Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pretty Princesses!


So, today, one of my good friends from back in the day, heather, and I, went to go try on bridesmaid dresses.  One of my best friends (and half sister, but that’s another story Smile with tongue out)  is getting married in July and we’re both going to be in the wedding.  She gave us three dresses to choose from, and we picked a fourth for consideration.  Of course I had to bring my camera….out of the three, I think this one is a clear winner:


Of course, we liked the fourth one best, and plan to go to bat hard core for it:


No?  Aww. c’mon.  We couldn’t decide whether or not it was a mardi gras dress  (so appropriate, no?) or little bo peep on crack.  Somehow, I don’t think the bride will go for it.  Less learned:  if you live out of state and send your bridesmaid and maid of honor to pick out dresses on their own, be very aware Open-mouthed smile  Love you, Rach!

In other news, I blasted out my speed work today like no one’s business (yay me!)

7 x 800 repeats at 7:19/mi
Total miles: 5.50
Time: 46:16
Pace: 8:24

The first race of the season is this weekend, a St. Paddy’s day 5 miler sponsored by a local bar.  Gotta love that.  It’s the “official” start of the Rochester race scene each year, and is always a good time!  While I don’t know about beating my PR (38:06) I’m gonna give it my all and see how it goes!  I just need to remember that holding a pace on the treadmill is much hard for me, which is weird, because usually it’s the opposite.  Anyone else have that problem?

Okey dokey, well, it’s been a long day here.  Time for some foam rolling and then hopefully watching the Sabres crush Pittsburgh!

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