Must be a cat thing.

  2. I think so. You wouldnt think barfing translates to "don't go, Mom!" but I think it does in cat world. LOL