Friday, March 11, 2011

Thou shalt not

Welcome to Friday, friends!!  Today, its time for a good ole lesson in Catholic guilt cleansing 101.  Since we are already into lent by 2 days, I’ve managed to break what I gave up, eat more than 3 meals today (and its not even dinner time) AND eat meat.  All of these are big no no’s-the first one for the entire 40 days, and the last two for Friday’s. (FYI I gave up swearing for lent.  I forgot that my job lately invokes many colorful 4 letter words.  Oops Smile with tongue out)

With these qualifications, it’s clear that my good catholic up bringing was probably a waste of effort led astray somewhere (I’m gonna go with high school on this one).  But, in the spirit of lent, I figured I should get in the swing of things and practice one of my sacraments.  (No, not the wine part.  We gotta wait until after tomorrow’s race for that one).

Confessions of a Triathlete, March 2011 (since we like to revisit this theme Smile)

1.  I started my marathon taper this week.  This means I can train doubly hard for biking, right?

2.  I ate half a bag of M&Ms last night.  I call it carb loading.  Other people might think it’s something else….ok-MMs-email-me-and-ill-let-you-know-where-to-send-the-check

3.  After 2 years, I finally retired my 4 dollar club swim goggles and used my vanquishers today.  I can see the bottom of the pool!  (I’m not sure that’s a good thing….)

4.  I’m sorta jealous that the train-this people get to run the race course tomorrow twice.  What is wrong with me?

5.  I’m super excited to break in my lovely socks tomorrow at the race.  (C’mon, its been weeks since I brought these up!)

6.  I MAY already be wearing them to look cool get my calves all compressed.  Yup.  I’m a dork.

7.  I think it’s probably fate that I’ve been assigned to the pink corral for the Washington DC marathon…my whole outfit is pink, and my number is #132, which is my placid number backwards, with an “8” missing.  Somehow, in my warped mind, this makes sense to me.

8.  My running mix for tomorrow includes Matthew Wilder, eminem, prodigy and Billy Joel.  In a row.  At least I’m gonna laugh.

9.  I MAY have also painted my toes and fingers green.  Why toes?  No one’s going to see them.  I will.  And that’s enough for me Open-mouthed smile

10.  When booking our room for Placid training camp, I told Kim to give us two double beds instead of a queen.  Greg might divorce me, but give a girl some room after roughly 13 hours of swimming, biking and running in 3 days Smile with tongue out.  (yeah, I’m sad.)

There.  Now that I have admitted my sins for the week, what shall I do to absolve them?


Got me.

Guess I’ll go eat my BBQ chicken for dinner.

Aww F%^k. crap.

Stay tuned for race report tomorrow-race season 2011 begins!!!

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  1. I did my fasting today, but crap!! I forgot and added chopped ham in my dinner. I also gave up swearing for lent. I've been doing very well with that. Okay, that was one of my New Year's resolutions. But, I've been especially mindful since Wednesday.

    Looking forward to seeing you and Greg tomorrow!!