Monday, March 21, 2011

Tapir time!

This week is easily one of my least favorite weeks during training.

It's time to TAPIR! TAPER!

Well, ok, it was time to do that a few weeks ago, but this is the most hard core week-5 days till go time!  Now is the time to drink plenty of fluids, do some quick workouts with speed bursts, and REST.  It's also time to eat like a tapir...plenty of whole foods, berries, nuts, and no processed junk-time to refine the engine to fire on all cylinders!

I am not good at resting.  I turn into a taper grouch.  Poor hubster.  Maybe if he bought me one of these little cuties I might be a little nicer? :-P  Nahhh...probably not.

Taper Goals for Pre-Marathon are 4, 3, 2, 1, 0!!

4:  Drink 4 water bottles per day for hydration (my fave bottle is 32 oz)
3:  healthful meals per day.  Focusing on nutrients, whole foods, tons o veggies and fruits!
2:  Stretch sessions per day. One yoga, one unstructured stretching.  Use butch, bruce and the stick as  needed.  Bribe the hubster for foot rubs.

1:  Limit  of 1 crap snack (yes, one SERVING SIZE) per day (I am way too in love with SF hot cocoa and reese's piece's to give this up entirely. If I did, I might be divorced by Friday.  lol)

0:  Workouts above 60 minutes.  This one's gonna be hard.  But I know it will be worth it.

Wish me luck, friends!  After this week, the actual race will be cake!


Oh dear me.  :-P

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