Sunday, March 27, 2011

DC Baby!!

Wow, what a whirlwind!!  Arrived at our nations capitol on Friday afternoon...
 DC Townhomes....

Cherry blossoms!!

After picking up my paket at the DC Armory for the National Marathon, I battled traffic to get to my BFAM's house (yes, thats brother form another mother :-)) then hung out eating pizza and catching up.  So great to see you Drew!! 

Saturday...RACE day!  (Race report coming up)  Then a COMPLETELY full afternoon of lunch with Drew...


High school bestie forever :-)
bloggie meet up....
Soo many bloggers all in one place!  Great to meet you, ladies (and Evan :-))

And then a work dinner and post work meeting to prep for the conference this morning.

Whew.  With all that, dinner was a mish mosh of a few slices of pizza and a coke.  Not suprisingly, I dug into the post race goodies hard core (gourmet dinner of yogurt, oats, and pb with a bunch of granola anbd passed out in my sleep number!!

This morning, its off to the kinship conference, then back in the car at 5pm to drive home.  OIY!! 

More to come tomorrow, out for the full race recap!!

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  1. Look at me. I's be famous! So great to see you Rae. Lurve you.