Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Speed Shmeed

Happy Summer Solstice!  What are you planning on doing today, the "longest" day of the year? 

Mirror Lake....this beauty never gets old.
Me?  I think I'm gonna slow down.  If there's one thing that I learned over the weekend, its that sometimes, speed is overrated. 
Oh sure, in my sport, speed work has it's place.  But sometimes, chucking your mph out the window and going for a long, slow bike ride, or a long, slow run through the most gorgeous country in the world, is where it's at.
Swimming in a lake?  Sure, practice your sighting and speed at times.  Good ideas for race day.  But sometimes, feeling the sun on your face and the water reflecting calmly as you sluice through it, reminds you of the biggest "why" for what you do what you do. 
Because you love it.  Because it's fun.  Because, no matter how many times you might run until you puke, or do just ONE MORE interval at L5 pace in the pool, THIS is what it is all about.  Enjoying the journey.  Realizing just how damn lucky you are to be able to move your body, to be able to enjoy the sunrise over a calm lake, and to be able to smell the Adirondack air. 
To say-the heck with technology and my bike computer.  My "power" reading.  My mp3 player.  Instead, I'll focus on the sound of the wind (well, maybe curse it at times, but other times enjoying the cool breeze!).  Or the gorgeous brook aligning the road that I run in. 
Sometimes, it's all about the experience.  Thank you, Lake Placid, for reminding me that!

Of course.....in just a few short weeks, it's all about this:
SUPAH SPEED!!!!  Neeeeerrrrrrrrrrroooooowwwwwww!!!!  (Lame attempt at dirt bike starting engine onomatopeia).  Mussel...Mussel...Mussel....Mussel....MUSSEL UP!!!

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